Imperfect, yet redeemable souls. The flow is frantic, yet smooth, like jazz itself. My movie was low-budge and I don’t have any knowledge of high-tech advancements, but damn, he does some really impressive things just on a level of movie-making. But the message of this movie is controversial at the same time : we live in an era where mediocrity is okay, as long as people don’t get out if their comfort zone. Looking for something? Because of this, Whiplash arguably features the greatest ending of any film this past decade. After all, life itself is full of ambiguity. Nobody stops him. That’s something people can’t do nowadays, and as a result, the level required in every discipline of every topic is lowering, and tends to mediocrity, more and more. The narrative centres around one boy, a drummer, who we watch manage the trauma of this relationship. Either as a foretelling of Chazelle’s career, the high note of J.K. Simmons’ theatrical abilities, a great example of a film with a simple yet effective structure, or it’s parallels to other classics. Does Andrew ever drum professionally again? Just an abused student who foregoes all of his other interests (and mental health) to appease a bitter, pathetic excuse for a teacher. Regardless of the ending’s meaning, Whiplash will be forever remembered as a classic. I am usually equally shocked that they enjoyed it. Without fail, people are SHOCKED to learn that I, a musician and music educator, would dislike the film, and they ask me why I so strongly hate it. Taste of Cinema 2019. Appears to me we actually agree. What does this all mean? Whiplash is considered a great film, but listed below are four reasons why it is a modern classic. My aim is to popularize the use of interdisciplinary tools — from cult psychology and critical theory, for instance — towards the creation of safer practice spaces. Visceral. Thankfully, the Director seems to have moved beyond his ridiculous puerility. Whiplash arguably stands among those duos as one of the greatest character driven films of all time. ;). Don't worry Mr.Perkins, you're literally nothing like Fletcher. Visit the archive for a tidy list of all my articles. I was really surprised at how much better La La Land was. The directing is complex, and the writing is brutal and to the point. Agree on all points. Fletcher admits to Andrew that the only reason he pushed him over the edge was so that he could experience greatness. You can find his original content on YouTube by simply searching his name. It suggests: “He’s a genius, but he can burn you.” This has been used as a framing device for guru-types forever. Nothing truly makes sense. I think you missed a point : before the third act, Fletcher is fired from the school and directs a more mediocre band. I saw this ending as an open ending : who knows Andrew won’t do the same years later. After Andrew attacks Fletcher and gets suspended from Schafer, he anonymously testifies against his former bandleader about his brutal teachings and turns his back on drumming. On The Waterfront and The Silence of the Lambs come to mind as comparisons as to what the leads contribute to the picture. Learn how your comment data is processed. Good movie? Demeaning women comes to be accepted by patriarchy as an insignificant form of collateral damage. Rather than have everything come to a smooth conclusion in which the “good guy” or “bad guy” wins, it simply shows us what happens without bias or particularity. As someone who has directed a cinematic musical, I have to say that the guy does an incredible job when it comes to synching. If you feel this work is helpful in a way that you would like to support, contributions are deeply appreciated. Andrew’s initial submission and later rage, Fletcher’s intense public berating of Andrew, and the climactic ending in which they are both finally equals, stick in the audiences psyche long after viewing. The administration knows it, the faculty knows it. No critic or bandleader in the audience would hire him again after his meltdown, and he knows this fact. Is Fletcher’s band leading career over? While attending the highly prestigious Shaffer Conservatory, he endures heavy competition, internal pressures, and an insane bandleader who pushes him over the edge. I don’t buy it. I can't recall the number of times I winced. See my privacy policy to learn more about how I use data. It was very pleasing to read your post. It’s been awhile since I’ve finished a movie with my jaw open in amazement. Fletcher even gives Andrew a wink before they head on stage, assuring Andrew that he does in fact want him to succeed. It ends on such a high emotional note. ​Recently someone asked me if I had seen the 2014 Oscar nominated film “Whiplash” directed by Damien Chazelle. Is there any data for this, or is it merely the best story we think we can tell? And I so badly wanted Andrew to tell him off, or throw him under the bus at that jazz competition, but they didn't do anything with it. But for what ? The mere fact that it's a discussion to be had and that I'm not even sure if I agree with myself on this is why this is such a good film - it's not set out to redeem Fletcher or to solidify that he is an evil man. He plays the boys off of each other in a dominance hierarchy in which everyone pays tribute upwards. I found it profoundly awful and felt it applauded bullying as a 'means to an end'. Neither of the main characters is inherently good, despite what it may appear to be like. Any animosity or bitterness seems to have passed them. But it doesn’t matter. Andrew achieves a sense of temporary success, but at the cost of his humanity and love for the craft. And why was he so revered? Fletcher approaches him and says, “I guess you don’t have it”. Sometimes teachers need to be tough, yes, but physically abusive? Without question, and clearly not meant to glorify such. Could have been a movie about sports, science, technology or innovation with the same result - but perhaps not the same reaction from you. Perhaps not. J.K. Simmons, of course, plays the seasoned, yet brutal, bandleader, Terence Fletcher. They share a long conversation in which Fletcher confesses that he meant no harm by his aggressive methods, he simply wanted to push his students towards greatness and believed if he were not as brutal, that they would not experience great success. In this webinar series, you will be engaged in active research and conversation aimed towards elevating critical thinking as a tool of spiritual inquiry, liberating modern Yoga and Buddhism from charismatic power dynamics and abuse, and building communities of sharing and resilience. You clearly received the message and are rightfully offended by suggestions that placed a wonderful educator like you in that light for others to suspect may occur. Fletcher approaches him and says, “I know it was you”. In light of shutdown stress, tuition is fully negotiable. I think it has something to do with intergenerational violence and my need to offload my repressed humiliation onto younger men. Perhaps the personal battles aren’t the point of the film. Whiplash successfully does what few films can accomplish; it makes a film powerful and interesting with two main characters. Although you do have valid points of the long term thinking of the underlying messages of this movie, I cannot disagree enough to say this was a “terrible” movie. We have to name the process: saying the band leader got the drummer boy to show his “essence” – which is what the entire denouement of the movie tells us – is a trauma response designed to relieve cognitive dissonance. After his performance in Whiplash, he received his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Hopefully, it made the parent, guardian, mentor or educator aware of even the slightest of similarities in abuse traits they may possess and be a mirror for their own contemplation for positive change, as I believe the story tellers eventually did in this movie. The ending of Whiplash offers one of the most electrifying movie moments this year. Even with all the computerized brilliance I believe it is the worst movie … Fridays at 4pm ET Maybe that’s the lesson to be learned here. An elegant home run with all that? Practices go well and soon enough they prepare for their first competition. Trump Eating Poison is a Sacrament of Charismatic Escalation, During COVID-19, Charles Eisenstein Invites You to Think Deeply About His Awesome Writing. They share a moment of euphoria, as Fletcher’s initial rage seems to be overtaken by a sense of pride. This was one of the most difficult, upsetting and ugly watches I have experienced yet, somehow, came to appreciate enough to say it was actually well done... from perspective. Can’t quite let it go, though, how immensely irritating Whiplash was. Also, love the Hot Fuzz reference Ridiculous. They require sacrificial victims. Greetings! A single tear of joy falls from Fletcher’s face as he they are equals, or so it seems. Who is caught in the crossfire? Do Andrew and Fletcher take it too far? Told with only two main characters, Chazelle brought his raw, and powerful screenplay to life to create one of the greatest films of the 21st Century. There are no scenes that make you ask yourself, “Why is that in there?” Or “What was the point of that?” There’s nothing more annoying and revealing of a bad film then having those types of questions associated with it. He musters any courage he has and approaches the drum set once more, knowing that it may be his last professional performance. Warning: This article may contain spoilers. Either way, it was WILDLY inaccurate in it's depiction of music education, jazz festivals, the business of making a living as an artist, etc. Maybe not "Glorify" by at least justify. I would recommend this film to majority of people unless you’re a very sensitive person that can’t take criticism. Also, what kind of insane board of regents or dean allowed this psychopath to teach? He later invites Andrew to play the drums for his new band, an invitation that Andrew accepts. I was regarded with incredulity when I said I disliked (hated, in fact) this film. In Whiplash, the director throws another kid under the bus to illuminate the resurrection of the hero via contrast. Part of the reason why I grew to love band and music in general was because of your friendly and often humorous personality. May 1 – June 19, 2020. Andrew charms a movie theater clerk into a date with him. The masterpiece centers on a young music student, Andrew Neiman, played by Miles Teller. Absolutely. Take the four-minute sex scene in The Room, for example. It’s a very Christian apologetic, really, with glory and pain not only contingent upon each other, but that contingency throbbing with an (homo)erotic charge. These are only some of the many ways to describe Damien Chazelle’s 2014 tour de force, Whiplash. The ending brings together the fantastic writing, characters, mise en scene, and performances in the most grandiose, brutal, and epic way possible. By doing this, he powerfully lets the viewer decide for himself or herself what to think of the character, without spelling it out for anyone. As always, I enjoy discussing film with you! As they arrive on stage, Andrew orders his sheet music. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Author Bio: Kyle Bagdonas is an aspiring Writer/Director currently enrolled in Film School. The Wicked Witch of the West, to name a few examples. Well stated, Matthew. Rather, for a brief moment, they are equals. But as a student, and in life in general, you have to take criticism.

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