| Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, Prince George's, and Anne Arundel counties ], Police: Criminal Investigation Division (CID) [Ch 8], Statewide Point-to-Point (141.3 TX) [Ch 11], Police: Operations (Reported use in O'fallon), DOCHE: Animal Shelter Ops / Community Health Portables, Facilities Maintenance: Main [No License], Facilities Maintenance: Secondary [No License], Communications (probably Cottleville 454 site in use), St. Charles County Public Water District: Business Office/Maintenance Crews, Water Distribution Data (CSQ) [also WQAQ382, KS21555, WQAK414], Police on talkgroup 24040 (As of 07/31/2015), Most public safety communications in the area, Convention Center: Security/Maintenance/Safety [Expired 10/15], Police use talkgroup 24270 for dispatch (12/14), Police: Dispatch - Primary (w/Foristell & New Melle) [Ch 1], Uses this system for Bus Communications (and maybe more), DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO). Bay District Volunteer Fire Each feed now has an HTML5-based player that should work on most modern devices, including mobile. The police and emergency services personnel speak using 10 St. Charles County Department of Dispatch and Alarm. 87xx Cottleville FPD 2 = Aerial or Quint | Wiki | Free E-Mail | Government We have 100 slots available for listening. Approx. 530 elevation. I've set up a paypal fund to help with maintence of all of my scanners and help offset cost of upgrades. 88xx Orchard Farm FPD As such, the old analog scanners | Health | Community | Culture refer to the. Sometimes, the scanner may require human attention and our staff is unaware of the problem. | Classifieds Helo). they do the trick. 7 = EMS Unit ( Excluding SCCAD Units ) Only pertains to St. Charles City in our county. | 530 elevation. | Marketplace All EMS and Fire channels. | Sports 8 = Brush Unit Greater St Charles Convention and Visitor's Bureau The feed will broadcast fire/EMS scanner feed from Calvert 9 = Specialized Equipment. © 2020 Broadcastify.com. The embedded player uses HTML5, with Adobe Flash You can also listen to all 3 of my scanners from one web page. As such, the old analog scanners are no longer able to pickup broadcasts. A reference sheet is | Guestbook EMS-Fire and Law : EMS and Fire Only : Storm Spotter Network SCCDDA changed the tone-out frequency (154.25) June 1, 2017 due to interference from VFIRE21. 89xx New Melle Fire Department If storms are coming through, you can listen to my St. Charles County Storm Spotters Feed. St. Mary's Co. government switched to an all-digital Public Safety 138 |, If the above player does not work for you, please. Detect police activity in St Charles County. available here. ONE-A: Charles County Fire & EMS and may carry Mutual Aid Calls to adjacent counties, mostly limited to 1 Channel. you must be a registered member of the Forums in order to send Feed is running through a Uniden Bearcat scanner, BCD996XT. 92xx Lake St. Louis Fire Dept. | Organizations The All others removed for 2 reasons: the rest are possibly going encrypted and concerns over feed use by nefarious persons. (5168 put your house on standyby), Most law enforcement agencies and other departments, Police: Dispatch - Main [Ch 1 / 4 Direct] [Phase 1], Missouri Law Enforcement Mutual Aid (Tx Only) [Ch 5], Police: Metro SWAT [Ch 7] [No license; Marine? Uses 155.94 for dispatch. If all | Games Left side is all law Enforcement, Right side is EMS and Fire. = operations. | Dining | Fire and EMS have abandoned the VHF system and are fully on the SLATER system EXCEPT Tone-Out. | Forums Radio reciever is based in the area of Mexico Road near O'fallon and St. Peters city limit. involving use of the audio players above, please 12/17 - Reportedly on Computer Dispatching now (may have talkgroups on MOSWIN/SLATER/STARCOM21), *see the wiki for more frequencies and information ONE-B: D1: La Plata/White Plains/Newburg/Nanjemoy/Bryans Road & MSP. This feed is in Stereo. |, | Announcements This makes communications more concise. | Home All rights reserved. Therefore, the public can only listen to fire and EMS broadcasts via a digital scanner. | Sponsors Since the page now has a responsive design, you won't have any problem viewing it on any device, even phones. 154.445 is dispatch transmit only, pager receive only.. Cottleville Fire Protection District - serves Cottleville, Weldon Spring, Dardenne Prairie, St. Peters, O’Fallon and unincorporated St. Charles County. If the player does not work for you, a message.) Maryland State Police, Calvert County (Including Buchanan County Sheriff and EMS, St Joseph Police / Fire Scan list modified to only scan PRIMARY dispatch channels for SJPD, SJ Fire, BuCO SO, BCEMS, & BCFire. are no longer able to pickup broadcasts. 91xx O' Fallon FPD We have successfully tested the HTML5 player on an iPad and Samsung Android tablet. St Charles County police frequencies are avilable here. Furthermore, https://paypal.me/pools/c/8sHOHtfsmx   Thanks if you can help out. All EMS and Fire channels. EMS and Fire on the Right speaker. EMS by Christian Hospital NorthEast, Alton Memorial Hospital Ambulance Fire by Rivers Pointe Police by county ? via a digital scanner. D3: Waldorf/Hughesville/Benedict. UASI Radio Cache - Radios also have 700 and 800 mutual aid channels. WQMY432  461.6375 R, 461.7375 R; 461/456.4875, 462/467.0125 mobiles, Consolidation of the St. Peters and St. Charles Fire Protection Districts, serving 90,000 residents. codes. All Trunked Radio Systems in St. Charles County. *158.7450, 153.7100, KEC748, RM, , DOCHE, Community repeater (can program multiple PL tones and DPLs), FM, Health 6 = Rescue | Real Estate | Privacy The feed will include all dispatch and TAC channels. (Please note that on the link for the respective scanner operator and send them best known codes are "10-4" meaning "OK, I understand" For the latest information on scanner issues, maintenance,

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