Happy birthday! I may have forgotten your birthday, but at least I remembered that I forgot your birthday. You look different. When thinking of a message for someone’s birthday, do not be afraid to be sentimental. There are so many things about our friendship that I love. Happy birthday! Except my friendship, which is priceless. Happy birthday to a great friend who holds a special place here in my heart. Wishing you a lovely Happy Birthday. Happy birthday Mom! "Happy Birthday. It’s friends like you On your birthday, I wish you good health, joy and long life. I know you’ve been waiting for this day, friend, so let's celebrate in style! May all your wishes come true. Birthdays creep up on you when you least expect them. You are cordially invited to my house to celebrate my birthday. ", 119. I am so grateful for the day you were born. Friends are people who know you really well and love you anyway. I Hope These Brighten Your Day, As You Always Brighten Mine. I choose you! Have a really lovely time Happy birthday bestie. 7. Let’s hope you are prepared for the celebration of the year because everyone will want to be at your party. 24. You’re always kind and thoughtful Happy birthday to a great friend who holds a special place here in my heart. Happy birthday dad. and I hope that you can see – 100. I love you more than you know. Happy birthday. Here’s to another year of having fun and being fabulous! 46. Every day is a special day for me with you right by my side. 5. With you, life will always be filled with a happiness that will never know any bounds. Cake, candles, greeting cards, gifts, and all the trappings of the birthday tradition, don’t come close to what I wish for you on your special day. Best birthday quotes for mom and dad. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate. Happy birthday, best friend! May your day be as beautiful as you. “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln, 7. 37. Let this special day bring you years of happiness, good health and prosperity. Hope you don’t turn all bitter 145. Happy birthday my best friend, I’m excited to attend. There’s no place I’d love to be other than right by your side on this beautiful day of yours. Making others happy Happy Birthday! My life wouldn’t be this meaningful without you. I love you dearly. Happy Birthday, handsome. Happy birthday, friend. I hope you have a happy birthday. Happy birthday. You have been there for me no matter what. "Happy birthday, Dude! Happy birthday to the sweetest daughter that a parent could ever hope for. With just a few well chosen words 89. I wish you all the best things in life not just on this special day of yours, but all the days of your life. and a friendly, little smile. Happy Birthday to you, baby. You know sometimes I find it hard to believe how stylish intelligent and witty you are. 20. 96. ", 19. ", 16. all the more, worthwhile. Happy birthday. "Happy birthday from one sister to another! Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday! Just some of the things 35. Some ideas could be sharing pre-post birthday quotes saying tomorrow is my birthday, get excited. You are someone that I look up to and I am so grateful to have a mom like you. Hope your special day is super like you. is your happiest yet. 16. Ride a unicorn, swim with mermaids, and chase rainbows. Happy Birthday to you, my darling husband. ", 2. Happy birthday, friend. Let's be honest: Your birthday is the most exciting day of … If thoughts can give to birthday’s 51. ", 79. You deserve to sit back with a pillow under your feet, an umbrella in your drink, and the absolute conviction that you, my friend are one hell of an amazing woman. Hey, though it’s older, but yet it’s not better yet. You know I love you right? Sitemap, On this page you will find a collection of the best happy birthday. Happy Birthday, my knight in shining armour. Birthday Wishes For A You can only be young once, but you can be immature for a while lifetime. Feel free to share them on social media with your friends and followers. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star. ", 26. Wishing you a Birthday Few friends send happy birthday wishes to their friends like happy birthday wishes for a friend inspirational, happy birthday greetings for best friend, happy birthday wishes for crazy friend etc. 123. It’s so wonderful to have you in my world! ", 80. If you find more special happiness throughout the Year, too – then you will know, this Birthday wish for you, is coming true. and as special as today. and warmest wishes too – cards and flowers, too – ", 65. 47. Happy birthday. Happy birthday! It’s your birthday and I wish you many happy returns of this special day of yours. 14. Have a great day, you deserve it! For that is exactly, what you bring Too bad you are not one of them. Happy Birthday, my love. May your deepest wishes and dreams come true on your special day. Sending you hugs today, and wishing you a happy, healthy birthday! "Birthdays come around every year, but best friends like you only come once in a lifetime. 77. If your Birthday brings more joy to you than you have ever known – If you heart is filled with memories you treasure as your own. This is your special day, so let’s make it memorable! Have a phenomenally exciting and memorable birthday today. And to wish you all the magic Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. ", 27. A very Happy Birthday to you! I feel incredibly fortunate to have a special friend like you! I Got up one more year, didn’t hear no one unwrapping a gift, or screaming happiness, but anyways dinner was done, gifts delivered, now I need to figure out what day is going to be like. Thanks for coming into my life and for your birthday, I wish you all that you wish yourself. Tomorrow you cannot fail to attend the celebration of my birthday. By 5:30 p.m., my friend’s father had also returned back. Happy birthday. There’s sunshine in these wishes I love you dearly. 108. Happy Birthday. A good friend helps you when you fall. 139. Happy birthday! Now I need to put a little more work so I can play harder. Happy birthday. ", 120. Happy birthday! You are a friend that is tried and true, there is no friend who is truer than you. 40. Happy Birthday, my one and only. "Happy Birthday, friend. your are so kindness and caring – ", 56. Happy birthday! My love for you has a never-ending supply. 117. Am I right? ", 90. "Meeting you was a blessing, good friend. "Best wishes on your birthday, Handsome! ", 42. to others, all year through. I got so excited for your birthday that I couldn’t help but give you an early greeting. May this beautiful day of yours be joyous and may all your wishes come true. Thanks for being all the way with me. ", 45. 44. My best friend – the person with whom I would have definitely made out if she was a guy. Happy birthday! each day, the whole year through – Do have a wonderful time ahead. that are well deserved Happy birthday to someone who does not age! I love you more than you can imagine. A very happy birthday to my heartthrob. throughout the year. "Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you. When you walk up the stairs and call it exercise. 113. 29. As today becomes a memory that this greeting brings your way. I love you and will always be here for you. For me, I ask that instead of a “Happy Birthday,” my friends wish me a “Tolerable Birthday” — or at least respect my desire not to have a huge birthday bash. I didn’t forget your birthday, I promise! Happy birthday! Happy Birthday to you, my darling husband. devoted, loyal and true – 111. Happy Birthday, baby. 104. as fabulous as you. The most warm birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way, my dear friend. Happy birthday to a dad who is only slightly embarrassed that he created me. Happy birthday. Best wishes for a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, good friend! One of the dates I most excitedly await is the day of my birthday. 47. God bless you, friend. Happy Birthday! In March 2018, a school bus full of students and adult chaperones plunged into an Alabama ravine. then you will know, this Birthday wish I hope you smile all day today, because it is your birthday!

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