BREXIT does not mean that the UK will be able to return to some kind of “splendid isolation”. As submarines have become quieter, ASW has had to move back to a greater reliance on active sonar. Data is then either sent via satellite back to Dam Neck for evaluation or to nearby surface ships and MPAs. It is possible that this is a cover story for a more accurate fix provided by the more sophisticated and extensive IUSS network, although its coverage of the South Atlantic is less than that of the North. IUSS is a critical and little-known part of this fight, every penny invested in equipment, training and development of anti-submarine measures is money well spent. The latest SOSUS runs a separate system to monitor Russian submarine movements through a cable on the seabed between Aomori Prefecture and north of Hokkaido, according to the sources. He doesn’t want more forces to be created at a drop of a hat if we need them. LIDO also relies on partnerships with other ocean monitoring networks throughout the world, including Neptune Canada, “the world’s first regional-scale underwater ocean observatory network that plugs directly into the Internet.”. If you're not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site. For the submarine hunter, understanding the composition of the ocean helps them predict how their sonars will perform. This is aimed at people who care about the RN and our countries defence in general, get yourself a hobby! Acoustic sensor data can be transmitted long distances through a series of nodes which may include other hydrophone arrays, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) or a surface buoy. ( F35 and surely an ASW and AEW version of the MV22 ), just like the famous SEA-KING with the british version outpacing the original one. Designed to be quiet, stable in all weathers and able to track targets at long range from the optimum location, their data is transmitted back to IUSS land stations by satellite. I thought it was only politicians who didn’t think things through properly? In 2009 St Mawgan was closed and the combined USN and British operation was moved to Navy Operational Processing Facility (NOPF) at Dam Neck in Virginia. As Max has explained, whales and other marine megafauna have high levels of auditory sensitivity and use sound to navigate. There is no evidence China or Russia have the technology to deploy these sensors or the political will to do so near our country. The end of the Cold War eliminated much of the justification for maintaining IUSS at its full capability, with the existence and capabilities of SOSUS and IUSS being declassified in 1991. But I want to come back to the experience of listening. Its open architecture will allow the software to be upgraded continually. Now is precisely the time to bring that in…before anyone antagonstic has their bluewater SSN fleet really back up to speed. In the UK the branches have merged as well, so we expect hydrographers to be meteorologists as well, further lengthening the training pipeline. SOSUS, an acronym for Sound Surveillance System, is a chain of underwater listening posts located around the world in places such as the Atlantic Ocean near Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom — the GIUK gap, and at various locations in the Pacific Ocean. A Chinese undersea device on the seabed with coordinates. Yeah right… we will submit your candidacy for National Security Advisor. He wants us to not have them ever so we can’t impede the march of his beloved Islamic State, nor of his paymaster Putin. The Zeus has been a regular visitor to UK waters in recent times, seen here alongside in Devonport during 2015 (Photo: Lewis-Clarke via Geograph). I would be shocked if the east has not at least attempted to put sensors off the west cost of Scotland and in the Western Approaches. The Japan Times LTD. All rights reserved. The Soviets were largely unaware of its importance until its existence and scale was revealed to them in the intelligence passed on to them by the Walker spy ring in the 1970 and 80s. Mostly I find myself listening in apprehension, for what could be there. Rethinking the soundscape: a critical genealogy of a key term in sound studies. Sound is also the most accurate tool that humans have for understanding the sea floor and locating potential georesources such as oil deposits – it’s also how naval forces navigate and locate underwater targets or other vessels. USNS Zeus is the US navy’s dedicated cable-layer and is primarily employed building and maintaining the IUSS network of hydrophones. You might have missed the past few years of Putin and China’s cyber/territorial empire building in Ukraine and waters around Japan..the Cold War never ended, just as islamic fascism has and will not. Photocall for the approximately 50 RN and RAF personnel stationed at NOPF Dam Neck, Virginia (2014).

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