Follow the trail of blood to reach the roof tops and discovery the rest of the dead woman's identity: Antonia Maldonado and her home address. Google introduced a flashlight toggle with Android 5.0 Lollipop, located in the quick settings. Dart back and take cover and kill the next two enemies that dash down from the second floor. Related questions +1 vote. First examine the body of Bowe over by exhibit A to note him as a person of interest. Talk to Don Steffens, trusting him about the competition and doubting what Suburban Redevelopment is. As this desk is still a tutorial it will freely point out when she is lying, telling the full truth, and hold back information. Step 1: Open the settings menu on your OnePlus device. Connection to Buchwalter: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version). Stop to grab their shotgun and move on through the door to the left. When he leaves, tail his car to his apartment. Use the nearby gamewell to get the address for Keystone Films. Don't get too close while you're both climbing; if you are near a suspect while ascending, they will automatically shove you down. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. After finishing with Michelle, Hugo Moller will enter the house and can be questioned. Fallow Candy's cab to the bus station and go incognito by reading a news paper. For the Homicide desk you will be paired with Rusty Galloway. Open the letter given to you by the barman. Climb this pipe and you'll land on the roof. You can now move several boxes that had been blocking off your earlier route. Next visit the police hospital and talk to Jessica directly. Head to the Bishop apartment and you'll find that MacAfee's men have already trashed the place. Talk to the husband and ask him about his marriage. Climb up the stairs to the second floor, Crossfire: Near a trailer in the The Southwestern Motors station on Helitrope and Melrose, The Third Man: Next to a tree at the park at Hoover St in Wilshire, The Lady from Shanghai: On the baseball field in Wilshire. The final clue will lead you to the Abandoned Church. The White Heat Golden Film Reel is sitting on the ground on the second floor balcony. Turn the pink page in the file and read the letter underneath. Among the thins to look for include the telegram in the trash, the bookmaker's payout next to the bed, the ticket stub and box of chocolates on the drawer, and the hot can of beans on the table. Please enable cookies to view. First doubt what he says about the arsons, use the flyer to catch his next lie, and doubt his third question to get everything. At Elysian Fields, outwit Leland Monroe when discussing his developments or advertising campaign. On the body of Tyree you'll find a strange radio station note with "275 FM". On their body you will have a copy of the manifest and two places to look into: the post office and Chinese theatre. Back at the police station interrogate Angel to get his side of the story. Though it's clear he didn't murder Pattison. While here you can also pick up the address of McCaffrey. Your first order of business is investigating the crime scene. Explore Antonia's room and discover that her room has been trashed. Now turn the corner and take down the next four enemies, including two that drive up in a car. Enter the combination of 2-5-3 to open the case and find Antonia's missing jewelry. Once there, climb up the pipes and over the scaffolding. Use stealth and go incognito to stay out of her view. I was able to use one on the movie set and inside the house but not in the church, graveyard or catacombs. It will open Ottie's stash of drugs and money, linking him to the previous events. Next move towards the bank's entrance and take cover. Using the latest beta drivers released today for nvidia. Underneath this cup a taped box of morphine. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Travel to the prop shop and question Hopgood. Other evidence of interest include the strange doodle on the table and the weighted Black Caesar popcorn cup resting on the kitchen counter. After another scene head to the second Elysian Fields site. On the roofs, you'll get into a fist fight. You can catch the child molester with doubt options. Back out of the current room and look in the cabinet on the left to find more morphine. Grill the husband about the failed marriage. He will shoot non-stop while you are out of cover, so your only option is to fire back and kill him before you're out of health. Learn more about the valve and speak to him further. This will lead you to the Egyptian Theatre. Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Palladium theater at Sunset Blvd near Vine St. Now in the next machine to the right punch in 1876988 and divide by 90000. You can also explore the car in the parking lot to discover more evidence that links both the husband and the molester to the murder. Talk to the clerk Clem, and he will allow you to look around. You'll learn from the latter that he has a small criminal past and knows that the victim visits Rawling's Bowling Alley. Jack Kelso also uses a flashlight for his job as a D.A. You can explore the house to discover problems with the marriage, including clear signs of infidelity. its in the game manual. The dress belonged to one T. Taraldsen and the address will be included. Leaked video shows PS5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales loading in just seven seconds, It's alive! Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos. Also be sure to see what's coming up in our LA Noire FAQs section. With this new clue you can once again let Phelps sort things out over time or go right to the Public Library. Pop out of cover and kill the three criminals on the ground floor, followed with the few up on the second level. Currently playing: Gears of War 2, Brink, and Fallout: NV. Chase down Hugo and take him in for the murder of his wife. One last pistol user will rush you, but can be easily killed with the heavier weapons. This clearly points out the poet as the killer. FYI for anyone still having trouble; I had a 24 FPS glitch (also found in Crysis games) where if I set the resolution to 1920x1080, the framerate locks at 24FPS and its SUPER laggy, almost unplayable. 's investigator. For a guide on getting the correct choices and clues for each case, see the guide linked below. Once Roy gives the word, head down and discover the drugs stored in ice. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? You'll learn that the murder was caused by a knife wound, not a hit and run. Search his coat further to find that he had taken out a life insurance policy. This will be the first full crime scene investigation case. Head up to the room and look around for evidence. All Rights Reserved. At the bar you'll find divorce papers that Antonia was going to serve Angel. Run them off the road and track Bishop to the movie set from the photo. You'll be looking at the murder scene of one Mr. Rose. Chapman will appear and steal a trolley. You won't have evidence to catch her lies, so doubt her twice in a row. You'll find coils, fliers, and bullets inside. Turn on your siren and everyone should move out of your way. Use four intuition points in a single interview session, correctly branching each question. Some of this can help pin the murder on Grosvenor, but there is still a lead at the bowling alley. Head to the door on the left to find Monroe. When this happens, pop out from your own cover and lay the law down with your six shooter. Talk to the wife again and learn about F Morgan, who turns out to be Frank Morgan, a friend of Mr. Black. You'll be starting this case by heading to Benson's apartment, room 2. You'll be armed with a shotgun, but can also switch to your trusty pistol in a pinch. Setting it to single threaded improved the performance a bit, but it's still choppy. Robins is a very truthful man and doesn't have much to hide. Step 1: Pull down the notification bar by sliding your finger down from the top of the screen. You'll find bloody rags and the murder weapon. You'll learn that the gun belongs to a man named Schroeder who knew Rose; the gun registry also has his home address. Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator. Once on top of the roof you'll gain the fourth clue. Here there is a receipt for cement on the first desk, demolition orders and a memo from Monroe. The reel is on a table in the firing range, The Asphalt Jungle: The train platforms at Main St Terminal, Out of the Past: Inside the trolley station at the south end of Broadway and Hill, Pickup on the South Street: At the gift shop in Union Station, Detour: On the tracks near the rails cars at Bay st, Notorious: Inside an office warehouse at the south-easter corner of Olympic. Which one do you use? Now head over to shelf U and look in the land record book and look for lot 1876988. Finally you'll be in the ice room. Carlo and his men are already in the theatre and are armed to the teeth. Make another right across the bridge and take out four more enemies: two on the adjacent bridge and two below. You will be informed to add a one, so the final answer is 21. In the back room are a large case of Valor cigarettes that are worth taking note of. You'll need to check out two fires: one at the Steffens and the other at the Sawyers. Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator. She will make another left down an alley, followed by a second right. Climb over the fence to the right of your parked car and examine the two piles of lumber nearest the gate. After a chat with Cole it's off to the Hall of Records. They claim that the deceased was arguing with his wife before she stormed off. Switch out your weapons as often as possible while killing bad guys. You'll get some info about the suspect and it's off to Rancho Rincon for Kelso. The cook, Fleetwood Morgan, will make a run for it. Cole Phelps will be able to use the flashlight and it will make it easier for him to discover clues in the dark. These first four cases are rather short compared to bigger cases that come along. You can convict either one, but the captain would rather see Eli behind bars. It seems that it was a hit and run, though the body has more blood than expected. Now back as Phelps, escort Kelso by smashing all of the cop cars along the way. Time to look into miss Edwards location. You'll get a call about an armed robbery in progress. Disable a suspect vehicle with help from your partner. You'll be investigating a possible murder on the rail tracks. Next move over to C and check out Bittleson, along with the drugs in his pocket. The shop owner will know the gun, and give you the registry to cross check the serial number. Quickly run and shoot at the driver to slow him down. Let us know in the comments. You'll find evidence that Jessica and Mark had underage sex and that Hopgood was filming it all. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Herschel will hand over a an origami crane which you can unfold to find an ad for Elysian Fields. McColl is rather honest, though he does fib a bit when it comes to his relationship to the deceased. For Ryan he will attempt escape by driving off in his van; same into him like all other chases to capture him.

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