Take that!' I don't care if you'll be an angel or a devil, I'll follow you even to the bottom of hell itself! ." His black mask, his googles, his gloves, his boot, his happuri style hitae-ate, his black clothes, and the white fur collar... Suki's clothes may decieve anyone else. Fighting a Hyuga with pure Taijutsu is a suicide. "You wouldn't even have known about this had I not told you about that jutsu hidden ability." She could easily tell he still couldn't handle the heat, but he continued eating until his plate was clean. Satsuki asked in surprise as the two sat down to eat. . . He asked as he tilted his head slightly as he looked at the food. A gennin at five, chunin at six and jonin at twelve. "Uh. "That and fact that she only lived five minutes away from the academy also helped, helped her, while you have to run back to your crappy apartment, huh?" "Jeez I reek! You just have to wait and see! .already leave? She playfully got out while winking at him. Satsuki guessed as she sighed, sad that he would leave without even saying goodbye. WHAT THE HELL DAMMIT!? ". She then kindly responded. He told the clone with excitement, he was so excited that he forgot to make space between the clone and himself, so when the clone did as he was told. The Kyūbi simply responded with a witty smirk on his face. And the worst is that he was holding off against us!'. No, the problem for this specific team would be the third member as Sakura would've just fawn over Sasuke and not even care for Naruto let alone his safety. "And finally the Uchiha." "Kit?" "My dislikes are people who take too much time, being treated unfair, and people who take advantage of others." "\FOR FAMILY SPRING EVENT 2012! With Kiba taking over the bar and the large order at Yamanaka flowers, spending time together isn't easy. "Hello new genin, I will be assigning your teams." This made Naruto to also laugh at the irony as well. He shouted with pure annoyance as he thought Satsuki was playing with him, though he knew deep down she wouldn't do that to him so he didn't felt bad. I'll send it to my betas and mention them whenever they got time. She muttered in slight confusion as the image of a certain blond came to mind. "I. . Naruto decided as he went to read the instructions of said jutsu he copied from the scrolled, it was simple enough, gathered both regular and wind chakra inside of his lungs and then expelled condense bullets. Give me your name, likes and dislikes, goals for the future. She thought unintentionally as she stared at her male friend. B-But it could really burn your tongue!" "Oh also, we better act like asses that hate each other at the academy so we don't draw any unwanted attention to ourselves." "Alright, so what are we doing? " Satsuki simply smiled a ghost of a smile as Naruto handled the situation like a true teacher... 'You're really good with children. If you don't like the pairing then thank you for not flamming me. "AAAAHHH!" . Before the scarred chunin says anyword, Satsuki shook his hand while Naruto almost broke a few of his ribs thanks to his bearhug... "Sorry sensei! "Oh. . "Just end your facade and come after me. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "I thought you and Sakura-chan were well. Kyūbi could only chuckle at that. Suki gripped her Chokuto's hilt as Neji almost slaughtered her teammate. She thought, hoping that the Hyuga would forgive her. If you're going to just flame me, please don't! "It's alright Naruto-kun," She reassured as this got the blond's attention. .and Sakura-chan would always wouldn't even consider the thought of being my friend, she would hit me whenever I even try to talk to her. ", "Uzumaki Naruto. How about we test our students flames of youth?". . Pairings: Naruto x Hinata x FemSasuke, Neji x Tenten, Lee x Kin, more pairings coming along. Work Search: She said with a blush while removing her apron and placing it in the hall closet, Satsuki walked towards her bedroom to get the last of her gear. He thought with a smile as he really like seeing this side of the female Uchiha. ." "Hey kit!" He added in annoyance as he began to fan himself with his tails. No sooner Naruto asked that, it made Satsuki's eye twitched a little, as it took every single fiber of her being not to begin shouting in pure annoyance, but she didn't as she realized that now that she was Naruto's friend, she decided that now is the best time to make her new friend see some sense into his little obsession on the pink haired girl. Their taijutsu is very solid. Your review has been posted. He was happy that a girl liked him but he didn't think that girl would be Sakura. Naruto leaned to whisper into Satsuki's ear, "The only thing we learned from him is his name." "By feeding them extremely spicy food that could permanently burn their tongues?" "You go next blondie.". SAY NO YOU IDIOT!" He then got out suddenly. ." . She decided as she went back to thinking about how her new friend, unaware of the pink blush on her face. He would be assigning the genin teams tomorrow. Kakashi was a true monster when it comes up to training.

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