Other phantom monks have been observed on site, several appearing to pray at a stone in the graveyard. Over time, the Black Gate was converted into housing inside and then at one time a pub, but eventually it became a slum. The building is also used by ghost hunt organisers. Location: Newcastle upon Tyne - Quayside, area around John Wesley's memorial Date / Time: 2002 Location: Newcastle upon Tyne - Old George public house Though it is said she still walks the area, none have seen her recently. There is even a story of a matron who still came to work, years after her death. Higgypop has also been producing award-winning content for YouTube since 2006 and has amassed more than 100,000 subscribers. The ghost turned, smiled and told him not to worry about it and that everything would turn out alright. The story goes, Mr Rigby was sitting alone in the theatre stalls one evening pondering the shortfall of funds required to renovate the rundown theatre. There are also reports of people seeing strange light anomalies and hearing the sound of footsteps, coughing and even the sound of pages of books turning. At the Amstel House Museum, the presence seems to ... David Finney Inn used to be a bed-and-breakfast, but reports say it is no longer in business. The castle is reputedly haunted, and has been subject to many paranormal investigations. Newcastle Castle is operated by The Heart of the City Partnership a registered charity #1165434 and company limited by guarantee #06373460. Further Comments: The phantom woman haunting the area has been named as Martha Wilson, a suicide who was buried at a nearby crossroads. The Castle Keep & Black Gate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Date / Time: Pre nineteenth century Local legends say the development here was built on an old Native American graveyard, which may be the reason that witnesses have seen unexplained glowing lights and the folks who live here say when they take photographs at home, orbs sometimes appear in the pictures. The Marsden Bay area has a history that is peppered with tales of smugglers, mysterious deaths and countless suicides, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Marsden Grotto is haunted. Over the years it has become known for various paranormal phenomena including phantom hands, disembodied voices and even some poltergeist activity and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Newcastle. David is also a lead paranormal investigator for Alone In The Dark Entertainment on there research team and David has worked many hundreds of cases with Steven. Online Discussion Terms & Conditions. Date / Time: Unknown Most Haunted Bring Fans A Week Of Creepy Specials This Halloween. Location: Newcastle upon Tyne - Newcastle Keep The whole area is said to be haunted by disembodied cries and screams and the sighting of dark shadowy figures. Further Comments: The ghost that has been felt as it pushes past people is thought to be an actor who was killed when a stage prop travelling at high velocity landed on him. ... Seen on the TV show Ghost Hunters, this fort, now a state park, is said to be haunted by Confederate soldiers who were imprisoned here during the Civil War. A man dressed in Edwardian garb has also been seen in the area. teeped in history, this imposing Norman fortress is a rugged reminder of northern England’s turbulent past. Her story is a tragic one. Specialist Ghost Tours and Ghost Walks are one off tours that only run for a short time, these kinds of tour may only have one date or be seasonal and once they are sold out they are sold out. There are also stories of a white lady who sits in the panelled room and then gets up and walks through a wall – in a spot where there would have originally been a doorway before the hall was rebuilt. Further Comments: It was believed that a phantom dog would follow midwives as they travelled around the city. Miss Porters House in King Street, Newcastle West, is a heritage listed building. Within the industry, many believe that 'Macbeth' is cursed and to this day refuse to mention its title aloud, instead referring to it as "The Scottish Play". Type: Haunting Manifestation The castle keep is the oldest part of the castle from which the city gets its name. One witness watched him float from the ground into the air, disappearing into the ceiling - she was later told that a spiral staircase stood where she had seen the apparition. Just twenty minutes from the seaside, this romantic and thriving castle is perfect for short breaks or family days out! Jurors have also reported hearing the rattling of doors, cold spots throughout the building and the constant feeling of being watched.  One juror described a ghost in a pillbox hat and gloves sitting in the gallery with her hands folded in her lap. 'Ghost Adventures: Horror At Joe Exotic Zoo' Coming To Travel Channel This Halloween, Why You Keep Seeing The Number 11 Explained. Type: Crisis Manifestation At the time of building, it would have featured two drawbridges and a portcullis. The old Newcastle Police Station on Hunter Street operated from 1861 until 1982. One area which seems to serve as something of a focal point for the paranormal activity is The Queen’s Chamber. The Royal Newcastle Hospital operated for almost 190 years. The following day he discovered that she had died at home during the night. The Castle Keep and the Black Gate have recently been refurbished by the Heart of the City partnership and reopened on 21 March 2015 as Newcastle Castle. Miraculously the Civic Theatre was spared its destruction, except for one place - the orchestra pit. Date / Time: Unknown In 1826 it was purchased by Pater Allen who not only restored the existing building, but also extended it to be a 15 room mansion. Date / Time: Twentieth century Could An Attempt To Hold The World’s Largest Séance End In Disaster? Further Comments: Trying to escape pressgangers, Hardwick was murdered, and has been seen near to where he died. It's claimed that a young curate had fallen in love with her and saw her walking through the churchyard, but when he approached her, she vanished. There have also been claims the furniture moves around in the house, seemingly all by itself.  Newcastle Court House is one of the most ghostly places in town. Further Comments: A young curate who fell in love with the daughter of a local landowner was now about to set off to see the lass at home when he spotted her walking around the churchyard. He also reportedly has a favourite seat, in which he is occasionally seen. The Royal Newcastle Hospital operated for almost 190 years. David Marshall is one of our longest running tour guides for the Newcastle Ghost Walks and David is an award winning tour guide but he is also a expert on demonology and paranormal science. It dates back to the 12th century and was once part of a larger medieval fortification. Further Comments: A lover of dance when he lived, Joseph's shade would appear to have been kick-started when a nightclub opened near his grave. This is one of the older ghost stories of the area, and one that may well be forgotten by all but the oldest local residents. Type: Haunting Manifestation This 17th century former coaching inn in the popular Cloth Market is said to be haunted by royal appointment. Further Comments: A house along this road was haunted by the cries of a child, and the heart wrenching sobs of a woman - an infant's body was later discovered concealed within the building. Some of the sightings were of the ghosts of patients who died in the hospital - including one woman who continued to set off the buzzer in her hospital room after her death. Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, Destination Fear, Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab, Destination America's Ghost Asylum, SyFY's Ghost Hunters Address: 2801 Ellwood Road, New Castle PA 16101 Phone: 724-657-6934 The Theatre Royal on Grey Street is one of the city's most famous buildings. Visitors have reported hearing chanting coming from the room and this has been attributed to ghostly monks. Further Comments: Video footage released showed a fire door opening on its own accord, although a gust of wind or change in air pressure are the more likely mundane explanations. Today, Marsden Grotto is a popular restaurant and pub. 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Location: Newcastle upon Tyne - Unnamed public house along Westgate Road We have hosted award winning tours since 2007 for over a decade we have seen as many as 30.000 plus ghost walkers on our tours around Newcastle and Durham, but we also have a ghost walk and haunted boat trip company in Newquay Cornwall. https://nnimgt-a.akamaihd.net/transform/v1/crop/frm/storypad-c9uxyP9vLBnGRF7ifn73Fv/3dad16d0-2901-4cb2-9818-88589f4f1f71.jpg/r3_170_4775_2866_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg, Newcastle Herald's trusted source for property, Men broke in while occupants slept: police hunt persons of interest, Restaurant worker is NSW's only COVID-19 case, while Victoria records another day of zero, McCloy releases video footage in $1000 hunt for graffiti tagger, Central Coast murder investigation leads to second man being charged, Obituary: Newcastle race-caller John "Macca" McDermott remembered as all-round legend, Former POW receives state and federal recognition marking end of WWII. There have also been claims the furniture moves around in the house, seemingly all by itself. The Civic Theatre is said to be haunted by ghosts, and the best known ghost is Joe. Is the wispy, white figure on the stairs one of them? This website uses cookies. It is said to be haunted by a grey lady who has been seen around the property and is often said to be crying. from an empty cubical in the men's toilets, causing a member of staff in the room to flee. Ever since, a series of hauntings have begun, such as lights going on and off, furniture moving around and appliances turning on and off by themselves. Newcastle Castle is a family-friendly visitor attraction in the heart of Newcastle. Perhaps its current residents could tell the Herald if they have encountered anything ghostly? Type: Haunting Manifestation Advertisement ‐ Content Continues Below. A ghost who is thought to be one of the family members haunts both residences. Location: Newcastle upon Tyne - Former La Dolce Vita nightclub (now closed) Location: Newcastle upon Tyne - Private residence along Bentinck Road » Find Out More, Copyright © 1998-2020 Steve Higgins. Type: Haunting Manifestation George Washington and Edgar Allan Poe both are said to have stayed at St. Patrick's Inn. Chillingham Castle is a 13th century, Grade 1 Star-listed stronghold in Northumberland, famed for action and battles. Further Comments: Reported on BBC Northeast, the occupants of several maisonettes were haunted by strange sounds, unexplained footsteps and moving objects. Further Comments: A four foot tall black mass was photographed here during a ghost hunt, seemingly coming out of a wall. Date / Time: 2006 onwards How To Watch 'The Craft: Legacy' In The UK Today. In 1646, King Charles I was held by the Scots in the nearby Anderson Place, but it's rumoured that he was allowed to leave his prison on numerous times and on these occasions he would visit the Old George for a drink. Some say two ghosts, one evil and one kind, haunt the station, formerly known as Station 3. Does The Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Really Bring Wealth? Employees claim to hear manic laughter late at night while closing up and swear they have seen objects moved by an unseen force, such as game pieces in the game room.

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