In the 1930s moon blindness now known as PRA started to appear along with other health issues. and that you agree to wait patiently for the arrival of your pup, in order of reservation, which. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, "Remi" -Miniature from a Midler x Shelton Blue litter (sold).

and the sire of Midler, who was also born with no tail. Very focused and trainable...well-behaved. I know what I am looking for as good specimen of the breed, no matter what the size. Bonnie has not taken in 4 heats...but we will keep trying-she is such a great dog, Photo below is Aniston (left), Clooney (middle-back), Monroe (front) and Bonnie (in back on right). or you may simply remain on the "interested" list until I have pups available to purchase. We have bred 3 lines together that have Spur in in the first 4 generations to intensify and preserve his bloodlines for the future. today we call dogs under 30 pounds mini’s, however originally they were just the everyday Queensland blue heeler.

He is also a smaller heeler, at about 33-35 pounds, and very playful and active-good with the kids and other dogs (playful). The old style heeler, as we refer to them could have dogs in the same litter range from 20 to 35 pounds  quite often. The McNivin dogs were what the early ranchers had and kept on raising and using they earned the name of little iron dogs. These pups will then be offered to the interested list (on a first to respond basis) via email, before being listed on this site for sale. You can specify your interest in one, or specify you do not want tan legs/chest and I can try to work that out but there is no can always back out of a pup you have chosen, and wait for the next litter, at any time before they go home. I had a female out of that imported pair and it is in the background of most of our dogs we have now. Ballerini (22#s) is always bred to Clooney... for about 94% Queensland Heeler pups that are "miniature". He is all blue with tan markings and was born with a stumpy tail. We have property here for my heelers to run on... and they do. What ever the mix was, it made a super dog for all purpose use. Miniature Australian Stumpy Tail/Tailed Heelers, Midler (20#s) is due back in heat in late November, 2020, bred to Shelton Blue (35#s) for miniature stumpy and/or tailed pups, Midler* weights 20#s and is always bred to Shelton Blue (35#s), -miniature stumpy tail line (pups are 85% Queensland Heeler), Ballerini weighs 22#s - blue miniature with tan markings, She breeds to Clooney. As residents are aware, the High Desert has been experiencing heightened levels of illegal dumping and our goal is to clean it up and stop the dumping. (just our definition). I just can't know any of these variables ahead of time. ...and more pups after going to their new homes, Katie at 5 yrs old (Hudson {Pfeiffer line} x Tatum), (Note: "White" heelers are rare, but has happened for me), A gorgeous grown pup (chocolate colored) from. I am "making" these gorgeous pups as fast as I can. It will be first come, first serve at this point. looks like a Blue Heeler to me, I do not know what an Australian Cattle Dog is. Midler is a stumpy tail like her 100% Australian Stumpy Tail heeler sire. In the late 90’s we purchased a red heeler Dingo pup out of a pair of imported red heelers probably of McNiven lines we called him Dingo we combined him with my old bloodline of the 60’s that i had kept going, we kept The best puppy, we named him Spur and used him extensively for 17 years so when you see Spur in the pedigree of our dogs that is 7 generations down from my first little female of 20 pounds i got in the 1960’s and the 1st generation from the imported red Queensland heeler Dingo of the 90’s. you may also simply email me and ask to be on the "interested" list (no payment required). they were usually called Blue Heeler for short. This is all white pup from Pfeiffer's first litter.

Allen McNiven a breeder of the 1940s on for many years added more Dingo and some more Kelpie to his strain of Heelers some say he added other breeds as well but i have never been able to find any reliable info on that. These variables all affect how quickly I get to you in the reservation folder, and cannot be predicted. However one has to have new bloodlines every so often so we try what there is to find and try it, if it produces good stock keep it, if not, try another. The Good News is...We were fortunate enough, to get McConaughey from a litter that Bandit fathered about 2 weeks before he died, out of a really nice red female heeler that had been mated to him weeks earlier. A Senseney puppy by Bandit...pick me please!

Since the old style small blue Heelers are now so hard to find it is not easy to find new stock. She was 9 years old, Shelton Blue is the same line as Pfeiffer (her dam is his granddam). 76 talking about this. This guy was born without a tail. Spur lived to be over 17 years old still had good eye site, hearing and mobility. There is just so much I have no control over (e.g., if a female takes when bred, how many pups are born, color/markings. or use the paypal links above (scroll up toward the top). they were usually called Blue Heeler for short. Volunteers are also always welcome at any of our cleanup events!

The first Red dog I owned was in the 1990’s. When the original Queensland Blue Heelers came to California from Australia, they were about as perfect as a dog breed could be for a rancher, they were small about 30 pounds on the average, some as small as 20 pounds some 35 to maybe 40 at tops, good balanced body build that moved with ease & could go all day every day, no deafness no eye issues they live a long time some made it to 20 years or more. It was common to get tiny females out of any of the early dogs, the dogs usually ranged from about 20 pounds to around 35 pounds, they were small dogs but fast, tough, loyal and working machines. Now we have almost gotten all breeding dogs clear. I have a little girl (and lots of grandchildren) she plays with daily and her disposition is amazing with children. When the Queensland Blue Heelers first came to California in the mid 1960's, they were called Queensland Blue Heelers, because they originated in Queensland Australia. Working with other groups, nonprofits, San Bernardino County, local municipalities and communities of Victorville, Lancaster, Palmdale, Hesperia, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Little Rock, Pearblossom, Wrightwood, 29 Palms, Joshua Tree and surrounding areas, we shall strive to achieve that goal. I breed them to a few dogs of different lines and  look at the offspring, this gives me a good idea, if the new line is worth adding to the lineage for future use. If a female does not take when bred, it is usually because she needs a break...and I don't begrudge her that break. *Note: I haven't had a white pup in several years. ...reserve now by clicking here to pay with paypal (please read How It Works first as there are no refunds). So the little McNiven  Heelers were around before they came to America in the 1960s. She is blue with tan and is playful and focused; great with kids and people. We refer to them as Toy Heelers or toy/Mini Heelers. He was a great asset to our mini program, he just had one main issue he had 2 copy’s of PRA which is quite common in AKC heeler dogs, it is a blind defect we discovered it years after we had bred a lot of pups from Charlie, great dogs to so we had to DNA test all our breeding dogs and if they had 2 copy’s of PRA, we removed them from our breeding program. after whelping, so pups begin to eat it at about 3 wks old.

Your patience is greatly appreciated. I allow them to breed as they come into heat, and monitor breeding, but there is no way to rush this process. There are 2 registries that recognize miniature heelers as a breed of there own. Many dogs were going moon blind at around 8 to 10 years because of PRA, and adding more Dingo fixed the problem. Our number one focus is illegal dumping. I have bred these dogs for over 50 years now and do not want to see them become extinct, so we have been doing a breed restoration, preservation program for a few years now and have a few other breeders doing it as well. Dams are allowed in/out of the kennel while pups stay safely confined to the kennel. The toy size is 14 in tall or lessand Any heeler dog that is under 17 in tall and less than 30 pounds is considered a mini by most people. You may simply email me and be on the "interested" list (no payment required). A pup of Sarandon's, and one of Foxy's-all grown up... at home. Enjoy more pictures of past litters and my breeding females below: * Pup can fly at 8 weeks old after Vet Exam and requires Airline approved kennel, bowls, bedding, water, food, paperwork, transport to the airport and the Vet on my end, which I can purchase and accomplish for you ($95 covers it). Her last litter was August, 2016. I was lucky enough to own a female out of the second litter that Lyle bred out of his imported pair she was a 20 pound dog, the same size as her mother.

but none that I have seen go into detail about the 1980 split in the breed. No way to know at birth which pups will be light and which will be a more typical darker blue, ...or which will end up with tan markings, or have a chocolate color or ?. when I buy dogs from other breeders, I look at how they are built, colored, tempered, their working ability. We have worked on breeding some of them smaller than the originals for other uses besides livestock working, they are good at many things, they fit in small places and are easier to lift, carry and live where space is limited. now we refer to the little Heelers as Miniature Heelers. Standard Queensland Heelers/Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers, *You can scroll down for information/pictures of each dam/sire. the AKC people are very much against miniatures even though the AKC dogs also do come in mini size but they do not like to acknowledge it. As a 501(c)3 organization, we can only exist through donations. When the Queensland Blue Heelers first came to California in the mid 1960’s, they were called Queensland Blue Heelers, because they originated in Queensland Australia. He had one of the early imported pairs of dogs that came to the High Desert of North Lake County Oregon. He has spots like Aniston (he is her son) and often throws them. We serve the Antelope Valley, Victor Valley, and the Morongo Basin. to perpetuate this amazing breed. Jim Mowrer è su Facebook. Subscribe to our email list and stay in the know for future cleanup projects or just to wish us well. Queensland Heelers (AKA) Australian Cattle Dogs, standard, miniature and Toy sizes. there are many articles out on the internet about the Australian Cattle Dogs. Midler is exclusively bred to Shelton Blue (about 35#s) for a stumpy tail line of miniature pups (some are born with tails). you may just email me and I will put you on an "interested" (not reserved/no payment necessary) list. A red pup from Ballerini's most recent litter: To everyone who has reserved for a pup, and has waited so patiently-Thank you! We developed these super small Heelers out of the same old stock as the mini’s that came from the original old imported Queensland Heelers of the 1960s. Quite often I have bought small standards, bred them down a time or two to see what they produce for size and overall looks before crossing them in. Dan Sousa joined the High Desert Keepers to assist in their mission while leveraging his experience developing strategic marketing, advertising and outreach methods. Very sweet and playful, but calm and quiet-loves the kids too.

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