It plugs right in, and in minutes you can read your latest data acquisition and make adjustments based on your liking. These are courtesy of Suzuki Motors, this Quadracer has power and performance, not just yellow ATV graphics. When it came time to building our new-used Suzuki, we thought there was no better company to contact than Hinson Racing, which, along with Suzuki and Yoshimura, was part of the development of the LT-R. If you’re looking for a just little more out of your LT-R, then this is it. While we’ve heard many rumors of a 2014 return of the QuadRacer, our impatience led us to this. There was a great deal of testing and development that went into this born racer, and it shows. This is the easiest adjustable A-arm and shock combination we’ve tested. Suzuki’s QuadRacer LT-R450 and Yamaha’s YFZ450R took the top two positions in our 2009 450 shootout. This small piece of electronic equipment allowed us to manually adjust fuel mapping via our laptop computer. Our LT-R build did everything we wanted it to do. Its snappy response and smooth rumble will raise the hair on your arms before you take it out of neutral. Intended as a race-ready ATV, the LT-R450 was developed with the help of WPSA ATV champion Doug Gust, and featured a fuel-injected 450 cc (27.46 cu in) 4-stroke DOHC single cylinder engine, based on the powerplant found in the RM-Z450 racer. Both are great […] Suzuki LTR 450 seat height is a comfortable 30.7 inches. This Turf Tamer/Quad Cross setup allowed our LT-R to utilize the Yoshimura and Hinson upgrades. 2007 was a good year, by the time holidays were upon us Suzuki was already taunting us with a glorious 2008 LT-R450 ATV. The Houser front end rarely got out of control, although a stabilizer will soon be installed, and the Fox shocks are just a pleasure to ride. Since writing about the Suzuki R450 ATV last year in a review I've been meaning to update ATVStyle with a few Suzuki LTR450 ATV pictures. In 2010, the building of Suzuki’s QuadRacer LT-R450 was halted, and the factory support rig was shut down. The Single-Cylinder engine in the 2008 Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450 ATV has a displacement of 450 cc which is 0.3% more than its competition.. The sprockets are fixed and not adjustable, and the mid- and top-range power were improved without affecting the bottom range. The Quadracer LTR 450 is race ready all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Suzuki Motors and raced by champions like Doug Gust. © 2006 - 2020 by ATV Style, All Rights Reserved, BASE MSRP(US): $8,099.00 (new 2008 model), Suzuki LTR 450 Top Speed: 74mph(in stock condition), Front Tire (Full Spec): Dunlop AT 20 X 7-10, Rear Tire (Full Spec): Dunlop AT 18 X 10-8. Since we were setting up our LT-R450 for motocross only, we decided to make a gearing change to acquire more bottom-end. Hmm… We bought that $3,000 used QuadRacer and took the money we saved compared to buying new and built a machine similar to those that once dominated the ATV racing scene. About the Suzuki LTR 450 ATV. It flew straight and level, in the air, and stayed extremely planted in the corners. While we were at it, we replaced the rear with Renthal’s Ultra-Light version and installed a slick new gold RV ATV chain. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a picturesque, little traveled area that makes the perfect camping spot for off-roaders. AMA EnduroCross Series, August 25-November 3, Destination: Riding The North Rim Of The Grand Canyon, Scheduled Maintenance For Your Yamaha YFZ450R, Riding Utah’s Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, Helping Santa Find Gifts For The Off-Road Crowd, Float X Evol front shocks ($1,495), Podium X rear shock ($995), Complete Momentum Conventional Clutch ($1099), Slicast Pro Series A-arms ($925), Pro Bounce nerf bars ($475), grab bar ($120), steering stem ($239), bar clamp ($89), Turf Tamer Rears ($99.95 ea. The LTR 450 is wide and ready to take on the motocross track. The arms have the quickest caster and camber adjustments on the market. Not too shabby! If you're not familiar with the FIM cross country championship series it is a multi country 2210 kilometer grueling test of both racer and machine. A 4-stroke 41 horsepower 450cc engine gives the 368lb Suzuki LTR 450 a top speed of 74 MPH. In 2007, the world of ATV racing was changed forever. Yoshimura was next on our list of contacts. Sebastian Husseini just won the FIM cross country world championship on his autosport sponsored LT-R450 Suzuki Quadrunner! We hooked up extremely well on hard-packed, loose and loamy track conditions, and man, does this thing rip! ), T-9 Pro Series GP wheels ($88.99 ea. It is so dang comfortable! When the Hinson clutch engaged, the fuel-injected motor never stopped pulling and the Yosh PIM2 ensured perfect fueling throughout the powerband. ), Quad Cross MX Pro Lite Fronts ($94.95 ea. To keep it simple, more air protects against harsh bottom-outs; less air maximizes usable travel. We suggest taking the stock chain and sprockets to every race. In 2009, Suzuki stopped i… You’ll fall in love with its sound as soon as you fire it up. After that, top racing pilots Dustin Wimmer, Josh Creamer and Chris Borich, to name a few, went on a championship-winning tear! For those looking for as much out of their LT-R without making motor modifications, you’ll need an exhaust. Naturally, Hinson Clutch Component’s basket, pressure plate, inner hub, steel and fiber plates and springs were all stuffed inside our used LT-R and held in by a very cool, incredibly tough right-side cover. Shibby. The 2020 Polaris Pro XP 4 ups the ante in the battle for four-seater supremacy in the UTV wars. The extra volume (Evol) air chamber regulates spring rate in the final portion of the stroke and controls the bottom-out characteristics of the shock. Up front we matched Houser’s Slicast long-travel A-arms with Fox Evol Float shocks. ITP hooked us up with 18-inch Turf Tamer Classic MX rear tires mounted on 8x8 T-9 Pro Series Trac-Lock rear wheels and 20-inch Quad Cross MX Pro Lite fronts mounted on 10x5 T-9 Pro Series GP wheels. We couldn’t build a QuadRacer without installing a Quad Tech hump seat cover. Building a champion racer for less than you think. The base price of the 2008 Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450 ATV is $7399. [2] [3] The 2008 model was a significant update over the 2007 model, with a claimed power increase of 3 hp (2 kW) as well as over 100 upgrades. The most cost-effective way to improve the performance of a stock LT-R 450 is a Yoshimura Cherry Bomb. Not too shabby! The 2008 Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450 ATV weighs 368 lbs which is 8.19% less than other Sport models. Ride the ultimate sand-slingin' Road Trip. Suzuki Motor Corporation released its QuadRacer LT-R450 into the public, and ATV Rider Magazine was right there to bring you the coverage. Situated in the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area on the sandy banks of Lake Powell, Lone Rock is a water and off-road recreationalist’s dream camping spot! [4] In 2009, Suzuki stopped importing the LT-R450 into the United States, after 25,396 units had been sold. Find Suzuki Ltr 450 ATVs for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Riding these ITP Turf Tamers sure brought back some crazy memories—the days of grooving tires, sporting pink-trimmed leathers and throwing leg kickers over tabletops on Honda’s TRX250R. Its fuel-injected, DOHC, 450cc mill exploded onto the market, and its stock, race-ready stance allowed owners to go straight from the showroom floor to the starting line for under $8,000. Life was good! If you own an R450 ATV you are invited to share pictures of it in your own gallery, see the ATV forum for details. is part of the Bonnier Motorcycle Group, a division of Bonnier Corporation. In the suspension department, our LT-R build did everything we wanted it to do. The most cost-effective way to improve the performance of a stock LT-R 450 is a Yoshimura Cherry Bomb. The Suzuki LT-R450 Quadracer was an all-terrain vehicle produced by Suzuki between 2006 and 2012. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Houser’s nerf bars with suspension footpegs and grab bar were also installed. This is $312.50 more expensive than its competition..

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