Since it's counting down the first 12 hours of the day go from 23:59 to 11:59. I only have one life…. “I feel like I’ve had a horrible nightmare.“, “The 400 days have passed…Finally, I can awaken the king.“, “The 400 days have passed…The wait is finally over. Hint 3: You will need a medium sized object under the ledge to climb it. The Longing is not the most intuitive game. After going up the steps, you will encounter a door. If you are being questioned thoroughly before taking a leap of faith, To reach this ending you will have to explore the upper parts of the kingdom, You will make a small friend before reaching it, You will need a medium sized object under the ledge to climb it, Understanding mushrooms will help you overcome the obstacle, Find a place where there are both green and purple mushrooms, Don't be scared if you can't see, just keep pushing. At the end of each door you choose, you encounter a time barrier. Hint 9: The monster can only see one part of your body, cover it. During this wait, the Shade must find ways to pass the time. The Longing – Black Crystal Location (How to Find), The Longing – Complete Ending Guide (Bad-Good-Better-Extra), :THE LONGING: – Mystery Tower (Dark Cave), THE LONGING – Complete Game Guide (Time, Cheat, Walkthrough, Tips), :THE LONGING: How To Make Time Go By Faster, :THE LONGING: PC Keyboard Controls (How to Rebind). (Tradução no fim do post) Well, I just managed to get the 5th ending of the game and here I'll explain how to do it (with a lot of "end-game" spoilers). Keep exploring upwards with the help of your mattock until you find a tall ledge. I don’t even know whether to rejoice or not. [Optional] Bring a purple mushroom to light the way. Also, time goes by faster if you do certain actions. If you don't know how to close your eyes check other guides on "The Darkness" achievement. The door option is quite a lot in the game. When you come back, you encounter a different time barrier.Even the trailer is waiting: D. This is so awful situation for you. Once you are at the border of the abyss answer "yes" to the questions. Play as a lonely Shade, the last servant of a king who once ruled an underground kingdom. A great place to start looking at things is your home! Remember, this game is not like the games you know. To reach this ending you don’t need anything. In :THE LONGING: endings are meant to be permanent and will require restarting the game or messing with save data to continue playing. BUT DON'T FOLLOW IT'S ADVICE, To reach this ending you will have to follow orders. To reach this ending you will need a mattock. which includes game news. The game is called 'the longing' after all. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Unusual mix of an adventure and an idle-game. Bring a light with you to find the way up, Once the darkness wraps everything and nightmares become real stay calm, Remember what the face told you about the darkness, The monster can only see one part of your body, cover it, Once you reach the end you will need to be patient and remember your dreams, Find another possible exit nearby since the rocks block the normal path, Remember what the face told you about the young and the old. To climb the ledge you will need to grow a mutant mushroom, plant a purple mushroom right under the ledge and then plant a green mushroom on the closest available spot to the left of the purple mushroom you just planted.

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