Journal of Experimental Psychology General, Justice Sensitivity and Social Cooperation, Ingroup bias does not influence inequity aversion in children, Explaining the evolution of parochial punishment in humans, The dual-process approach to human sociality: A review, The MAD Model of Moral Contagion: The Role of Motivation, Attention, and Design in the Spread of Moralized Content Online, Kanze, Conley, & Higgins, 2019 Motivation of Mission Statements: How Regulatory Mode Influences Workplace Discrimination. During the second year, the source of excitation is said to shift to the anal area, and the start of toilet training leads the child to invest libido in the anal functions. According to this framework, cooperation can lead to group expansion and ultimately to carrying-capacity stress. Don’t remain attached to a single ideology: dogmas are wrong, for they are too all-encompassing to be able to correctly reflect all aspects of our multifaceted world. Executive functions of the frontal lobes and the. implicit cognition: The implicit association test. Most people are more likely to engage with emotive, sensational information that instills extreme feelings of hatred, admiration or fear, while finding balanced and impartial analyzes boring—as the popularity of fake news demonstrates. which entails trimming outliers that lie above the 95th percentile (32.9 seconds; Ratcliff, 1993). It is hard to devise precise, data-driven and evidence-based solutions because reflexive fallibility hampers our understanding. they could undermine the efficacy of the cognitive load manipulation by writing the code down. Religiosity, shared identity, trust, and punishment of norm violations: No evidence of generalized prosociality. , which makes their view of reality—and hence their decisions—imperfect. By this measure, the US is running at a trade deficit of approximately $600 billion each year. GDP is just a number: it does not accurately reflect underlying conditions. Group identity was varied via favorite baseball team; the game was entitled “Baseball Heroes.”, American major league teams into three bins of 10 teams each. Next, we tested the causality of this relationship in, Experiments 2 and 3 by manipulating cognitive load. We review the growing literature on how intergroup dynamics shape perception across different sensory modalities and argue that these perceptual processes mediate intergroup relations. Meanwhile, it is possible that the so-called trade deficit might not even exist in the first place. Thinking backward: Some curable and incurable consequences of cognitive busyness. This knowledge from political science should be used to make trivialization of political scandals measurable by using the evaluation of media reports with attack- and defense-frames as indicator for motivated reception processes. Anwar, S., Bayer, P., & Hjalmarsson, R. (2012). In sum, the results of these two experiments showed that ego depletion promoted altruistic punishment. B., Levy, R., Fossati, P., Lehericy, S., Poline, J. Here, I review the existing literature on the cognitive basis of cooperation, altruism, honesty, equity-efficiency, positive and negative reciprocity, and moral judgments. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Most classical economic models assume that humans are rational utility maximizers, but this is not true.

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