Acer capillipes is a hardy snake bark with beautifully striped bark. Growing small-sized bonsai made this an easy proposition. As low as $69.95. Trident maple is a medium-sized tree that can be used as a street tree or specimen. October 6, 2014 in Bonsai Maintenence, Pruning | Tags: Acer buergerianum, Approach grafting, Australia Bonsai, Australian Bonsai, Trident Maple | Leave a comment. That is smaller internodes and compact growth. 12 Items . Firstly you cut a channel roughly the width and depth of the whip you wish to graft. I think some of the native orchids would make excellent accents. The trident maple is often used for bonsai but will grow up to 20 feet if placed in the landscape. Zone 5 Acer Buergerianum (Trident Maple) Fusion Bonsai. In winter, the peeling bark and well-shaped trunk bring structure that glints in early morning frosts. Sometimes this inspires but a lot of the time due to Australia’s strict quarantine laws (making importing near impossible) and the fact that most native collectible material is protected by law it instills a feeling of giving up or accepting second best. It is a small, rounded, deciduous tree that typically grows rather slowly to 20-30’. The base has great character but the rest of the tree is tall and directs the eye away from the nebari so I felt I could work on that to improve the tree overall. Height and Spread of Acer BuergerianumTrident Maple will reach a maximum height of 7-12 metres and produce an oval-shaped canopy with plenty of light and space beneath. Also known as the “trident maple” for its’ tri-lobed leaves, has bright shiny green leaves which turn firey Fall colors of oranges and reds! If these layers work, I will probably grow them in pots for a year or two before ground growing them to see if the base flaring/thickening is a genetic trait or just a result of how this tree was grown. Having said that, I have nearly got through all my trees. I did have a small failure with the first branch’s graft as i knocked it when moving the tree and broke it. Post 1, Post […]. Note: to use email address, substitute *** with @, […] it about time I updated how the grafts I did back in November were taking. Unfortunately the back branch’s graft didn’t take but as luck would have it this spring a bud has popped right at the base of the branch right where I wanted it. It had been brought into the country back in the 90’s when Australia’s border protection was much more flexible in regards to bringing bonsai in. I am pretty sure that I can produce stock similar to the above pine from seed in 2-4 years. per page. As trees are dug and pruned, they are sorted into those that might need to go back in the ground for another year and those that are ready to begin their life as bonsai. February 11, 2016 in Bonsai Techniques | Tags: Approach grafting, Australia Bonsai, Australian Bonsai, Grafting, Trident Maple | Leave a comment. This makes for trunks with great base flare and very small scars which in many cases are healed in the ground. Flowers mature in samaras measuring up to an inch long during the autumn.Young trees have pale bark and as they grow the trunks mature into a browny-orange that flakes away in winter to reveal a rainbow of earthy tones beneath.This is an excellent choice of tree for more compact gardens as it doesn’t get too big. Just one small problem, the company only sent 100 seedlings but they had charged me for 150. I decided to graft on a new set of branches at the base of all the old branches. We checked out the old gold diggings while looking for native orchids in amongst the leaf litter. The basic idea is that you cut a vertical channel in the trunk where you would like some new roots. A small tweak such as this 15 degree turn makes a lot of difference. The lesson to be learned here is to grow your own seedlings, have enough seedlings to complete the project before starting and assemble the tree as quickly as possible. The trident maples had really nice compact root-balls and as did the black pines which was a nice result and should make for them establishing into training pots much more quickly. Most of this time is best invested early on in a plant’s life when it is young and flexible. This years remedy was the Arbortech! Unit price available starting from 10 units purchased. I like the base so much that I have just realised that I don’t have a picture of the whole tree, just photos of the base! The answer is to change the foliage. Sometime trees do what you want. I have been able to find some time today to write a string of posts that should be published over the next few weeks. These seedlings need to re-establish and put on some growth before wiring. The bumps on the seedlings are where the wire attached them to the frame. ( Log Out /  Zone 5. This is a close up to show how I overlapped the seedlings as I tapered the top. It is much the same as any other approach graft except instead of using a branch from the same tree you use seedlings as your grafting material. A tray of 30 seedlings. In this example I used map pins to secure the graft. Left: the tree in August 2011. Triangular, three-lobed leaves (to 3.5” long) are glossy green above and pale green beneath. Digging each year coupled with the excellent growing conditions in the grow beds results in good yearly top growth without roots getting too thick and creating faults. Streetwise® trident maple (Acer buergerianum 'Streetwise'):  New foliage emerges red-purle and then changes to green for summer. Many hard to find Japanese maple tree cultivars. Acer capillipes. Also the branching is better from this new front. Since then I have been meaning to replace the failed grafts but for what ever reason, every time I have had this tree out of its pot I havent been able to do the grafts. The following Wednesday the 50 missing trees arrived so I completed assembly and planted the tree in its growing pot. This year, the seedlings look a little strange as they are all from the batch of seedlings I bent the year before. How to Use Acer BuergerianumThis tree is a perfect specimen tree for smaller gardens. This should ensure that in a few years time I will have a lot of interesting stock to play with. His details are found on his website: For those that can’t make the drive to his place, he does also sell regularly as local club shows and will be at the Bonsai society of victoria’s show this October. Post 1, Post 2. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Japan produces tons of quality raw material in a massive range of species that ensures that there is always a healthy base of material being produced for future excellent bonsai. Add to Wish List. Has anyone else noticed this? In this case two pins were used to secure the whip. Avoid pruning maples in spring as they are 'bleeders' and will lose large quantities of sap. The first thing I did was cut it back hard to stimulate some back budding. A row of Trident Maples along a fence line provides summer shade and privacy with flaming autumn colours. Add to Compare. The apex fused last year and has begun to get very strong. The removal of tap roots (encouraging lateral roots). The trident-shaped leaves turn shades of red and orange in autumn. When it was rotated this formed an angle which is a little strange although there are a few good results of this change. It is a very simple process all in all and one I use quite often. Explore this online platform for Chicago-area residents to share their favorite stories about trees. The bends you put in the trunk should be tight and irregular. Botanical name: Acer buergerianum. Next spring I will remove the larger whip on the left to keep the apex from loosing it’s taper. After bare rooting the 30 remaining seedlings I had left over from the second batch of 50 I attached them to the frame. I also re-potted the tree and found a lump of old akadama in the center of the root ball. It can be used with a range of thin barked deciduous trees that show signs of fusing easily. Often the journey to find good stock can be difficult but there is definitely good stock available if you know where to look. We use cookies to improve your experience. Where to from now? This should take another couple of minutes per tree. Can handle more heat and sun than most Acer palmatums. Dismiss, Acer buergerianum is a very nice maple tree native to Japan. Our trees. Well as is often the case, life has been busy and the blog has suffered. Create a free website or blog at Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Create a free website or blog at When I first acquired the tree I placed 6 or so root grafts onto the trunk. Acer buergerianum commonly called trident maple or three-toothed maple is native to China, Korea and Japan. They also fuse very quickly which is the trait I am hoping to take advantage of in this instance. Even though i am changing the foliage I also wanted to keep the old foliage so i can experiment with it in regards to its base thickening properties. This year I have finally decided to stop complaining about the lack of stock and making excuses about my lack of space and have planted 60 Trident maples and 60 Japanese Black Pines as a test batch. Fruit are pairs of winged seeds (samaras). Matt swinging a shovel while Neil prunes the dug trees. I originally cut the channels with a knife and was only able to cut so deep. Its been fun replacing the branches on this tree and i am looking forward to this season of growth where i can start to grow the branch structure and form the outline of the bonsai. Leaves are arranged in pairs (opposite); 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long with three forward-pointing lobes giving a trident shape to the leaf. What I plan to do with this tree is make half the cut now, use the growth on the main trunk above the cut to heal it and then sever the remaining half of the trunk. It was imported from japan some time in the 1990’s when regulations were a little less strict and I managed to be in the right place at the right time and picked it up. Using the below variation you can be a bit less exact if using thin barked deciduous trees. Out of stock. Clearly I am going to have to get some more seedlings to finish this project in my lifetime. Japanese Black Pine seedlings as germinated. As you can see from the above picture, the stock was going very well indeed. So I cut through half the trunk with a small saw and then cleaned up this cut with a sharp knife and sealed it all with cut paste. Trident maples are one of my favorite species to work on and I really enjoy having one as a project. How can you make use of the base and also have a good foliage canopy? Fingers crossed. This is how I received the tree (although I think for this photo I had just cut off a number of long sacrifice branches that had grown out). Probably next year it could go into a more suitable pot but for now the Koyou pot it is residing in isn’t too bad.

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