Jose Montesinos. A crucial piece of flashing at the bottom of a wall that allows water to drain — a weep screed — was also missing in places, the report said. When they reached out again, Mazzio, according to Short, told her: Hire an attorney. The U.S. housing market was only just starting to soar in 2001 when Mitch and Cheryl Goldstein plunked down $25,000 for an empty Bucks County lot. She spent nearly four decades constructing it — up until her own death in 1922. Others, by small, local firms. Toll appealed again. Thompson, the Chester County moisture inspector, noticed problems emerge around 2006 — but “take off” in 2010. Many worry about financial stability in the years to come. The couple, entering their early 40s, had long been saving for their dream home — a brand-new, ground-up Toll Brothers house. All problems that initially emerged would be cov ered by a one-year warranty. But it was more than just appearances that convinced the Mulnixes, according to a transcript of arbitration testimony filed in Bucks County Court this year. Homeowners are left with one big question: How could the brand-new homes they expected to last a lifetime end up so damaged in just a few years? One Bucks County man was forced to quit a job he took in another state because his house would not sell. Each step only rises two inches, meant to help the frail Winchester easily move about her property. Based on a true story, a young couple finally buys their dream house but the woman they outbid now obsessively torments the couple. Both said the lack of formalized scrutiny does not absolve builders from building to code. “We’re a …family paying bills — they know that they have much deeper pockets to starve us out,” Brian Mulnix said in an interview. "It’s 10 years down the road when you begin to see major, major issues. “Back in the 1950s, a builder would build five or 10 homes. In the spring of 2015, a new job opportunity, beckoning Brian Mulnix to Texas, came with a hard-to-refuse offer: If they couldn’t sell their home, a relocation company would buy it. “Based on my experience with experts, subcontractors, and builders, I believe the problem is caused primarily by inadequate architectural and construction oversight, as well as builders’ design and construction practices that failed to comply with building code.”. After learning of a neighbor’s water-intrusion problems across the street in 2016, they sought inspections and repair estimates. Homeowners, then, are left in an unenviable bind: Litigate the problem, pay for it themselves, or live with it in a home they will likely have trouble selling. Coats of stucco are often too thin. The first would extend the amount of time a Pennsylvania homeowner has to file a lawsuit by three years. From the beginning, Kim Short and her husband, Jim, decided no new construction. … We’re not contributing to college, which is highly concerning.”, “I planned to put a roof on; I planned to replace the furnace,” Hagerich said. Shorts that day that water would not enter their walls, they con tend, telling them it was his priority. “It goes unseen for so long.”. And nearly $349,000, said the second, according to a lawsuit. In Toll Brothers’ Buckingham Forest, nearly a third of the 198 homes have had exteriors removed and rebuilt. But when the Mulnixes tried to sell their house nearly a dozen years later, they were surprised by what they found. Like the Goldsteins, the Mulnixes moved to Bucks County in the 2000s, enticed by Toll’s Buckingham Forest development. CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer, Rob Lunny points out water damage at a West Chester home. House after house gets inspected. This woman’s dream house is a nightmare. "Quicker, cheaper, faster — that’s the mentality. AGA Developers was building sleek, luxury townhouses adorned with gray siding, balco nies, stucco, and brick. Consider the case of Brian and Anna Mulnix. Toll said in its statement to the Inquirer that the company offers to repair homes that are less than 12 years old — a policy that aligns with a Pennsylvania state law that allows homeowners to bring claims against a builder within 12 years, and in some cases, 14 years, after a home is built.

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