This is further emphasized in the climax of the fight, where the bamboo-flutes are louder as Naruto prepares to land the finishing blow. The cover image features Ichigo's Zangetsu going through Naruto's Hidden Leaf headband. Boomstick: So, naturally, he ran over to rescue her, like the brave little kid he was. Sasuke explains that based on Itachi's life, he's come to the conclusion that a true Hokage is one who shoulders the hatred of others. I dont really know how the teir system works either, I just thought it up in my head and thoughh "Why not ask it here", Its simple, Mori can desotry a large star while Naruto can destroy a moon only, Thats there greatest feats, yes, but what about an acual battle. Sage Mode: The result of using natural energy along with a ninja’s normal chakra in perfect balance to drastically empower their abilities. Naruto, however, doesn't succumb to the darkness. Wiz: Only then, after defeating Sasuke, saving the world from Kaguya, and reuniting the split halves of Kurama, Naruto finally achieved his dream, and became Hokage. Ichigo lunges straight at Naruto once more, with the Hokage only able to dodge the attack thanks to hearing the Zangetsu blade and starts running forward. Naruto VS Ichigo is the 85th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series and Ichigo Kurosaki from the Bleach series in a battle between shonen protagonists. The Hokage stops careening by activating the Kurama avatar state. Boomstick: Where he can copy and paste himself over and over and over again. Kept up with Obito Uchiha and his Six Paths Jinchūrikis. No, this isn't quoting a porn parody. Sakura: Most of his chakra has been siphoned off. Any long time reader of Shonen Jump will recognize these, some of the biggest titles in manga and anime history. It may look like an oversized steak knife, but it's a Soul Reaper's best friend. And I know, right? Ramen Lover vs Ramen Kenpo! Turns out, he was a surprise Soul Reaper all along, convenient. What does he think he is, an airplane? Boomstick: And with Six Paths power, he could see and fight Madara's limbo clones even though they were on a totally separate plain of existence. Wiz: Unlike the standard clone technique, shadow clones are tangible, with their own combat capabilities. During the KO screen, Luffy from One Piece makes a cameo stealing Naruto’s food. Not only is Adam Park and the Wikipedia link to frogs a reference to his, If this were the case, this would be third death battle in which one of the characters is voiced by their official voice actor. Wind Release: One of the five basic elemental nature transformations. Popup: Naruto is extremely adept at developing complex shadow clone strategies on the fly! Wiz: Naruto has plenty of other techniques up his orange sleeves, including summoning, substitution, and transformation jutsus. All right, point for Ichigo! Boomstick: That's bigger than California! An important notice regarding the shutdown of our old forum, the wiki… In desperation, the hokage at the time sacrificed himself to split the Nine-Tails in two, sealing one half within his own son, Naruto. This battle features Naruto Uzumaki fron Naruto And Link From Legend of Zelda. The clones launch Ichigo in the air, whom Naruto leaps after as he transitions into his Tailed Beast Mode. This form is strong enough to lift five iron pillars, each weighing nearly one hundred tons. Popup: Stacking later forms with previous ones despite having little prior connection also negates the limits Quincy-Zangetsu placed on Ichigo for most of his Shinigami career. Managed to dodge Lightning Armor A's fastest punch and fight equally with Kakashi and 6th Gates Guy) | Relativistic (Much faster than his KCM state. Ichigo's reiatsu is equal to over four hundred and forty billion megatons of TNT. His goal was to become the town's Hokage. Popup: Early fights with Renji imply Shikai is x5 too, as Ichigo's Shikai matched Renji's limiter release. Comparing them directly, Naruto's best reaction should clock in at about nine hundred seventy million miles per hour, forty percent faster than light speed and Naruto's travel speed. Boomstick: And don't forget, we were deliberately overestimating him. Boomstick: Oh, here we go, strap in, cause this shit's about to get crazy. Who will win? However, all is lost for the Substitute Shinigami, as Naruto unleashes his largest attack, the Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, and then compounds that with a Tailed Beast Bomb. Boomstick: If you're thinking, "Wait Boomstick, Ichigo survived a black hole in a box!" Wiz: Shinigami may be invisible, but they're still present in the physical realm and can be touched by normal people. Anyway, while Naruto wasn't the best student, he still tried his hardest to reach his goal, but first, he'd have to learn how to control his chakra. Momentarily matched Kaguya's Gentle Fist with his chakra arms and sliced her arm off with a chakra claw. 1 Ri = 2.4 miles or 3.9 km (Not to be confused with Chinese "Li") 1,000 Ri = 2,440 miles or 3,927 km. Especially since Naruto's sage powers gave him superb field awareness, making it difficult for Ichigo to land a fatal blow. That's massively hypersonic, but not quite light speed. Wiz: By comparing this crater to those left by real-life bomb tests, I'd estimate the attack to have a maximum explosive yield of eight hundred fourteen kilotons of TNT. If Shinigami couldn't minimize their blades, some would have swords the size of skyscrapers. Wiz: Let's backtrack a few years, on the day of Naruto's birth, his village was attacked by a chakra beast known as the Nine-Tailed Fox, a monster so destructive, a mere swing of its tails could level a mountain. In addition, both of them are about the same age (though Naruto is younger than Ichigo before Shippuden). Boomstick: Sure, Wiz. A proper Part 2 AP revision thread will be made. Wiz: Thanks to his heritage, Naruto already has a great deal of chakra. Naruto Vs Legend of Zelda. (珍獣VS怪人! Wiz: Also, keep in mind while that chakra and reishi have fairly different uses, they both contain spiritual energy. Anyway, the Hollow inside wanted a piece of the action too, so Ichigo gained a new power boost with a spoopy Hollow Mask! Naruto can use chakra for all sorts of flashy attacks, he can heal himself, seal monsters away, walk up walls, or even stand on water like a ninja Jesus. Wind Release is mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal with cutting and slashing damage. I wish he was my dad. Boomstick: Which was immediately crushed by some old dude who wanted to destroy the universe named... 'ye watch'? Naruto connects with his inner demon to seek Kurama's advice. Class Z via Six Paths Chibaku Tensei (Helped lift a moon with Gravity Manipulation), Striking Strength: At least Town Class, far higher with Tailed Beast Transformations | Mountain Class+ (Stronger than Jiraiya, as he attained perfect Sage Mode) | At least Mountain Class+ (Stronger than before) | At least Large Island Class | Multi-Continent Class | Moon Class+ (Kicked away Madara's Truth Seeking Ball and momentarily matched Kaguya's Gentle Fist with his own chakra arm), far higher with Six Paths Kurama Avatar, Durability: At least Town level, far higher with Tailed Beast Transformations (Took a blast of Shinra Tensei from a weakened Deva Path. (Boomstick laughs) No, no no no no no! Boomstick: Yeah, what'd he name him? Wiz: Shinigami, it may sound like a foreign word to some, but you all know what it is, the death god, the grim reaper of souls... Boomstick: And a seventeen year old ginger with a badass sword. Ichigo slices the sexy clone in half, but it proves to be a trap, as three Narutos emerge from the ground to launch three wind attacks. Instead of hormones, try internal beasts that can overpower our combatants. Wiz: From his Quincy side, Ichigo has used Blut Vene, a temporary defense which grants inhuman durability. It is performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible. Still, there was at least one troublemaker among the bunch, the number one knucklehead ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. Before Ichigo can react, the bomb goes off and covers the area in smoke. 'Ewok'? Two blonde haired heroes/chosen ones of their worlds. Wiz: He can also shroud himself in a Nine-Tails sized avatar and use Kurama's ultimate attack, the Tailed Beast Bomb, so destructive, it can level a mountain range. The transformation is powerful enough to send Naruto out of the Kurama avatar state. Furthermore, Sage Mode allows Naruto to perceive the entire area around him and tap into naturally occurring energy via Senjutsu. Naruto was voiced by Dawn M. Bennett, Ichigo was voiced by Adam Park, and Kurama was voiced by Noel Wiggens. Boomstick: He also made a trip that normally takes a week in only nine hours and fifteen minutes. But seventeen months later, he managed to get them back with Fullbringer powers, which enhanced his physical abilities, but then he lost those too.

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