“Be it small, regular, or large, you make everything feel fun size”. Oh no. '” Bob asked. Just as she was about to fall backwards and hit the concrete, this person reached out and grabbed her by the arm, propelling her forward and preventing her from collapsing. “This too, is so my jam” Rudy quietly whispered. Don’t ever ask me to do something like that Rudy ” she said. “How’s the funeral coming along?” Louise asked of her mother. “Gene’s got a point Louise, trying to avert attention is only going to draw people to you” said Tina in agreement. When she described  how Millie fell off of the upper floor of the bar in an elastic string shoot-out, she made sure her mother knew she had been training for weeks for the stunt. The other kids knew just how devious she could be at administrating her own take on a tag. “Oh you know how your father is with relatives of a friend, he’ll want to be the designated driver”, “Don’t be silly dear, his pals will all be encouraged to give their dearly departed a spiked salute, once that’s done they’ll be in no state to drive, so your father will be taking them all home”, “Ah he ought to give them all a hellfire ride downtown, put them all in a death-defying mood”, “Oh honey, breaking the law afterwards isn’t going to take anything off the mind of your father before he arrives there”, “He thinks he’s obligated to give some sort of a speech…it’s funny because he really didn’t know too well, either that or too much time has passed and his memories of spending time with him have lapsed”, “Yeah, it’s a shame, there’s so many things that you think you’ll treasure forever, but the passage of time really leaves you out of touch sometimes”. He also enjoys making puns, utilizing this talent to name his burger specials (e.g. share. You’re grounded” said Bob. “The hard knocks can wait ’till tomorrow, you mind walking me home so long as you can keep your own little ‘ears’ waggling behind me until we get there?” she asked, placing a hand tenderly on his own. She envisioned the slick, crisp sunset hovered high above the backwater town, bringing a day glow sensation to those who dwelled in it. He tapped a little diddy on the side, the first few notes of a song Louise pretended to have sang to him when he was little. Because you sound like you want to kick ass, not listening to music that sucks ass” said Rudy. Edit: preferably a full body shot. She got up just as Tina and Gene made their way back and before long Louise was walking home clutching Tina and Gene’s hands with Rudy keeping his fingers above her head as promised. “I want a crack at that whip” Louise remarked as Tina continued to thrust her right arm in a forward motion towards one of the restraint tables, with her brother Gene continuously making whiplash noises. “Well, thinking you’re God may be a little lofty, but it’s more preferable than declaring yourself a Phantom Menace, I’m glad you’re working on a page one rebuild of yourself, just don’t make it an Episode I rebuild, you know what I’m saying?” Louise replied. FROM KIDROBOT. “Became insistent? He seems to have recently become the love interest for Louise in season 7; or at least her feelings for him have become much more noticeable in that season, since she did get jealous of the other girl that he had a crush on. As she mulled over her poem, she suddenly bumped into someone walking up towards her. “Tina, let your brother fantasise about a woman in that position” said Linda. The trek home was proving to be a daunting task for Tina and Gene as they tried to keep their youngest sibling in check. Louise thought long and hard about what brought her to convey such thoughts to paper, a frightful situation experienced by the brave soul that was her brother Gene, stepping in to take the feared move on behalf of his terrified sister at the hands of her nemesis Logan, one of few men she had ever shed a tear in front of. This is a list of characters from the American animated television series Bob's Burgers. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. ", absinthe in "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal", pain relievers in "Housetrap", and his pain medication in "Burgerboss". “There’s always valentines next year I guess” Rudy said. Fans have speculated whether or not Rudy's appearance is based on Bobby Hill from Mike Judge's TV series King of the Hill, as the two share similar characteristics. Despite this, Gene is not without his flaws, namely a tendency to be easily distracted, which the family refers to as "Gene-ing out" in "Best Burger", but he is loving and loyal toward his family. And of course it would be related to the one other thing she had left behind when she closed the story out. Precociously intelligent, manipulative, and aggressive (even towards adults), she is more than willing to exploit people if there is anything to be gained, and has a history of gaslighting her siblings, especially Tina. “Oh Rud Dog, you’re the only dweeb I know who lets his jitters give you the willes” said Louise, handing him his inhaler. Regular Size Rudy walked over to the basketball court and lay down on the tarmac, staring gently up at the sky, watching them form images that only his mind could perceive. So in order to sleep peacefully, she would spend her entire evening’s worth of dreams attempting that. Louise's head is a bit in the way, so that'll have to be fixed. The sleeves are rolled. “He’s trying to give the thing braces now” Louise said. She is obsessed with horses, boys (particularly Jimmy Jr.), and buttocks; in various episodes, she writes in her journal about touching people's butts, which, to her, is the height of sexual contact.

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