Welcome to the unofficial subreddit of the University of Washington! We know you don’t have a ton of work experience to draw from, so we might lightly go over CS concepts just to make sure you have an idea. Other institutions in the region also have strong offerings. For more info on direct admit, you can check out CSE's explanation of it and their frequently asked questions.

Many students arrive at UW thinking they want to pursue one major, but develop a passion for another major during freshman year. The expansion of our Direct to Major admission program is in response to unprecedented demand for Computer Science at UW. Implementing Direct to Major admission will assure incoming freshman students and their families that they will be able to pursue a Computer Science degree at the University of Washington. r/SeattleWA is the active Reddit community for Seattle, Washington and the Puget Sound area! Hell, they're likely a tiny minority of hires. CSE 390l: Leadership Seminar Series The UW CSE Leadership Seminar Series, CSE 390L, is a one-credit (CR/NC) seminar series, primarily targeted at undergraduates, that brings CSE alumni and friends to campus to describe how to be effective in a startup, small company, large company, or less common environment.
The Computer Engineering degree, also offered by the Allen School, is awarded through the College of Engineering and is part of Engineering’s Direct to College program.
I think it may be worth a try if you're willing to play the CSE admission game. Your credentials sound familiar. Check with advisor first though. 1. This means that we still must turn away a significant number of UW students, who then must either select another UW major or transfer to another school to study Computer Science. As an employer, I know that UW CS program is selective, so I know someone I trust has already found you exceptional, so I will definitely interview you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It's not impossible to get into CS the 'normal way', but the risk is simply not worth it, especially if you have other options. The program can accommodate individuals on work visas, but not student visas. There is no impact on the transfer admission process from the implementation of Direct to Major for freshman applicants. Main Tel: (206) 543-1695 Not going to lie, with the changes to cs admissions with this class, both cs and engineering will become very difficult to get into if you're not in direct. Moral of the story. You don’t have to be an extrovert. I got my CS degree from UW Bothell.

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