The growing pollution and environmental issues along with its various side effects, that manufacturing process, and facilities are the reason of concern for Apple. In this Apple case study, the aim is to identify the internal as well as the external factors that have an impact on obtaining achieving high performances by Apple.From the study, the conclusion is if the company wants to continue to succeed the same way then it must consider macro and micro environmental factors. This may lead to a negative impact if the company does not come up with an effective plan to manage the same. Growing worth and value of the US dollarThere is a rise in exchange rates, because of increasing value of the US dollar. Generally, the various groups of respondents shared similar views on the number of barriers affecting the industry, however, respondents with more than 15 years of experience in GB perceived fewer barriers. strategic support, infuse technologies, innovate design and, future studies. Samsung Galaxy S6 and G4 were hugely preferred because of their bigger sizes, Microsoft launched its new Windows phone that grew high in demand within a few days. IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management, 9(1), pp.21-27. <> synergies could be formed between these strategies over time. Findings Our reference papers serve as model papers for students and are not to be submitted as it is. Dr.-Ing.) As per the case study on Emirates Airlines, it has been identified that the company has internal weaknesses as its operations are highly dependent on international traffic. Government policies, incentive schemes, and regulatory requirements motivate industry. In the Apple case study, the fact of impact and effect on apple, which is a US-based company, of the political bonds of the US government with the Chinese government is also taken in the account. Almost within no time, Apple Pay has its competition from Google Pay. Worker behavior is one of the factors that influences construction labor productivity (CLP). As it always takes time to know about such activities, the result is it has to bear serious damages to its brands and services. G-HKU704/15) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD Grant No. Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department o, i.e., identification of correct operational measures for the, -storey student residence building project adopting, -storey social housing building project adopting, A key workers residence building project adopting steel-, steel-framed modular building for student, -storey steel-framed modular building for student and, -storey public housing building project adopting, An infrastructure project for the construction of a railway, -storey private office building project adopting BIM, The analysis showed that labor issues were of primary concern in, innovative designs, which were particularly affected by, The Housing Authority actively championed the adoption of large pre, Interview findings suggest that productivity shou, of ‘modern method of construction’ (MMC) had, Strategies revealed within the industries cases for enhancing construction productivity, Development of stable and transparent government policies, Application of new construction technologies and, Design standardization, constructability a, Development of sustainable construction wo, The strategies which were implemented or suggested, stable and transparent government policies development, new construction technologies and methods applica, entrenched in the current 2D drafting practices, design standardization, constructability a, sustainable construction workforce development, Implementation timeline of key CPESs in Hong Kong, Implementation timeline of key CPESs in the UK, Business dynamics: Systems thinking and modeling for a complex world, Journal of Construction Engineering and M. Studies that have measured construction productivity, analyzed its influencing parameters, and explored enhancement strategies abound in the literature. Placing your trust in our experts will always turn out to be a wise move. 13.7 focus on settlements, etc.) The UAE Labour Law 2019 provides the guidelines to be followed by the company in terms of the work conditions and working hours permitted by the Government (Hafeez et al., 2016). For the purpose of the study, the data is collected from various published sources and different case studies conducted on Apple. You can call us anytime. To achieve this objective, an existing work-attitude scale was used to measure all four BAs of workers. However, although steel‐framed modules have been adopted in several countries, most of them are limited to low‐to‐medium‐rise structures; modular high‐rise buildings are rare. Some of the essential information about the company are mentioned below: IKEA was awarded the Nordic Language Award of 2017 for introducing Scandinavian language and culture to a global audience. The results validated the criticality of 19 of the 26 barriers used for the survey. The analysis also shows a significant growth in schedule overrun due to the craft labour shortages among the same population of projects. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The study will integrate the complementary knowledge of the partners in the field of automated construction (TUM) and sustainable high-rise construction and build scenarios for 2035 for Hong Kong by considering a broad array of influencing factors. The findings from this study not only fill a gap in the project management body of knowledge for green buildings but also help practitioners identify specific adjustments to traditional project management processes and practices achieving a more productive delivery of green buildings. about the effectiveness of resource alignment, thereby informing holistic strategy development. View Case 13- Twitter.pdf from BUSINESS 491 at University of Maine, Farmington. Pan et al. Increasing disposable incomes (opportunity), Social/Sociocultural- 1. in their construction projects. Political FactorsIt is pertinent to know that Apple receives a major portion of its sales from outside the US. The news of its involvement in tax scandal went viral in no time. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12] Originality/value As per the case study on Emirates Airlines, it has been observed that there are many opportunities for the company to explore such as entering an alliance with top players which would help in increasing the operations of the company. It is also the world’s second largest company in the mobile phone manufacturing industry having with 115,500 employees(as of July 2016). It was also discovered that BIM delivers information needed for environmental performance. Along with brilliant IKEA case study help service, we also offer a myriad of benefits for you. sustainable practices such as green building, construction in reducing lifecycle cost a, productivity (Green 2016). Q. Environmental factorsThe company’s revenue can be affected badly because of varied environmental factors such as disposal. Therefore, to address this gap, this study attempts to establish the relationship between construction workers’ aptitudes and their productivity. Therefore, the study concludes that, to change behavior among workers that will enhance CLP, contractors must focus on changing the belief systems of workers through regular training to incorporate positive information into workers' beliefs. In order to persuade undeniable or unbeatable trust of the consumers, Apple’s customer service follows the following steps: High price In one year Apple is likely to wait for 38% revenue growth by the end of March 2017. This would help the company to satisfy the consumer's needs. Here is the information that our writers gather to include in the IKEA Swot analysis. infrastructure projects in guiding the workforce mobilization of the industry. This study aimed to evaluate empirically the Snizek modified version of Hall's Professionalism Scale for building professionals. UAE Labour Law 2007. A 31‐story student hostel building in Hong Kong is redesigned as a steel‐framed modular building and used as a case study. Disclaimer: The reference papers provided by should be used as model papers only. The interactions between the three, factors of the macro business environment. The edgy and attractive designs of Apple products are unbeatable to match for its competitors. Previous construction productivity research focused on developing productivity measurement methods and quantifying the impact of influencing factors. However, few have quantified the relationship between the total factor productivity (TFP) of the construction industry and its parameters, nor have they provided quantitative evidence supporting the formulation and implementation of construction productivity enhancement strategies (CPES). endobj Therefore, IKEA has many competitors now. – Many of the identified solutions are enforceable.

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