Only available in Armor Town so comes much later in the game, but this is another must-have you want to purchase as soon as it becomes available because it reduces damage taken. You'll reach a cave at the end of this path. Dig up and open the chest on the left side for a Nugget. You'll find the area shown in the image below. Insert the powered up rod into the slot in this room, then head back south to the Ghost Dog and you can now gain access to the 5th labyrinth. #3 Use the Newt Fusion Magic to reach this Heart Squid. Made going back for missed items post completion a synch. Refer to the. Poster You only need 1 of each card for them to count towards this trophy, thanks to @Dreggit for confirming this! #3 In a chest. #2 In top right corner. #2 Use Quake Dance to reveal Nugget in center of room. Keep smashing whichever gems are active on the body of the Empress and use the mirror shield to avoid damage from the projectiles. #2 Use the Newt Fusion Magic to reach this Heart Squid. Grab it and exit the cave. Thank you. Dash before you fall into the pit and you'll find a Heart Squid down here. #1 In a chest in the middle of the section. *Should you fail to collect Nugget 1 & 2, and the Heart Squid in the central rooms before the cave-in, you can collect them by visiting the three scientists that wait in front of the blocked entrances. They aren’t in the easiest of places and can be missed completely if you don’t have the necessary fusion to reach them. I got the one in the mines. You can acquire this card as early as labyrinth #2 from the crystal crab enemies and this allows you to destroy pots on contact, very helpful for speed. #5 Use Quake Dance to reveal Nugget. Just like most metroidvanias, the island can be broken up into distinct biomes which you'll only be able to fully explore having unlocked various upgrades. After completing the ghostly quest and obtaining the drained power rod, you now need to warp to the Laboratory warp room. Stomp this to stun the boss and then repeatedly hair whip the boss, repeat this until it is defeated. Shantae and the Seven Sirens finds Shantae and her friends on vacation at Paradise Island, where they encounter other Half-Genies, and Shantae is invited to the Half-Genie Festival. There are 50 cards altogether and most of these are random drops from enemies. #3 Use Seer Magic to reveal hidden area with Heart Squid. Use Quake Magic to reach Nugget. As Shantae rescues the other Half-Genies, she receives Fusion Coins, allowing her to transform instantly into new forms without dancing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This will unlock the Hidden Treasure achievement. Once you have purchased all the silky creams, you then want to focus on these to increase your damage dealt per attack for maximum damage. Below is a video showcasing how to do this and exactly where to find them. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. It is 14mb and 10,000 x 8849 which is the resolution I made it at. Shantae and the Seven Sirens Walkthrough and Guide. In the next room, you will instinctively want to bash through all the stones but don't do it yet. Use Refresh Magic to rejuvenate. Head to the right and climb up. It's debatable how useful this card is because if you do use it, you're likely to have a large sum of gems remaining at the end of the game with nothing to spend them on, but if overall speed is a important factor for you, this can help in acquiring all the magic quickly! Were you working off of a rip, or did you take an actual screenshot? By Demajen. What started out as a nice relaxing vacation, in typical Shantae fashion, quickly turned into a utter disaster! To acquire this trophy, you will need the refresh magical form and you must use that on a 'Rag and Bones' monster. Release date(s) The 4 towers can all be found along the top of the map, just head east to west along the surface, exploring all higher paths you find. #4 Inside Container. You cannot obtain these earlier than the game allows you to at the pace of the story. Because this card doubles gems drops, it helps a lot early on as it will help you amass gems quicker. With the powered up rod in hand, you now need to head to the central room in the Deep Sea Domain which should get pinned on your map. The game costs 10 gems to begin, but you do earn gems for every target hit and a perfect score will net you a 100 gem reward. Apple ArcadeNintendo SwitchPCPlayStation 4Xbox One Nintendo Switch $29.99 $ 29. This trophy is earned for finishing the 1st labyrinth and defeating the boss inside, take a look at the spoiler text below for more detailed information on reaching this labyrinth and defeating the boss. In what ways is the guide wrong? You must complete the game with 100% completion within. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. #5 Inside withered plant. I have used it myself to find all the hearts and nuggets. Turn an enemy to an ally by helping them heal. After the Theater, make your way east and then south into the Service Area. The final and 3rd windmill is just above the surface entrance to the Service Area. However, she soon discovers that things are not as they seem as the other Half-Genies are kidnapped. You can't acquire this trophy until you obtain the seer magical form as you need to use that ability to reveal a invisible mosnter to earn this. That's all there is to it, well done on finishing the game! In the shop, a relic can be purchased 3 times to fully upgrade it, altough this becomes very expensive. Combine this with the crystal crab card and you can almost say goodbye to your gem troubles! You can purchase this from the Chief in Tree Town about midway through the game, but it is expensive at 10 nuggets. No room for that here. You don't even need to use a Seer Dance, just run over it. #1 Use Tortoise Stomp to reveal Nugget in bottom left corner of room. #3 Inside withered plant. Any changes for the later release will be updated ASAP. Requires Seer Magic to find. It is only visible to you. Platform(s) Heal with refresh dance if needed, but as long as you are constantly disabling the bosses means of attacks, you shouldn't suffer any damage. #2 Use Tortoise Stomp in bottom left corner of the room. Incredible map. Monster Cards are obtained by defeating enemies, with each type of enemy having its own card. Use your Quake Dance when you run into the Golem. #2 Use Tortoise Stomp in bottom left corner (Between Pillars) to reveal Nugget. 3. #2 Use Seer Magic to reveal chest. Use Refresh Magic to purify the water and swim to the Heart Squid. [4], Download (Apple Arcade, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Steam), Shantae 5 Opening Animation Project OST (Front), Shantae 5 Opening Animation Project OST (Back). It is left to Shantae to explore the ancient Sunken City and overcome its treacherous labyrinths to rescue the other Half-Genies and find out they were, indeed, kidnapped. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! #1 Use Seer Magic to reveal hidden area with Heart Squid. Any changes for the later release will be updated ASAP. Complete the 2nd labyrinth at the end of the path revealed by using the valve and you will acquire this trophy after beating the boss there, below is a brief guide on how to defeat this boss. This boss is quite unusual as you can almost defeat it with no damage first time within 60 seconds! Because Steam only allows image uploads of up to 2MB, I've got a shrunk down version of the map here for quick reference, and individual area maps down below for you to check. Now you have the left & right bracelet, head back to the Ghost Dog and give them to her to obtain the drained power rod and unlock this trophy in the process. #3 Requires Tortoise Fusion Magic to bash rock to reach Heart Squid. Use Drill Fusion to reach. Do what you please there, you should be able to get another heart container here. This is the final boss card, but doesn't become available until you have unlocked the warp point to the final labyrinth #6, you purchase this card from the Baron in Armor Town for 9 nuggets. Now go back to the right to save. From the entrance of the labyrinth, a few rooms in, you must pass these so they are not hard to find. You will earn this trophy on your way to the 3rd labyrinth in which you will find yourself having to gain access. #3 Use the Octo Jet to reach the top (Newt Dash is also helpful). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you don't have all the items by the time you rescue Rottytops from the 5th labyrinth, the Squid Pit, much of the Tour Guide area will be sealed off the rest of the game, preventing 100% completion. From the save room, go left and swim down through the water. Previously, you had gone to the right, let's head up this time. If you wander too close to the Lobster Girl in these rooms, you will startle her permanently and there is no way to recover from this other than reloading a save. #8 Use Seer Magic to reveal position and Tortoise Stomp to unearth Nugget. Congratulations on your shiny new platinum trophy! This guide is terrible. Have three Monster Cards equipped at once. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Use Seer Magic to turn visible. Avoid startling the Lobster Girl throughout the adventure. Just like the previous boss, be sure you have a small stock of food or potions just in case you need to heal. This will contain the Left Bracelet. Treat other users with respect. Trivia Jump up and the path will immediately split. #3 Use Quake Magic to make Nugget appear. Use Refresh Magic to rejuvenate. They can be switched on or off in the menu. Download (Apple Arcade, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Steam)Physical (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4) Shantae and the Seven Sirens is a platform game developed by WayForward.It is the fifth game in the Shantae series, following Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.The game was released for iOS in September 2019, macOS in October 2019, with Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions released on May 28, 2020. There are 5 of these and each can be found in a labyrinth which you will unlock as you progress the story. Up to three cards can be equipped at once, allowing players to augment Shantae’s abilities to their preference. for a collectible map showcasing where these can all be found. It will blow away sand to uncover nugget. Use your Seer Dance right at the start to reveal a hidden Nugget in a chest as shown in the image above. Once the worm starts spouting from the wall, turn back to Shantae and now hair whip the worms until the main body of the boss appears. I've been running around for an hour and can't find the left bracelet to give to the ghost dog. Throughout the battle, the boss will try to damage you via the electrical devices on the walls, if you use the shock ability, it will immobilise the electrical devices temporarily giving you time to attack the small brains without worry1. Below is a brief guide on how to defeat the boss. Use Octo Jet to reach Heart Squid. You'll enter a room with a Batgal. Shantae and the Seven Sirens. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. What this card does is it decreases damage taken which helps a lot in the final labyrinth as the enemies do more damage and especially so if you are going for. #1 Inside chest. For this first phase, make sure you maximise your whip damage and just keep attacking the Empress. You can only damage this boss when it jumps down from its pier and into the foreground, until this happens, you will have to withstand its attacks.

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