The first knot you'll need to know is the Lark's Head Knot, sometimes referred to as a Cow Hitch Knot. 10 pieces of 40″ sage green macrame yarn; 8 pieces of 85″ dark green macrame yarn; The macramé knots used in this project are Square Knots, Double Half Hitch Knots, and Lark’s Head Knots. Macrame Cording – comes in all different rope sizes and colors. It's easy to learn how to macrame because you only need to know a handful of knots to create a macrame project. As with most things in life, you can improve on your craft with practice. Because here’s the great thing about macrame:  Even the most basic macrame knots can make drop-dead gorgeous patterns. Take working cord 1 and take it to the right, under the filler cords and over working cord 4. In this knot, the first cord is the filler cord and rest of the cords are working cords. My husband asked me if I was making him a giant friendship bracelet. Good. Takes about 8 hours, but worth it I think 9 skeins of yarn, four 6-8in gold chains, 3 embroidery hoops total cost about $90 tell me what you think! Re-use is not permitted without explicit written permission. Working left to right, make a double half hitch knot with the second cord. Awesome Malissa. I show how to tie the square knot (plus how to alternate them), spiral knot (or half square knot), double half hitch (diamonds) and larks head (to attach macrame to the dowel). Your Right Half Square Knot is complete. There are free macrame patterns for traditional macrame items like plant hangers and wall hangings, as well as some unique items like trivets, keychains, table runners, curtains, and even chairs and chandeliers. Take a separate length of cord (this will be your working cord) and form a long u-shaped loop on top of the group of filler cords, with the loop facing down. . A half knot is simply half of a square knot. Repeat until you have the look you want. Pull the end of the working cord—that's sticking up at the top—upwards, which will bring the loop under the wraps. You can see how I did this below. Start by folding your piece of macrame cord in half. Pull tight and you have your lark’s head knot! A Gathering Knot, also called a Wrapping Knot, is a finishing knot that gathers cords together. Let me know if you need any more help with it! Now pull your cords tight. There are variations to the half hitch knots, (like triple half hitch knots), but even with these basic half hitch knots, you can make great patterns. Make sure to pull your cords tight without any twisting. Bring the loop round to the front and pull your two cords through the loop to tighten. To make the alternating square knot as I did above, start with 4 Lark’s head knots (there will be 8 total cords). You can make this by doing a repeat of double half hitch knots. Loop it through the hole on the right side. You'll often see these at the bottom of macrame plant hangers. A Horizontal Clove Hitch creates a series of knots that go across your macrame project. Take working cord 4 and move it to the right under the two filler cords and over working cord 1. Hope that helps! For this example – we are using 3 Lark’s Head knots. Learn more here. Repeat the clove hitch knots by using the next working cord around the same filler cord. These directions are how to make a left facing spiral stitch, but you can also start on the right side and use all right facing half knots. Create a cute angel as a lovely gift for Christmas Eve. Do you know if there’s such a pattern around now, and how would I be able to go about getting one? Copyright © 2020. Ensure your outer left cord is still placed diagonally over the cords. So I included a video at the bottom of this post with me tying spiral knot macrame ornaments. Today I’m helping you take that first step. Take working cord 1 and move it to the right, over the filler cords but under working cord 4. Square knots need to have at least 4 cords (2 working cords and 2 filler cords) but can have more. One important thing, how to determine the length of cord in respect to the design and object. Pull both cords to tighten, keeping everything straight. Very clear and helpful. Bailey Wilkinson(@bailswilky) has created a short video on TikTok with music Freak by Doja Cat. A left facing square knot has a vertical bump on the left side of the finished knot. The Learn Macrame section is a gallery of decorative knots used in this craft. I’ve included a handy macrame knots pdf that you can download and print out for your next Macrame project. Starting below the top end of your working cord—which is pointing up—wrap it around the filler cords and the loop. Hi thank you for the steps. Hi. You make a series of half hitch knots in the same direction and it will naturally spiral for you! Take the outer RIGHT cord and cross it over the two middle cords. Her projects can be seen in Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, Pioneer Woman, Shutterfly, Hunker, Hometalk, Craftgawker, Redfin, and more. Yay! Here’s the link to your handy pdf guide! Cords 1 and 4 are your working cords and cords 2 and 3 are your filler cords. Most of these projects only use macrame cord and a few other supplies. The working cords have now switched places and working cord 1 is on the right and working cord 4 is on the left. Pass the end of the wrapping cord through the loop at the bottom of your wraps. On soundcloud. He wishes. I love alternating square knots with even spacing in between the knots. Beginners or kids can make this angel easily. The knot that is on the far right in the main photo is called a Half Hitch Spiral Knot.

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