I can use a spring to fill some of it. Thanks so much for jumping in here. As there is a limited range of refills to be found locally (Galway, Ireland), I have to order replacements via the web. Specially designed for the Ohto's slim profile these refills are brand specific. Site says it found one match for the length but I do not see a way to display it. Sheaffer make their own brand specific refills which fit most Sheaffer ballpoint pens, but the Taranis and the Sagaris ranges take the, Sheaffer fountain pens use their own brand specific ink cartridges, except for VFM which uses, Sheaffer have two styles of rollerball refill. Parker only do a gel ballpoint refill. I am looking for a refill having dimensions 98 x 3 x 22. Also are there uef nib replacements sold anywhere for Platinum fountain pens? Does anyone know where I can buy some of these fiber/felt pipes. If you are having continued issues with your pen, we would advise going back to the retailer you bought it from. He 3D prints the converter tube and then you can slide a standard D1 ballpoint refill into it (available at any Staples, Office Depot or big box store) then when the refill runs out, pull the refill out and put a new one in. Sorry for the newbie questions, but where I usually buy pens, they just thought it took Pilot refills. The pen was gifted to me years ago and I never used it cause read that Sheaffer roller ball refills aren’t the best. Most of the Jetstream refills on JetPens are under $2 so it might worth taking a chance and seeing if you can figure out how to get one to fit. Pilot G2 refills sold in the US have a flat end. MB Solitaire BP (25th Anniv) will take a trimmed down 207/307 refill directly (same mod for Waterman RB pens). I was wondering if the Pilot G2 refill will fit into a skinner pen casing than the G2 pen? According to the listing on the Monteverde packaging for their standard metal tube rollerball G2/Euro-style refills: “Fits most of the world’s finest capped rollerball pens. On JetPens, you can click on “compatible products” under the description tab on the product page and determine which line of refills will fit into your pen. The 'T' style is a G2 or 'Parker Style' refill. The plastic tubed 3mm diameter refills, often found in Japanese multi-pens are what I’ve gone with. Coming at it from a different perspective: I love the Jetstream Uniball retractable pens in 0.7 and would love to put this refill in a nicer pen. Do you have a photo of the original refill we could use for reference? I have a 1970s Hallmark wood fibertip pen that even Hallmark quit making fibertip refills for before 1980. So, your only option may be the Goliath at this point. It looks great, but doesn’t start up right away, so that’s a little irritating. parafernalia revolution – need black refill!!!! From my experience, some careful browsing is required also. Pilot G2, Pilot Juice, Schmidt 888 and the other rollerball & Pilot G2 refills listed in the article are shorter than Mont Blanc refills but are the same size in every other way but they do not have the threads. I love the heft, shape, and the gorgeous looks of it; however, the standard sheaffer refills have a very paltry ink flow, even the broad point. The zebra style of refils seem to be a family all of their own… I’m keen to get the F701 all metal zebra, but I hear their ink is inferior to many other pens. I would recommend checking for Parker refills. Waterman rollerball refills are available as a fine point only. Gel ink refills won't last as long as standard ballpoint refills. I noted above that someone was able to fit a parker style refill into his Sheaffer ballpoint, but I have tried this and the parker refill simply will not fit inside of the 300, simply due to the more narrow tunnel that won’t accommodate the fat “shoulder” of the parker refill. It's a lovely pen and would love to use it but it didn't have a refill fitted when I received it. If so, a slight trim will work, letting the point stay a bit more back in the barrel. Thanks! Will the Schmidt 628 or 635 work? As far as I know, there are not any rollerball or liquid ink options available in D1 refills but you might try a needlepoint ballpoint as an alternative for the finest available D1 refill. I recently received this beautiful black lacquer pen as a gift. Thank you for putting in the time to compile this. Please leave notes in the comments about your favorite pen and refill combination for other readers. Up until now, I haven’t found anyone with an expired refill who was willing to sacrifice it to Tofty to make a 3D mold for an adapter. Fine point refills are great for those with smaller handwriting or for intricate detailing. I had previously thought that the SCHMIDT-MINE 635M replaced the SCHMIDT-MINE 628, now I know it differentiates the fine tip(628) vs medium tip(635M). These are available in blue, black or blue/black and are labelled “fine point”. We do not stock Silkwriter ballpoint pens so are unable to advise on an appropriate refill. Parker and Faber-Castell. I bought a Zebra multi and its inks are a lot better. Are there any upscale pens out there that are fully compatible? I picked up a Franklin Covey retractable ballpoint refill at Staples to try in my Parker Jotter. Also it’s not just jotters. You just need to cut off about 3mm on the UMN-138. My favorite hack (and favorite carry pen) is a Zebra f701 with the f402 click assembly mod (replaces the plastic part from the f701 with the all metal of the f402.)

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