For the 1% of you that might be capable of learning something, remember this absolute truth: there are no small ball companies that are making their own product. A logo overrun golf ball is a brand new ball that often has some sort of additional imprint as a result of overproduction, typically a name or logo. Getting a bright colored ball also makes it easy to track it in the air. You can get serious price breaks if you purchase in bulk quantities, bringing the cost down to as little as $24.95/dozen for the Tour-level balls and only $10.95 for the Vice Drive. You can find him on Twitter here - @practicalgolf, where he is happy to chat about golf with anyone. Slow swings can also get some extra distance. Stability is the name of the game here. They were selling Nike their older balls and keeping the current generation stuff for themselves. When you are purchasing golf balls online, it is important to read the description and understand the piece and its dimensions. right: 0px; No engineering, tooling or testing required, just a small charge for the new soleplate. This three-piece golf ball comes with 318 large dimples that reduce dispersion and cover a good distance. informative website. Dollar Shave Club sold out recently for $1B and they had built their business on reselling razors from Dorco with a unique delivery service with good marketing. Also, what about OnCore golf? They're buying generic house brand balls and stamping their name on it, the only thing they fabricate is their level of involvement in the design process. Except that when Nike was selling the TA2 Precept had come out with newer balls and Nike's ball was the one that Precept didn't want for themselves anymore. } The first several generations of Nike balls were just rebadged Precepts. Vice Select Variety Pack – For Custom Golf Ball Lover… Vice Pro Golf Balls. Our Vice golf balls review would have been incomplete if we had missed out on this variety pack. Since the lawsuit, 3UP and lightning golf have ceased operations in a settlement with Asushnet. Maybe that knowledge will help you be a little more discerning about the products you blindly claim to love and will keep you from being such easily manipulated sheep. I was interested to see how their golf balls performed so I purchased their variety pack recently. You will get a solid amount of backspin and an insane launch height right from the tee off. You’ve likely seen commercials like this one on the Golf Channel: Everything about the brand is carefully measured and it’s starting to work. They perform just as well as high-quality balls but can feel a little hard to the touch. Maybe with a break down on who has it for the best price? The Nike TA2 line was the same ball as the Precept Extra Distance and Estra spin. The best part is that the thin covering does not hamper its durability. Vice golf balls are admired across the world. It will be your reference guide for years to come! How? The ball compression ratings are slightly on the lower side, so you will have to put in a bit of effort in your swing to get the distance going. position: fixed; The design also reduces air resistance so that you can get a good speed out of your shot. Here Are the Big 5. The compression of a golf ball can determine its density, distance and launch trajectory. Our dedicated team has printed personalized golf balls for countless players through the years, so you can bet on a proper job, a fantastic finish and timely delivery. Sign up now to be alerted of our great deals! The material is superbly smooth and has half the thickness of a traditional distance golf ball. Also believes that starting a global retail goods company with multiple distribution channels and an international supply chain is "easy.". Hey, that sounds famuiliar, I bet some of you have even said something almost exactly like that in a context other than golf. In the end it’s more of how my swing is and how well I strike the ball lol. So what you're saying is everyone on r/golf needs to pitch in, form a mock company so we can place a giant order for say, a million balls from the manufacturer? This means that they are great at long distances and can get a good launch height. Vice Pro golf balls are equipped with high UV resistance and S2TG technology, which ensure their durability and give them a consistent feel around the greens. Only time will tell, but I know which way I'd bet. Our second choice would be the Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls. The balls are made to roll over in an exaggerated fashion so that you can get greater drive length. The Vice golf balls review considers the Pro Plus ideal for all long-distance shots. Remember I’m not a robot, so I can’t exactly hit every shot the same, but this test will help shed some light. These are definitely a crowd pleaser and live up to their reputation of high-quality golf balls for a fraction of the cost. Do you really need five different kinds of golf balls? These are solid balls with an extremely soft feel. Golf even has a special name for it: Foundry Design. I can suck back a wedge approach shot with ease and play the ball for 18 holes without wear. All I could gather from this is that you're an ass hole. Why are you so condescending and self righteous? display:none; I’ve been using the vice pro for the summer and really like them but since the weather has cooled down the carry distance with my diver has dropped off more than normal, tried the TP5 and got my distance back. Through clever branding, they have started to capture a share of a category that has seen explosive growth. That seemed to be the right ball for me according to the data. And Precept wasn't even selling Nike the good stuff. offers a fantastic selection of personalized golf balls and accessories from the top brands in golf. Furthermore, you can print other numbers with our. Vice Pro Soft golf balls are considered high quality and are available at reasonable prices. Who needs to hire engineers and fund R&D? Titleist Custom Golf Balls. The large dimple design reduces air-based dispersion and keeps a stable alignment. tl;dr - /u/rb2016 claims is reporting that Vice Golf Balls buys off-the-rack house brand balls from a manufacturer in Taiwan which stamps the Vice logo on the generic balls and packages them in Vice boxes... generic balls repacked and re-logoed for dozens of other companies. What does he have to gain from acknowledging it? Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. Food companies do it, computer companies, ever car companies sell their products to competitors in other countries, exactly the same car with the same motor and transmission, merely rebadged. Going by the numbers I would say the vice pro soft is more of a match to your shots with a pro v1 but thanks for the review I was super skeptic of these balls and I like trying new things I’ve been on taylormade tp5s over the pro v1 lately bc I wanted a change but I am going to try the vice balls out. If you get a two-piece ball like the Vice Drive, you can get good distance or spin, depending on how the inner core is engineered. Just send us a message with your invoice number and the correct address to. Vice Golf has even gotten praise for their accessories like golf gloves and carry bags. Minimum order is 1 Dozen balls. However, I have to give Vice Golf credit. Your Choice. In this Vice golf balls review, we’ve covered seven different golf ball styles. We believe that it is the neon outer layer that boosts the Pro Soft’s trackability and makes it easy to locate anywhere in the greens. It’s one thing to build a brand around a smart marketing team, but does the product match up? Plus, Vice Golf Tour balls are lightweight and easy to control. I’d even go as far to say they are one of the most innovative marketing companies in golf right now. Easily comparable to a $40-$50 golf ball, but half the price. That’s why you should not generalize the abovementioned handicap recommendations. Our balls are packaged in boxes of 12 balls and shrink-wrapped. Hell, even the big boys do the same thing with some of their products. Think of it similar to how a plastic ball floats on water. Choose from a variety of brands and colors, upload the logo to your golf ball or choice, and we'll take care of the rest! With personalized golf balls, you can keep track of your ball no matter the lie. It was made clear All the golf balls for Vice Golf, Kick X Golf, I Need the Ball, Dixon Golf, Monsta Golf, 3UP, lightning golf and Rife are produced by Foremost. You don't need a factory or even knowledge about the inner workings of that business. And titleist (and Bridgestone and callaway) are made in the USA. Although this provides maximum durability, it can only be offered with very large orders in excess of 6,000 balls. The golf ball coverings are made of DuPont Surlyn material, which gives you that hard plastic look, but it is still pretty soft to the touch. If you are a slow to medium-paced swinger, you might not be able to get the immediate responsiveness that other faster swingers might get. Professionals can also enjoy a combination of stability and durability. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls. So if you are looking to try out a new ball that will save you some money, I definitely recommend checking them out. Vice Golf Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia – Great In flight Stability 6. You want to sell your own head or clubs you just buy an existing design that a foundry built themselves, you put on a new soleplate and change the color/graphics and it looks like an entirely new club. Now there's nothing inherently wrong with that business model. Thus, you can count on the Vice Tour mainly if you are looking to get a straight put from a long distance. 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make is your complete guide to golf. During testing, we noticed that the golf balls have a stable alignment. For example, slow swingers usually go for high compression balls. As long as your order has not yet been shipped, we can easily change the shipping address for you. However, do not get too carried away, as you might get all pearly whites and no neon limes in your box. Getting a bright colored ball also makes it easy to track it in the air. Hence, we are positive that the Vice Pro will help you with all your straight putting needs. This might hamper the ball’s trackability, which can be a let-down if that’s your preference. It simple to upload your own or go to our Novelty Section for more choices of … can put names, phrases, messages and more on your ball of choice from top brands such as Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, Srixon and more. Why are some children fascinated with Vice balls while they'd dismiss Arriva, 3 Up Golf and Saintnine balls as 2nd tier knockoffs? Those companies were allowed to sell their inventory after paying an undisclosed sum to Asushnet.

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