I have 2 different Harmony remotes. Core features of the remote include: Voice key and microphone - For program convenience Each BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3) includes a 500GB hard drive. I've seen some success with the setup with the thread here. I have my Blue Curve device sitting directly on top of my harmony hub. Learn more about recording a current program on your BlueCurve TV guide. Press Last when watching full-screen programming to see the last nine channels, PVR programs, or Shaw On Demand programs watched. You can start watching on one TV and pick up where you left off on another. The BlueCurve TV remote comes with the BlueCurve TV HDPVR and BlueCurve Portal. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Here are some of the common button functions of the BlueCurve TV remote control: Turns on/off both the TV and TV cable box. When viewing the guide, press the Guide button to filter the guide by, How to Program Your BlueCurve TV Remote Control, Troubleshooting BlueCurve TV Remote Issues. Can I use my Harmony remote with BlueCurve TV? Good luck Do I need new hardware if I order BlueCurve TV? I have 2 different Harmony remotes. In addition, unless you are using the BlueCurve TV Remote, you will not have access to the functionality of the voice remote/commands. Since I have difficulties using multiple remotes, a universal remote is critical. All rights reserved. Is it true that BlueCurve TV comes with a voice remote? View the list of communities to see if BlueCurve TV is currently available in your area. The serial number on the back of the BlueCurve boxes is... Did you check the link from Tony above? You would have to unpair the Shaw remote -- hold setup for 3 seconds and press 9,8,7 -- and your harmony hub should work but you won't be able to use voice commands. The BlueCurve TV remote will help you find your programming faster by using voice commands to change channels, search for shows, get program recommendations, access PVR recordings and more. The BlueCurve TV remote control has voice control and is included with the BlueCurve TV hardware bundle. Shaw just buy the cheapest box with the least amount of options, then charge what they want for it. Everything works as it should with the Harmony including Hue lights and Sonos. My remote worked fine with my previous box, I could access DVD and all my streaming service. Yes. Yes, BlueCurve TV comes with a remote control that you can use voice commands with to find your favourite actors, teams, shows, movies and channels faster than ever. I can't change channels or operate the DVD etc. BlueCurve TV is 1080p capable as well as HD compatible. I tried connecting with all 3 without success. Learn about BlueCurve TV hardware items, functionality, menu settings and billing information with our list of frequently asked questions. You can record up to six shows at the same time with your BlueCurve TV PVR. Works fine now. See our article on BlueCurve Billing Scenarios for additional information. I have concluded that there is no way to use two Shaw BlueCurve remotes with the BlueCurve system. with the remote supplied by Shaw. Returns to the previous channel or guide screen. It can be considered “hybrid” as VOD streams are IP based the same way BlueCurve TV is. The bluesky boxes are only in IR mode when voice commands are disabled. TV Channels are delivered the same way as other Shaw video products. Learn more about voice commands. See our BlueCurve TV User Guide - pdf for more details about BlueCurve TV.

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