The trick is to put a little bit of water on your fingers first before you pump out the product and then put it on your face. And if you sign up for the Brilliant Distinctions program you get points every time you purchase which is good for money off the next time you buy. For more information about SkinMedica’s TNS, human growth factor, and fibroblast conditioned media by actual experts please visit: I love it, it has cleared up my skin and dark spots. All that matters are results. © Copyright © 2005 - 2019 Wardrobe Oxygen All rights reserved. I came home, and that week it spread to the outer corners of my face. I love the TNS product and Skinmedica in general, but man, the cost kills me. Not drastic because I care for my skin, but you can see that my under eyes and forehead creases returned, I have more freckles and redness, and there are hardly any photos of me without makeup (even the top right and top left ones I'm wearing a full face, it just sweated off a bit). No peeling or drying, it was an itchy rash that started on my neck and moved up around my ears/the thinner and more sensitive skin. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. But I did my research before agreeing and chose to work with them because this stuff gets stellar reviews (from many of you readers as well as what I found online) and honestly, it’s beyond my budget and I was excited to use such expensive highly-rated skincare. That’s way more than I usually spend on skin care, but even before this post, I noticed (and almost comment on!) amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; See 25 member reviews and photos. When a brand pays to have their product or sponsored post featured on social media, the hashtag #ad will be placed in the copy. Seven weeks in, I went to Rehoboth Beach for the weekend. They said it should last me at least a quarter and based on what I have left I’m thinking you’ll get probably 4 months if you use it daily. I started skinmedica in May and was in love with it also. When I looked at SkinMedica reviews (before I bought the product myself), people didn’t seem to mention any of the ingredients behind this product. Receive news, updates and the latest ad alerts. I use it around my lips and marionette lines. I’ve created a series of posts about the business of blogging to better explain how these partnerships work. Our trio of potent antioxidants is what enables Total Defense + Repair to protect against IR-A and help rejuvenate skin. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; That concerned me a bit, but the company comes right out and tells users all about them. But skincare brands like SkinMedica specifically go through this process to create this solution for their products. I had been watching your Skinmedica posts with interest, as I am always on the hunt for that elusive combo of products that will let my 46 year old skin go naked and not look like hell.

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