He then explains that if they don't all work together, he'll drain Bonnie's magic, kill her, and then do the same to Damon. Bonnie and Kai Season Six In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Damon puts Elena inside of it and asks Bonnie to spell and protect her body, as it slumbers, inside the Salvatore Crypt. He tells Elena that ever since he merged with Luke, he's inherited all his good qualities. She knocks on the door and Damon answers it but is unable to see her. Bonnie visits him in the Prison World and torments him about his permanent imprisonment in the new prison world. He demonstrates this when he grabs Bonnie and channels her magic by setting the stove on fire and giving Damon an aneurysm while at the same time keeping Bonnie in a lot of pain due to using her magic. The two then head off into the woods, in search for the Ascendant where Kai starts wondering if Bonnie's spell is right. They then finally walk outside, with Kai explaining the events of the night he was banished. Elena asks him why she's here with him. Meanwhile, all of this leads to an argument between Bonnie and Damon too, where she punishes him for bringing Kai to her. He then starts talking about how he wants to be a better man - patient, loyal and good - like Bonnie. After returning, Bonnie refuses to do the spell until he actually shows it to her, though he refuses to show her the spell. Kai compares himself to an Elena-in-reverse. While Bonnie is alive, Elena remains in a comatose state. First Met Kai then grabs Bonnie only to realize there's no magic left in her. She figures that they don't need him and telekinetically shoves a pickaxe into his chest, killing him. Later on, over at the Salvatore Boarding House, Bonnie and Kai are preparing the spell to transport themselves together with Elena and Damon into the Prison World when the latter two show up, ready to go. Object Information However, Damon promises her that she will want to come after hearing what he has in mind. In You Made a Choice to Be Good, Bonnie is revealed to have the coffin hidden in a house that she recently purchased. Elena breaks free from the chains and rushes into a chemistry room and washes her burnt hand. Enemies, Former Allies; Kai kidnapped Elena twice (both years ago when she was conscious and while she was under a magical slumber in a coffin), Kai used Elena as his test subject and hurt her many times, Kai flirted with Elena, Kai agreed to help Elena on several occasions (but not in good faith), Kai linked Elena's life to. Kai agreed to help Elena rescue Bonnie from the. Later on, Kai is seen in the front yard, trying to determine the location of where to harness the eclipse's power. It was used to protect her until she woke up when Bonnie Bennett died. In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Bonnie at first refuses Damon's request to help them travel to the 1903 Prison World, due to their argument that took place the night before. This happens while Damon is on the phone with Bonnie and Enzo. Bonnie however ignores this and after stabbing him in the back two times, she attempts to stab him in the heart this time, claiming she has changed too. They have both acted against their own kind and killed another witch; Kai slaughtered his entire family of witches (for no apparent reason) while Bonnie killed Kai and has tried to kill a coven of witches while under Silas' control. Both have trapped one another in all three Prison Worlds at one point for revenge; Kai stabbed and left Bonnie in the 1994 Prison World after terrorizing her, Bonnie later manipulated Kai into thinking that she was going to forgive him and then trapped him in the 1903 Prison World. Kai compares himself to an Elena-in-reverse. In Things We Lost in the Fire, with the influence of the Phoenix Stone taking its toll on Damon, Damon hallucinates seeing Henry Wattles telling him to burn Elena to death in her coffin. As she realizes Kai has it, she places her hand on his chest and all of the candles flicker, confirming her suspicion. He then breaks the soft moment by telling her about how he beat him to death. Later Lily takes Malcolm's ashes to the Crypt and orders the Heretics to take the coffin out of the crypt. Welcome to Paradise He starts yelling to which Bonnie responds by provoking him even more as she says that they're stuck there forever. Kai was later resurrected by Arcadius, but ended up trapped in the 2018 Prison World and Elena was awaken from the slumber when Bonnie break the linking spell, which permanently seperated them. Elena and Kai at Mystic Falls High School. Suddenly though, she stops the spell, claiming she's lost her magic. Kai then tells her in a humorous fashion about how he gave the manager a heart attack after he refused to let him inside the restaurant. Both Bonnie and Enzo frantically tell Damon that Elena was not awake and she was still slumbering in her coffin in a storage building, in New York City. Kai realizes it's in the bear though then finds out that it was sent back to the mortal plane. She however claims they should divide the world in two and separate. In The Downward Spiral, Kai expresses his wish to see Bonnie to Damon, feeling bad for everything that he's done to her during their time in the prison world, including emotional, physical and mental damage, so he blackmails Damon into setting up a meeting between Kai and Bonnie in order to find out more about his imprisoned mother. Later on, Bonnie takes this dream as a prediction and in search of Lily together with Matt ends up subdued by an invisible force (later revealed to be Kai) that leaves her bleeding from the wrist. They have both stabbed each other and left one another trapped alone in a Prison World: Kai left Bonnie trapped in the 1994 Prison World created for him while Bonnie left Kai trapped in the 1903 Prison World created for Damon's mother. As he grabs her hand, she lets a little of her blood fall onto her teddy bear. This was an emotional goodbye, especially for Damon. Coffin By linking their lives together, Elena is forced to slumber until Bonnie dies a natural death. He then reveals the manager's dead body to her and she seems horrified. She did this to punish Kai for all his crimes against those she cared about and for those who were innocently killed because of Kai. She is able to escape to another room, but Kai finally catches up to Elena and breaks her neck. She threatens him, but he immediately mentions her inability to practice magic and proceeds to stake Damon. Kai and Bonnie created a spell to move to the prison world Lily. She happily accepts. He toys with her at first, though soon shows the Ascendant. In Prayer For the Dying, Elena and Damon agree to let Kai siphon the magic of vampire blood out of Liz. In The Day I Tried To Live, Kai comes to the Salvatore Boarding house. In Never Let Me Go, the coffin is seen in the beginning of the episode when two students from Whitmore College watch inside the Salvatore Crypt. In Gods and Monsters, Damon is drawn to Elena's voice in the Armory creature's prison lair. After the several atrocities Kai has committed against other innocents, including herself, Bonnie imprisons him in another Prison World. After Kai convinces Damon to talk about his life in 1994, Bonnie is shocked to discover that he killed a pregnant woman. Kai was the one who caused Bonnie's magic to awaken by threatening to kill Damon. This is the relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the siphoner turned vampire-witch hybrid, Kai Parker. Bonnie immediately mentions how he shouldn't have wasted their time with the locator spell to which he replies that he just wanted to feel her hand on his chest. Bonnie traps Kai in the new 2018 Prison World. Bonnie cuts him off and says that they should just go home. The antagonistic relationship between the Witch, Bonnie Bennett and the Siphoner turned vampire-witch hybrid, Kai Parker. Enemies, Former unwilling allies, They flirted with each other once; Both tried to kill and hurt each other, Kai left Bonnie in his. Upon arriving into the Prison World, Elena and Damon head to Lily's house, leaving Bonnie alone with Kai. Later on, Bonnie and Kai are seen trying to locate the Ascendant, though Bonnie is unable to do it, claiming that she doesn't feel comfortable. He also admits to crying, and wants to make everything up to Jo. After his attempt to kill Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, Caroline snapped his neck and he was given to Bonnie, who then empowered and aided Lizzie and Josie in creating a new 2018 Prison World for Kai. Stefan later finds that Elena is still in her coma in the school boiler room. Suddenly, Elena puts her hand in the sunlight, setting it on fire and uses the gas inside the chemistry room to aim the fire at Kai. Bonnie however immediately tells Damon not to bring Kai over to her, still angry at him for what he did to her in the prison world. He uses a large hammer to knock Elena out. Bonnie and Damon bicker about him and then as the two men continue walking, Bonnie takes one of the folded newspapers and remembers Kai mentioning something about having many sisters and brothers. As he slowly moves towards her, Bonnie reacts by destroying all of the objects around him which slows him down. Type Damon however brings Kai to Bonnie at the rave, where Kai apologizes to Bonnie for everything that he's done to her. Damon uses this to knock him out. Kai tells her how he absorbed all the magic from the Mystic Falls border and how he ran into the manager of the Mystic Grill. Elena and Kai were first separated when Damon beheads Kai as a vampire-witch hybrid. Elena pleads to Kai and tells him he doesn't have to do this. He also later on stabs Bonnie in order to use her Bennett blood. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. General Information Kai uses his magic to transport Elena, Damon, and Jeremy to the Prison World to save Bonnie. Kai shows up in the backseat and grabs her from behind. She tries to fight back but is unable to and Kai forces her into getting them home. Just then, Bonnie's powers return when she lights a candle and she surrounds Kai with a wall of fire. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. Suddenly, all of the lights shut down and Kai appears with the last piece. Kai then reveals that he's brought her a "gift" - Ms. Cuddles, thinking she wants to bring her childhood toy along. As Elena prepares to leave the school with Damon and Jo, Kai catches up to them and Jo collapses from using too much magic.

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