, Menning, Nancy Lee (2010), Reading nature religiously: Lectio Divina, environmental ethics, and the literary nonfiction of Terry Tempest Williams �@�J�Wo���xD���e�M�9��R������=�P@��ӻ2}5�, Pantaleoni, David Armstrong (2015), High spirited: spirit-work in contemporary China RELIGION_ETD, Lindgren-Hansen, Kaitlyn (2019), Unsettling religion: anger and race in The bondwoman's narrative endobj When the final draft of the thesis is ready, the thesis is submitted to GPS, which forwards a copy to the External Examiner. h�bbd```b``���A$��d����H�H�fV��n��U��ٚ`� ���R���`�H2:���61012p���H���� ,B, Vermeer, Alicia Suzanne (2014), Searching for God : portrayals of religion on television /Filter[/FlateDecode] The process of completing a thesis moves from selecting a topic in consultation with your supervisor(s) to developing a suitable proposal, which in turn must be submitted and approved by the Institute Faculty at one of the scheduled staff meetings during the academic year. Submissions that fail to comply with these requirements will be rejected. UP Islamic Studies Thesis Making - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Accompanying document to be emailed together with your thesis: Nomination of Examiners Form, completed and signed by the student, supervisor and the GPD. MA candidates should email the form to the Student Affairs Coordinator for verification prior to submission to GPS, Thesis Section. The Science of Ethics V. Islam and Modern Political Thought VI. However, the use of primary sources is strongly encouraged. The sources and objectives of Islamic Sharia support the theoretical framework underpinning intellectual property laws. ©The University of Iowa 2008. Bibliography: The bibliography should contain all works cited and used in the research, omitting no important contributions to the topic discussed. The Faculty will communicate approval of your thesis proposal in writing. w|��ƿt��j�a�����;�Rq�mA��8"����W@�¸�C�]I}qk,�ҕ�c7cr�+2���!l?ɍb;r�'��2�]�F�l`�o� l�7�������V|/�# �Ŷ�)"������ɌO(� ��BS���&Ռ_�Ӳw�7p�q��c�f���0P17˜����7�}o�R9(Wd;�P� ��F���(�X{� f�)"�l�t};�D� The proposal should state the title of the thesis, and it should answer the following questions: The answers to questions (1) through (3) above should constitute a document of 2 to 4 pages., Coleman, Mitchell Carl (2007), Contribution of Thomas Aquinas's Treatise on temperance to the contemporary effort to understand and treat addiction 2376 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<372149AD25C5BD468B0F802B92953FDC>]/Index[2357 30]/Info 2356 0 R/Length 99/Prev 1216777/Root 2358 0 R/Size 2387/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream A visualization of dissident voices in sixteenth-century Italy: a reflection of the religious debate in art. IIS scheduled meetings 2019-20. Please be aware that Professors need a reasonable amount of time to read and provide comments on your thesis. The Emergence of `Islamic Education Movement` is a response to the `secularization of education` faced by the ummah (muslim people) all over the world; in the sense that the `traditional Islamic Sciences` which are rooted in Islamic sources i.e. %PDF-1.4, Lane, Lewis Calvin III (2010), Finding Elizabeth: history, polemic, and the Laudian redefinition of conformity in seventeenth century England `i�r���������:6Κ���� y�'��e� ��3:7� ���[1~d��,�_�@�z�����G�����]���N��n�}��4��|���jt���T�w;�KʙSû�xA�ޮ�;������+N�U `�S��ѿ�y]�e��� �WK`�gb ���W�[��_�Ģ��s�fӻ'#�\��"�7�p�r��c#�����1+k���vԘ� _�P�H�m����� �l9[Al��ox�qz� ����k�g�D1)���m��H V�z_��t�{4Z�TI���/�\�W6��@oGT�xX�ZηMI��g*^���D ��:�%�5p˕�uT�Q��Ƞ����`J��-d��-`��j�htK� [얢#p��1������-J��5�l�i��X3��r26t�V�)�-��������G��:���;���Ja�ݳ�S/HgS�Ń�x���^>, Greder, David Frederic (2015), Providence and the 1641 Irish Rebellion GPS’ Thesis Preparation and Submission Guidelines, Transmission, Translation, and Transformation in Medieval Cultures, Historical Context/Introductory Material in support of thesis. This Institute started functioning in the year 1950. %���� For more information, please consult the GPS’ Thesis Preparation and Submission Guidelines. You will then work closely with your supervisor on the completion of your thesis. Once approved by the GPD and Director, the supervisor will choose one of the approved externals and contact that external directly., Omanson, Lisa Gail (2013), African-American and Arab American Muslim communities in the Detroit Ummah Find what you are looking for faster... just search, Searching makes everthing so easy... just search, THE CONCEPT OF AL-IJMA IN ISLAM AND ITS RELEVANCE TO THE CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM (A CASE STUDY OF SOKOTO NORTH LGA), RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PERFORMANCE OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION AND WESTERN EDUCATION AMONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN, CONTRIBUTION OF ISLAMIYYA TEACHERS IN PROMOTING MORALITY AMONG MUSLIM YOUTH (A CASE STUDY OF UNGOGO L.G.A. >> View Islamic Studies Research Papers on for free., Haman, John Patrick (2011), The sanctification of friendship: reconciling preferential and non-preferential loves in Søren Kierkegaard's Works of love If the research for the thesis involved human participants, you should have obatined Research Compliance Certificates from the Research Ethics Board. These positions span both the public and private spheres and have included academia, journalism, security and political roles. 3 u., Gillson, Gwendolyn Laurel (2018), The Buddhist ties of Japanese women: crafting relationships between nuns and laywomen, Lynch, Anna Ruth (2013), Early Lutheran education in the Late Reformation in Mecklenburg stream 3 0 obj j!CB�?�Ɓ!iC8f�Bj_�b�;�a �bD�,��Pq���\ ����D. ����~�O��s~����V�7A�����m�����Y�e�«���w��Dʢ�Z�P�MR[8���t=C��7r�eQ,���̕��7�@1gX�2y˘k= ,�tΰr1 ��� ����T�Yn�O�n���~�Hw现 �h�� b�T�6�IVaM�q�'���S�ņ$�\jl'(} ��P�� iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I thank Allah for giving me patience, motive and assistance to write this thesis. al-Qur’an (the Holy Book) and as-Sunnah (Tradition of the prophet) have been marginalized. A sample outline is provided below for your guidance, but please consult with your supervisor(s) as to the format they prefer. �����#p:���E��iu�J�-����rN����8{|���ϙ\���k/�V=��{j�`��4z�y|�,M_=��6�������xE�zS�cC�J�S���Sq��#&����y1b�_x1�}�x���������ˍ��^���0�n������6x%%7}��K�D���T_֙��������8���4�-����o薕��������nendstream, Wheeler, Kayla Renée (2017), How YouTube made the hijab cool: race, gender, and authority in the American ummah ?g�W���d/�Gz��ыS'��'� ���6�+�HxYNRM��@���x�³O���� In addition to your written Thesis Proposal you need to complete the Thesis_Proposal_Form [PDF] in which you offer a timetable for the completion of your thesis. However, they strongly emphasise the importance of development goals in intellectual property law and policy making. Thesis and Dissertation 9. If you fail to submit chapters or others sections of your thesis by the agreed upon timeline, he/she may not be able to ensure that your thesis can be submitted by a certain deadline. Thesis proposals must be submitted by all candidates for approval no later than the first week in April of the first year of study. <>>> 51k�P��Qs�SB͙e�2�0�*+ҜY:�i4D�a���F�=T[a���f�,��sf� ��3K9=�R`S� Based on this report, there may be additional corrections or changes to be made to the thesis before final submission. 6 u., Nixon, Kathrine Mary Gill (2011), A visualization of dissident voices in sixteenth-century Italy: a reflection of the religious debate in art., Hershey, Larry Brent (2008), Peace through conversation: William Penn, Israel Pemberton and the shaping of Quaker-Indian relations, 1681-1757 /ColorSpace/DeviceRGB This entails developing a specific research question(s), along with the reasons and importance of the proposed research, suitable methodologies to answer your question(s), an outline and a detailed bibliography. Late submissions will be held over for the next staff meeting. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Teaching of Islamic Studies (EDU512) Table of Contents: Lesson 01 The World Before Islam (Topic # 001 - 007) 03 . The answer to question (4) should emphasize the source materials (primary and secondary) that are relevant. 2. Developing a thesis proposal and then researching, writing, and submitting the thesis are challenging and mandatory components of your MA degree. International Humanitarian Law and Islamic Law: A Comparative Study III. This thesis introduces a comprehenisve theory on intellectual property law and Islamic Sharia. x��wxT���'��r�������z0 �@�M@@�w�ނ����H�ޑ^T@z�p�)M����>�YO�o���0If&�Y�3�������]�~�8�,�,�,�����l�%J������������ٳ�v�ڴiӊ+�Y�|��+W�aժU6l���D۾}�:t���K�.ݾ}���~�w��,K ���h�����͛���ɓ�c�ڵ'N�ܹs�*U��˗#G��Y�fɒ%S�L2d�o���3f̘9sf�g˖-gΜ�s�.P�@ѢEK�., Cobb, Katherine Fohn (2014), Understanding scrupulosity: psychopathological and Catholic perspectives The Institute of Islamic Studies will not give financial assistance to students who register for a third year of MA studies, nor will it normally recommend such students for financial assistance from outside agencies. endobj, Hamre, James S (1967), Georg Sverdrup's concept of the role and calling of the Norwegian-American Lutherans: an annotated translation of selected writings CLAS 300 Thesis in Islamic Studies. Once the thesis has been written, corrected by your supervisor, revised as appropriate and approved for submission, the candidate may submit the thesis and thesis forms by email only to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, following the instructions online. Home Scope: An MA thesis should address a well-defined problem, offer an adequate review of previous work relating to that problem, analyze the data critically and sufficiently, and draw logical conclusions that relate to the problem under discussion. KANO STATE), INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL CHANGES ON ATTITUDE OF STUDENTS TO STUDYING ISLAMIC STUDIES IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN IBADAN NORTH L.G.A, OYO STATE, ANALYSIS OF THE STATISTICS AND ROLE OF ISLAMIC TEACHERS IN BUILDING MORAL VALUES (A CASE STUDY OF SELECTED SECONDARY SCHOOLS, BAUCHI STATE), HOW TO WRITE AN UNDERGRADUATE PROJECT FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS, HOW TO FIND FINAL YEAR RESEARCH TOPICS AND MATERIALS IN NIGERIA, TECHNIQUES FOR CHOOSING GOOD UNDERGRADUATE PROJECT TOPICS, RESEARCH CLUE ON HOW TO ACCESS UNDERGRADUATE PROJECT TOPICS AND RESEARCH MATERIALS IN NIGERIA, UNDERSTANDING REFERENCING STYLE WHEN DEVELOPING PROJECT TOPICS, UNDERSTANDING THE LEVEL OF SIGNIFICANCE DURING DATA ANALYSIS.

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