While investigating Gunther, the orphans realize that the building has a false, or ersatz, elevator on the top floor, and at the bottom of the shaft they find the Quagmires trapped in a cage. Book the Second RELATED: 5 Book To Film Adaptations That Worked (& 5 That Missed The Mark). [10] Mr. Poe once admonished Violet for picking a lock, chastising her that nice girls should not have such knowledge. They try their best, though they are not sure who believes them and who does not on each floor. In the next few days, the children, though miserable, try to look on the bright side, as they are with Josephine and not Count Olaf. They break into the library and search for it for a long time before they find the file under "Baudelaire." As it is lunchtime, they head to the cafeteria, where they see a giant lasagna being served. Violet is possibly the greatest inventor of her time. Upon realizing they are the Baudelaires, Olaf lifts the casserole dish Sunny should be in to throw it over the mountain, only for Sunny to run out from behind a car and go to her siblings. Esmé then sets the hospital on fire, and the orphans have no choice but to escape the blaze by hiding in the trunk of Count Olaf's car. She explains that in two days, many Volunteers will arrive at the hotel, but many villains as well - lured by the delivery of the Sugar Bowl. Sunny finds a library underneath the table that holds Lulu's crystal ball, containing scraps of information she uses to pretend to tell fortunes. She: Violet sentenced to a stake burning for a murder she did not commit. The eldest, Violet, is a whizz at inventing things; her younger brother, Klaus, is an indefatigable bookworm, and has devoured every volume in his parents' magnificent library. They find that the Fickle Ferry is closed due to the weather, and find Sham's sailboat rental, which is guarded by the Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender. Violet is convinced Olaf is up to something, but they are afraid to directly ask Justice Strauss, as Olaf has also cast her in the play, or Poe, who might call Olaf again. The Reptile Room features two entwined snakes. They explain to Esmé, who agrees to help them, taking them to the stairwell to go down and call the police. Inventing Their old bully Carmelita Spats is there, but so is a mysterious boy who leads them to the burnt remains of the V.F.D. The children are confused by Widdershins's fast and loud way of speaking, and Widdershins is aghast that an inventor such as Violet would not know of his submarine. She remembers how Klaus goes to the table of contents first, and finds the chapter on Hypnosis and Mind Control, though the book is written very confusingly. The next morning, a manager arrives and tells them that the trial is going to happen early due to Dewey's death, and gives them blindfolds to wear, as the High Court has decided to take the phrase "justice is blind" literally. The siblings then cling to each other as the sled rushes through the raging river. The Baudelaire sisters realize that their brother is being hypnotized by Olaf's associates. Lemony Snicket makes it clear with a lot of "ever"s that unless you are Violet, you should probably not mess around with electrical devices because you could die. Theme. "[8] When Mr. Poe ordered her to come with him to the police station at the end of The Grim Grotto, Violet replied, "No," and walked away. But by most accounts, she bears the burdens of their mishaps like any responsible elderly sibling. The Baudelaires are horrified and unconvinced, but their coworkers quickly agree. Klaus finds a codebook and stays behind to decipher the Verbal Fridge Dialogue left behind, so her and Quigley climb the slope alone. They tell him that Monty won't let him go with them and Stephano becomes furious. As the black-green snake hung over Sunny, balanced. But two rebel islanders invite them to join a mutiny, and the Baudelaires discover that their own parents were once leaders of the island. They begin to go outside when they hear Olaf's car approach; they then see him and Lulu bringing back a cage of starving lions. The Baudelaires sail through Lake Lachrymose while Hurricane Herman rages. [10] When Aunt Josephine threatened to give her and her siblings to Count Olaf, Violet retorted, "You're supposed to be caring for us, not putting us up for grabs! Biographical Information Not brave enough to go with them, Jerome relinquishes custody and leaves them. There, they meet her receptionist, Shirley- Count Olaf in disguise. They quickly read the poetry, and when Sunny joins them, Klaus reveals that The Walrus and the Carpenter poem tells them to head to Briny Beach. In the film, she interrupts Olaf just to call him "pure evil." They return to the house, where Poe and Stephano discuss what to do with the children. A sweatered, masked scout starts giving them coded "VFD" messages, to which they respond.

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