Raindrop is unusual in that it is one of the rare non-nato, non-western camos to see use as a fashion reference. MARPAT was the United States Marine Corp’s first digital camo and was implemented throughout the entire Marine forces in 2001. This is probably down to both its longevity (it remained in use in branches of the US military a good 30+ years after its creation) and its ubiquity as it has been endlessly copied and appropriated by fashion brands and other militaries. United Kingdom 1981 Duck Hunter was a favorite amongst, you guessed it, duck hunters from the 1960’s through the 1990’s but was originally known as US M1942–the camo used by American troops in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. Tigerstripe is also highly non-standardized as it was created by various manufacturers with varying stripe density and tones.

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