Some creatures with high intelligence usually are chosen to become a Beast partner, and are always kept close to it’s master. One was under the ownership of the New Fish-Man Pirates where it served as Hammond's steed and usually traveled and fought alongside its fellow sea beasts. There was a Sea Hippo among the victims of the Stomach Baron.[10]. [4] In the 4kids dub, she told them the "Cat Shark" was an endangered species. [13] After the New Fish-Man Pirates were beaten, the sea lion and its fellow sea monsters went on to cause havoc by going on a rampage. is a Sea Beast resembling a dog. After that, you can enter the flamingo room. There are some possibilities to summon a human being from other worlds, but they are anything but normal, since those humans could be Ninjas or Samurais with mystical powers. For the non-Fishman, stay in your ship and fire ranged abilities while trying not to fall into the water or perish. However, its transformations are limited to its original size, roughly that of a real raccoon, such as transforming into a doll-sized Nami. Beware, it's invisible and somewhat hard to find considering the Sea Beasts do move around a bit. To enter Swan's room, you need to be level 1000 and have obtained a physical fruit worth 1M(+) Beli to Trevor (You can obtain the fruit from a random find or the factory). They can not spawn without one. Those creatures are always involved in the plot and are great partners, as well as formidable opponents. Going back into the water. Note 2: Sea Beasts are immune to the Superhuman fighting style. One was discovered near the Red Line by Luffy, Brook, and Robin traveling in the Shark Submerge III, which consequently was defeated by a Gomu Gomu no Rifle. If there is a problem with the contract, the beast can’t go back to it’s world and become a Outcast beast. One of the essential pieces in the game’s scenario. Lina is the only known person to own a sea raccoon. The Fanged Toad Pirates' ship sank due to the waves they created.[5]. You will not take any damage in the water, and you can attack in it. One Piece 15th Anniversary: Dive to Grand World, A Sea Beast is a massive but relatively weak raid boss in the Second Sea (Official). Shooting a beam of water which inflicts huge damage. Their appearance is generally based around mammalian surface animals, such as cats, cows, elephants and many other kinds of mammals. Note 3: So from what I got, Sea beast has a cooldown of only 20 minutes. WARNING: If You get killed by a fake Sea Beast You will lost honor/bounty To the spawner. is a sea monster resembling a gorilla that lives in the depths of the ocean. Japanese Name: 4. is a sea monster that lives in the depths of the ocean. Chapter 73, Episode 31[1] Sea Pig (海ブタ, Umi Buta?) Sea Cow (海牛, Kaigyū?) [15] The only one seen is under the command of the New Fish-Man Pirates, and it appeared first alongside the Sea Lion and many other sea beasts under the crew's command. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [17], A Sea Leopard was one of New Fish-Man Pirates' sea monsters. The Sea Rhinoceros (海サイ, Umi Sai?) They sometimes have control over the elements, super strength, great speed, impressive intelligence or even the ability to curse someone. The main difference between them and their surface counterparts are the added scales along their bodies, their fish-like fins and tail fin instead of legs and/or tails, and the ability to breath underwater through presumably gills.

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