We vis­ited the set of "JFK" when it was going on, and somebody said, "Your father was a hero." Return America to decency. These ladies should not be being oppressed by this communist government. Oswald left the ring and all of his cash, $170, on the dresser the day he shot Kennedy. She heard the name “Oswald” but said he was a mystery man in her household. It’s high time the “real truth” be forthcoming by the media, although I don’t expect that to happen. “Marina was as horrified as the rest of us when the swingers moved in,” neighbor Sherry Ann Clark told the Enquirer. I felt they manipulated her and made her look foolish. Trump has no plan to get the United States out of this mess. Now, the word father does mean Lee to me, But dad is Dad. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Q: Do you worry about telling your children as they grow up? I have to admit that when I heard that he used to play with me all the time, that was a nice feeling. Marina Oswald, the Russian beauty whom the JFK assassin wedded while living in the Soviet Union, has built a new life in Rockwall, with her second husband, Kenneth Porter, 75. And I said, "Yes?" Raised by her stepfather, Rachel Oswald Porter didn’t know who her birth father was as a young child. But I don't remember that. I do blame him for having beat my mother, and not being a good father or a good provider. There were a lot of things leading up to that that they wanted Mom to do, and Mom in recent years has gotten more and more involved, I guess because she's getting older and trying to rectify some of the things she may have done unintentionally-like stating publicly that Lee did it. It sounds as if most people are not aware you're Lee Oswald's daughter. The first chapter opens with my family, and he goes way back to my great-grandmother in Russia. I didn't really want to be the center of gossip in this whole building. Rachel and June should be assured that their father did not kill JFK. Terms of Use People sent us money following the assassination, because Mom was young with two small children and didn't speak the language. The assassination has also been a constant in the life of June Oswald Porter, the 33-year-old daughter of Lee Harvey Oswald. My secretary in my last job put two and two together based on one of those articles. A: I don't have any real memories of those ages. ET. This was before wiretapping got more sophisticated. I know some people can remember vividly like it was yesterday, but I don't do that - even about yesterday. Marina Oswald with children June and Rachel. That catches you off guard when you just wake up. And she said, "June Oswald?" Rachel believes her father was “involved” in the. I didn't break down and cry or anything. The photo, one of the few of her since the 1960s, was taken while she was shopping in her adopted hometown. Their standing among townspeople was solidified two years ago when she and neighbors joined forces to fight what was described as a sex club that had rented a local house. Because that's mostly what I think of when I think of Lee. A: Yes and no. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT13K0ayeIU. And they got my mother on television in a live interview - she still doesn't have a good grasp of the language - and they were ask­ing her specific questions about this book. Her request had so far been ignored. She discovered his true identity while sifting through newspaper clippings and mementos in the attic. They said it would depreciate the value of their home. Marina Porter, as she is known, became an American citizen in 1989. See, this is the difference. I went on a car trip up to the house I had lived in with Lee, Lee's boarding house, another house Mom had lived in with Lee that's still standing, the path of the motorcade, where the bullets hit.

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