Mining City lying about Philippine SEC registration? Maybe look around this blog a little before you hurl idiotic accusations, mm-kay? R2F is a perfect example of future companies based on blockchain technology. So far, so good. Well yes that’s how facts work. Ride to The Future. 1. Now call this a lie mate!! Ditto a Ponzi having collapsed or not having any bearing on it being a scam. What if I can make some money in 1 or 2 years? I spoke to one of the promoter, who happened to be higher up in the food chain in Eggle Bit, now also is in higher up food chain, told me that they have checked everything. Getting Money regularly with 5 time commitment and your account automatically discontinue from company. Seguna doesn’t appear to have an MLM history, which when combined with. How many people will fall victim to this before this ghost company rides off with their money? Panama does have a Securities Commission but effectively it’s an unregulated scam-friendly jurisdiction. Mirror Trading International Offices Raided By SA Authorities. Litterly not a single reason to find this Organisation is Fake. As for forex, you can’t prove Ride to the Future uses external revenue to pay returns because they opt to operate illegally. Giving profit up to 1.25 % is not difficult thing in Forex or crypto trading. + and -. Heading up Ride to the Future is CEO Nair Segura. BehindMLM's advertising partners use cookies to collect data for ad personalization and measurement. Entrepreneur Future Shares Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System? Is this another case of comments getting crossed up due to a WordPress fail? For more information on use of collected data and cookies please refer to our Privacy Policy. It stinks – to be frank. He falsely accuses Oz of being a “hater” who was paid to call R2F a scam. I wonder if it ever occurs to them that we “hate” scams and scammers. It seems the Leaders ´´due diligence´´ appears to be one question, ´´How much Money can I make by selling people down the river?´´. Whether you’re personally stealing money or not doesn’t change the fact Ride to the Future is a pOnzi scheme. No explanation as to what PV per day with respect to rank qualification means is provided. I see that their Internet Marketing Services Office (previously shown as being in Germany) is now being shown as being in Panama. Whether you’ve personally stolen money through the scam doesn’t change that. Like this will be no confusion between those who know exactly that R2F is legit. And yes, I get around 0.7 per day from my investment (Monday to Friday). At the end of each day Ride to the Future tallies up new investment on both sides of the binary team. Nope. Yes, he said he’s gonna pay for my package…for me, I don’t think it’s scam. Behind the project are serious people with a background in MLM activity. That is the reason one scammer can scam poor people multiple times through different company. Ride to the Future is a Ponzi scheme. This is just so unbelievably old hat and red flag. The more a Ride to the Future affiliate invests the higher their income potential (see compensation breakdown above). Could this yokel sound any more ignorant? Who said anything about fake? He... just saw the bbc piece. Best of luck with the scamming. It is just one big scam. Nor is there any evidence that external revenue of any kind is being used to pay its investors. qualify as a Diamond and receive a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series or Audi A4 That said, Ride to the Future’s current Alexa ranking is almost 1 mill. Ride to the Future R2F. So like any other business, make the most of it. Ride to the Future’s website domain was only purchased in April 2020. who scammed you by recruiting you into a Ponzi scheme. Shill comments about how much money you’ve stolen = spam. Actor CEO´s off Fivver etc are big business you know. Thread starter dragos318; Start date May 19, 2020; D. dragos318 New member. who seems to have no other connection to the leaders of this business, no experience or connection in MLM, Networking or even crypto. Giving profit up to 1.25 % is not difficult thing in Forex or crypto trading. Welcome to my third party unbiased Ride to the Future Review! But who really has all the Money????? © 2009-2020 BehindMLM 2. You as much as admitted it’s true. Someone is. By that I take it you agree with me that it was, indeed, idiotic on your part. Level Thrive Review – Legit Thrive Patches or Huge Scam? A daily return of 1.25% would mean that after one year, you’d have over 93 times your original investment. No need to lie to push your Ponzi scheme. Contact: telegram link - group link personal link - Join the Zoom Meeting :இரவு 9.00 (india,Srilanka) மணிக்கு இடம்பெறும் zoom meeting ல் இணைந்து கொண்டு அறிந்துகொள்ள முடியும்) would you like to join with our business cilck the link Today I was let known that r2f servers are down. Does not seems to be scam. Or Someone who created this Blog is working for some MLM no happy with R2F. 14 likes. Which is precisely why scammers such as yourself are able to comment. I have a friends, some of them trading more than 2 years. வீட்டில் இருந்தபடியேதினமும் 200.00 தொடக்கம் 40,000.00 ரூபா வரை எவ்வாறு உழைப்பது ?RIDE TO THE FUTURE UPTO 1.25% Daily It's genuine and long term concept butDream Cash daily paying and successfully running100% long term company.⭕Binary Income : 8%⭕Direct Refferal : 10%⭕In Direct Refferal Level 1: 3%⭕In Direct Refferal Level 2: 2%⭕In Direct Refferal Level 3: 1%⭕RENEWAL BONUS : All profits are repeat ⭕Rewards Income JOINING PACKAGES Package 1: 100$ Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit upto 1.25% For 500 working Daysdaily 1$ Indirect Bonus Get Upto level3Renewal bonus Package 2 : 249$ Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit upto 1.25% For 500 working Days Daily 2.5$Indirect Bonus Get Upto level3Renewal bonus Package 3 : 499$ Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For 500 working Days Daily 5$Indirect Bonus Get Upto level3Renewal bonus Package 4: 999$ Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For 500 working Days Daily 10$ Indirect Bonus Get Upto level (5)Renewal bonus Package 5: 2499$ Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For 500working Days Daily 25$ Indirect Bonus Get Upto level (5)Renewal bonus Package 6: $4999 Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For 500 working Days Daily 50$ Indirect Bonus Get Upto level(5)Renewal bonus Package 7 : $9999 Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For 500 working Days Daily 100$ Indirect Bonus Get Upto level (7)Renewal bonus Package 8: $19,999 Regestrion fees.50$Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For500 workingDays Daily 200$ Indirect Bonus Get Upto level (7)Renewal bonus➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✅ Daily Profit Upto 1.25% For 25 months✅For Booster Income ✅Complete Left \u0026 Right GET Extra 8% in Next second ✅Direct Income 10%✅Binary Income 8% ✅Withdrawal minimum $10 Daily ✅Payout Generate Monday to Friday*➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖About business english business tamil to the future company reception to sever office achievement award #genuine_business bitcoin in tamil more information. Of course these programs pay so people like you can see them getting paid so you join. No need for assumptions, facts are facts. qualify as a Vice President and receive a Bentley (model not specified) I suppose you don´t mind, after all it is money you can afford to lose and will no doubt certainly lose anyway as will your friends and family who you will also probably refer. Sounds like Randy may be at it again through his Christian entrepreneurs website.

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