Will cause lag as they are reparsed. Same as /help Text. /spawnnpc [species id] [type] [level] [seed] [parameters'] Admin Only. To send commands, simply type them into the chat and hit enter. If not specified, this will default to 1. This command will toggle the visibility of some text on the screen that shows the level of gravity at the current position of your character. A powerful mech weapon made for Asra Nox's "Swansong" mech. This command will place the specified dungeon under your cursor (if no coordinates are specified). Additionally, some commands require debug mode to be first activated by running the /debug command, the descriptions of these commands contain the label Debug Mode. Optional - if not specified, the time will be permanent. Shows a list of commands. Place the given dungeon into the world anchored at the specified position or the player's cursor position. When in admin mode, all crafting recipes are enabled (no resources required) and damage/energy loss is disabled. An optional ban reason and duration can also be specified. Other actions: F toots your mech’s horn and the Interact command makes you exit and enter the mech. Mechs are vehicles that will aid the player with transportation and combat, due to weapons mounted on their frames. Deletes all universe flags associated with a given universe. The five known Mechs are the Human, Glitch, Hylotl, Apex and novakid Mechs. See argument information for a full list. See examples for help. Is there a command to enable mechs? An optional kick reason can be provided, which will be shown to them when they are kicked from the server. A ranged offensive beam weapon designed for Peacekeeper agents. They were present as techs in the beta, and then were re-implemented as vehicles useable in both space and on ground, in update 1.3[1]. See command examples for help. Give your mech a booming voice to intimidate your foes. For full details see: Usage /kick playerSpecifier [reason]. Usage /fullbright. 1. Teleports the user to a location on a planet or within an instanced area such as a. Usage /timewarp time. This command starts the quest with the specified ID. This command sets your gravity to the default value (80). When set to true, blocks are not breakable, if set to false, blocks are not protected and can be broken. /spawnitem [item id] [amount] [parameters'] Admin Only. Use /help commandName to get detailed documentation. This command prints the celestial coordinate location of the specified player. Displays your hunger bar for several seconds. For all admin commands with a playerSpecifier field, client ID, server nickname or player UUID can be used to specify the targeted player. Valid positionInSequence options are: first, last, next, solo. Triggers the player to receive the radio message with the specified id. Acceptable arguments: outpost_mission*, outpost_beakeasy (outpost_mission could be any of 1-6, they seem to need to be done in order though meaning you can't just run a single /setuniverseflag outpost_mission6 without having done the rest of them first), outpost_techscientist# (# is either 1 or 2), outpost_ursaminer, final_gate_key, vaultsopen. A UUID ban only prevents a particular character from joining, regardless of IP address, while an IP ban prevents all users at a particular IP address from joining, regardless of their chosen character. Usage /gravity. shipUpgrades should be specified as a JSON object enclosed by single quotes, e.g.

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