It’s a bit of a gamble, to be sure — you won’t see Crosby mentioned as a first-round option; maybe as a Day 2 possibility. Renfrow also gained points for his sweet, well-intentioned query of Derek Carr before the practice against the Rams, asking the veteran quarterback is he was nervous. He looked at me and said, ‘Mom, this couldn’t have happened with a better person to share this moment with.’ He knew I was happy.”. I (almost) had a heart attack,” she said of watching him head to the locker room. (Sorry, we’re not ready to attach greatness to Brent Musburger and his cameo at the production meeting with Gruden).'s Eddie Paskal is joined by defensive tackle Maurice Hurst to recap Week 7 against the Buccaneers, preparing for the Cleveland Browns and finding consistency in the pass rush on this edition of Upon Further Review. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. He’s since fluctuated between that weight and 247, which is what he played at during his final season at Eastern.'s Eddie Paskal is joined by tight end Darren Waller to talk about his ranking on the NFL's Top 100 Players list and some of his breakout moments from 2019. We watch sports, specifically football, to get away from the real world and all of its problems. “I saw Maxx, knew he had just made (the move) from linebacker to defensive (end). And then in 2014, they added a detour. (Michael Reaves / Getty Images), Already have the app? Back in April of that year, then-Eastern Michigan assistant coach Brad McCaslin visited a spring practice at Colleyville Heritage High. In case you missed the show, here’s a look at some of the award-winning performances you’ll want to fast-forward to: Best show-saving performance by a compulsive cusser. Be a little bit more like me. An Eastern Michigan product who this week will travel — presumably, by plane — from his training base in Arizona to Indianapolis for the NFL scouting combine,  Crosby and his family had relocated in 2008 from Lapeer to Colleyville, just before Maxx entered sixth grade. It’s not that Woodson’s camera time wasn’t strong — it was, as he imparted knowledge to the brash rookie Abram — it’s just that he was the only Raider legend who was included in episode 2. Subscribe to the Raiders YT channel: More Raiders NFL Action: #NFLKeep up-to-date on all things Raiders: Stay informed: our app: Follow: Like: Shop at Raider Image: Start your free trial of NFL Game Pass: Open Article in App. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. There’s been a lot of that in this story, of people — Crosby, his family, the Eastern coaches — crossing their fingers and believing in hard work.'s Eddie Paskal is joined by FOX5 Las Vegas' Vince Sapienza to react to the Raiders' Week 5 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on this edition of Upon Further Review. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.'s Eddie Paskal is joined by running back Devontae Booker to discuss the victory against the Chiefs, his role on the offense, and the talented Raiders' running back room. Just keep going, keep pushing.’, “I think he got himself there and he’s gonna get better. Every summer, they trekked back to Michigan for an extended visit with the friends they’d left behind. Now if that ain’t the picture of confidence. And Gruden delivered another award-worthy effort for the cameras. He then took a breath and muttered to himself, “I gotta quit cussin’.”, Not surprisingly, as the second half began, there was Gruden barking as usual to his team: “Let’s start chewing these fat (expletives) up, c’mon!”. “Boy, he don’t look that big, bro,” he said to his teammates. Together, with the rest of Creighton’s staff, they pieced together an initial recruiting class as best they could given the turmoil that comes with a coaching change. But, he was told, if he wanted them to slap a cast on his hand, he could continue to play. A full day’s drive, typically with mom Vera at the wheel of her Honda Odyssey (we’ll recast it as one of those Pontiac station wagons with the backward-facing seats for Don McLean’s song on the soundtrack). “He’s every bit of 6-5, and I think he was 250 at the time, and he just knew how to move his body. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This one goes to the Raiders rookies, who were a vital part of the show for the second straight week. Go on the field with defensive end Maxx Crosby as he is mic'd up during Week 11 against the Cincinnati Bengals.Visit for more. Be a little bit of a jerk,” Gruden said, while playfully punching him.'s Eddie Paskal is joined by KSNV News 3 Las Vegas' Jesse Merrick to react to the Raiders' Week 7 loss to the Buccaneers and preview the Cleveland Browns on this edition of Upon Further Review. 24 to another. Not a lot to go on but, again, that’s the M.O., for the schools trying to compete — well, coexist — with the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world. As he did so, he also quickly put to rest any concerns that slimmed-down physique may have caused by earning Eastern Michigan’s Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year honor. You keep doing that and you’ll become a leader of the team very quickly.”. “My name’s Alec. “Let me tell you what I learned about in counseling … just count to 10. 24 in silver and black, had encouraging words for the new man donning his old number. Vera remembers being drenched in sweat, not to mention still feeling the effects of her red-eye drive up. Woodson, who accomplished a lot wearing No. McCaslin’s primary, out-of-state recruiting focus was on Dallas and the surrounding areas, and Colleyville — about a half-hour northwest of Dallas proper — was familiar ground.

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