In my case I disassembled the pin header because I do not have the right material to plug something in. Haha check facebook page from thermaltake i post it 4 months ago there to mod the controller and make 5 pins splitters. Before we are going to use the controller for something it is not intended for, we should know what is inside of it. You can use external buttons to control the light and speed of the fans. We are going to split all pins to get more connectors. Step three: Bring them together at one connector. Also how did you connect the external button cable in the board, can you share a picture of it?,searchweb201602_2_10017_507,searchweb201603_2&btsid=4c7b53fa-3394-4e8c-ae7f-8b16efd76b86The cables for the buttons has been soldered in the pcb. It is really simple to build a splitter. Riing 14 LED RGB 256 Colors High Static Pressure LED Radiator Fan: (Single Fan Pack) (Three Fan Pack) 4.) Also, we see two mosfet (purple) for the circuits of the controller. On one side of the circuit board we can see five pin headers, three for the fans (5pin, red), one for the power supply and PWM signal (4pin, green) and one for the optional connection cable (blue). Likewise, a normal y-Splitter. To show you how it works I will connect three buttons and make a video. Smart pro rgb 650w bronze diagram thermaltake wiring guide se 530w 700w 230v sd led fan w controller case toughpower grand 750w, Diagram Thermaltake Wiring Full Version Hd Quality Liverdiagrams Helene Coiffure Rouen Fr, Wiring A 3 Sd Led Fan W Controller Case Tt Community, Thermaltake Toughpower Grand Rgb 750w Gold Sync Edition, Ultimate Guide To Fan Rpm Rgb Ecosystems Guides And Tutorials Linus Tech Tips, Thermaltake Smart Bx1 Rgb 650w Power Supply Unit Review, Software Cant Recognize The New Riing 12 Rgb Fan Tt Premium Fans Case Community, Thermaltake Smart Se 730w Stromversorg Intern Atx12v 2 3 Ep 94 99, Define R6 Useless Fan Hub Runs At Same Sd As Cpu Techpowerup Forums, Dc Fan Series 4 Channel 8025 Vr Kit High Performance Manualzz, So You Want Pwm Control Of Your New Cpu Fan Techpowerup Forums, Thermaltake Smart Pro Rgb 850w Zero Fan Sli Crossfire Ready Continuous Power Atx12v V2 4 Eps 92 80 Plus Bronze Certified Full Modular Supply Ps Spr 0850fpcbus R Newegg Com, Thermaltake Smart 750w Sp 750p Closer Look Overclockers Club, Inspiron 3670 Cpu Cooler Case Fan Upgrade Compatibility Dell Community, Smart pro rgb 650w bronze diagram thermaltake wiring full version hd quality liverdiagrams helene coiffure rouen fr guide technology se 530w 700w 230v a 3 sd led fan w controller case tt community toughpower grand 750w gold sync edition. I don’t regret it, but you know it´s your own decision if you want to do the same. If you’re using the rainbow-mode, you can pause it with the second switch, so you can show any color permanently. The only thing I found out for now is the pin for the 5V supply, I can´t figure out which one is the data pin or what signal they are using to control the LEDs („Pin 3 – Y“, „Pin 4 – P“, „Pin 5 – 4,5 - 5V“). The last three pins are used for the LED controlling. Great guide, I'm looking forward to seeing your custom controller & vid!! So I first opened it to know how it is looking inside. Clear editor. Step 2. You can post now and register later. Hello, my name is Dirk from PaYFrog Customs and today I want to show you what I figured out while playing with the controller of the Thermaltake Riing RGB fans for my Thermaltake Core P5 mod. Hi, I have build my Computer into a new Chassis from Thermaltake (TT V200 TG). If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will do my best to help you. On the other side of the circuit board we can see three switches and one status LED. Thermaltake Pacific W4 RGB CPU Water Block . They looking quite similar to other fan connectors, but they are very different. You have to trim the sleeve a little bit and change the connector for the 12V and GND. Now bear in mind that I had previously purchased two Riing 14 One of the switches will set the fans to performance or silent mode, you can see which mode is activated if you´re looking for the status led. I´ve done this because I want to control the speed of the fans, but I didn´t want the motherboard to power all of them. A 900mm cable especially designed for Riing RGB controller. Thermaltake Hard Tube Water Cooling Kit: (Pacific M240 D5) … You have to trim the sleeve a little bit and change the connector for the 12V and GND. Step 3. I had no problems with it. How many fans do you run with it an how do you connect it (Motherboard or PSU)? The controller you receive whit the fans has a lot more potential than you would think. I´m sorry for the quality, it will be better in the future. All the content of this site are do not gain any financial benefit from the downloads of any images/wallpaper.

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