Rather, Eduardo Perez — Galindo’s father’s business partner — had made a deal with the Sonora Cartel, and OG Cristóbal was used as a bargaining chip to get Galindo’s father pushed out of the business. Miguel Galindo was placed under arrest, EZ’s deal was nearly revoked, and Coco murdered his mother because he wrongly believed she’d beat up his daughter. The package is from the Tucson charter and it’s cut open and tested. The planted intel will make Potter and the DOJ believe the mercs have taken down a rebel command post, but the building’s actually being used by human traffickers. “Is he still in love with her?” Adelita asks, to which Angel responds, “More in love than I am with you, mi dulce?” Adelita smirks, but tells Angel they shouldn’t complicate things. This leads the former lawman to reminisce on the past, reading love letters she penned so many years ago. Seeing that Galindo has no intention of fighting back, his advisor, José, convinces Galindo’s mother to share a story with her son: Galindo’s brother, also named Cristóbal, died when he was just a baby… but not from pneumonia, like his parents had told everyone. EZ stares at his hands after the man dies, and Alvarez and Bishop appear to approve of EZ’s work. The first season finale also revealed Miguel Galindo and, by default, the Mayans M.C. That’s when EZ regretfully informs her that something already has happened — two innocent men were savagely burned and put on public display. The school bus drops the kids off in a building where they hand over their backpacks and play with toys.

Pardo). Miguel arrives home late, immediately apologizing for missing his mother’s doctor’s appointment. Mayans M.C. So, FX’s Mayans … Angel looks disgusted that once again his brother’s a hero. Credit: Meanwhile, Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) and Emily (Sarah Bolger) are going over paperwork dealing with rebuilding after the wildfires. Another merc enters the building as his fellow mercs are being killed, and EZ immediately takes him on. They’ve decided they can’t let Minnie be tortured, which is confirmed as the plan, and take out two of the mercs by luring them into different rooms. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. (They’re attempting to do this quietly so as not to draw attention.) But then, Twist No. airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on FX. Also in Mexico, the drive Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is taking is less gleeful but friendly enough. EZ promises Franky he won’t get in trouble, and they part while jokingly calling each other a dirtbag and a pig. By Hobart’s an ex-Green Beret and these mercs were in his unit. My scenes with him are my favorites that I’ve ever had on the show. “[Your] world has crashed into my world, and that was not supposed to happen,” Emily seethes. All Rights Reserved – Showbiz Junkies 2020, Mayans M.C. Fortunately for Angel, the guys are all called to the table before he’s forced into a conversation with EZ. OK, your turn. In the final moments of last week’s Mayans MC premiere, it seemed Miguel Galindo’s wife and infant son were dangerously close to a life-or-death situation. The Mayans make the excuse they’re searching for a lost cell phone as EZ tries to make small talk. “It makes me happy.”. September 11 2018, 8:17 PM PDT. The FX motorcycle drama series gave viewers, and Emily (Sarah Bolger), a big piece of the puzzle on the latest episode. The episode concludes with Coco paying a visit to the street corner where his mother works as a prostitute. “Do what you need to do,” the cartel boss tells his advisor, to which José responds, “Done.”, If you’re wondering how the titular motorcycle club plays into this episode’s central plot, Galindo recruits the MC to do him a “personal favor” and track down the rebels that kidnapped his child.

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Angel reluctantly lets his brother in when he knocks. Yuma’s leader explains he pulled the heroin dropped by Tempe, Tucson, and Sahuarita meant for the prisons. Potter semi-jokes that the child must have been very dangerous, and then explains he believes the child is why the men are dead. Bishop says the charter responsible will decide how that problem goes away.

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