Need ideas of how to update! it’s original, came with the house as far as I can tell. Inspect what a program is doing when it seems to hang. Dry wall Plug. Otherwise, that would be pretty difficult to get it all to blend together and not look obvious. Hope that helps – Best of luck! Diana. They had tile done years ago and it crossed the marriage line and there are a dozen or so that have cracked or come loose. What do you recommend for those battens that are “H-” shaped? What are "non-Keplerian" orbits? That top coating is a vinyl covering that holds the gypsum together. After the patches set, cover the entire wall with a thin layer of compound. Paul If there is a texture to the surface it means some mud thinned with water was sprayed on the wall. If they didn’t you can sometimes just peel the paint right off the walls (it’s kinda fun to do). My question is in my living room my vinyl walls have a light texture to them. Suggestions for braking with severe osteoarthritis in both hands. Thicker wallpaper, in my opinion, is easier to position but it’s a bit harder to get started because of the weight. It's simpler to leave these in place if you are only covering with paint, or you can remove them if you are willing to patch the seams. So glad you like my little blog! Same materials, same construction techniques…their just built in a factory and hauled to the site. Vinyl coated drywall has had a thin layer of vinyl (plastic) bonded to the surface. I saw your previous comment and you could install drywall over the VOG panels but you will need to take extra precaution (I don’t recommend it because it can hinder your ability to detect leaks – you will want to seal the edges and seams extremely well if you do this). We have an early 1990’s park model in Mesa, AZ. They should have insurance to cover these items, since they are in the type of business where this type of stuff happens. Ask your local home improvement store for the latest recommendation. I then painted normally. I always seem to buy Valspar but only because it’s always on sale at my local Lowe’s. I have wavie aluminum siding with lots of dings and it looks terrible. Fabric or paper wallpaper provides another option for covering a vinyl wall. Use an acrylic caulk to fill in the gap or crack between your VOG wall panels. Usually you can, just make sure to use the right backer board and don’t choose really heavy tile. The Home Depot has a handy rundown of each type of caulk below: You can also use drywall compound instead of caulk, or if you want to take it even further, you can tape and mud the gap between the two panels. To feather the edge, increase pressure and angle on the drywall knife as you reach the outer edges of the patch area to minimize, or thin, the compound on the drywall. For the walls, or VOG vinyl on gypsum panels, it’s best to leave as much of the top paper layer on as possible. Then apply another two to three coats of the compound. Is there an easier way to remove the paint besides just scraping it off? Skylights are awesome but they do tend to need extra repairs over time. Fabric or paper wallpaper provides another option for covering a vinyl wall. Thank you for all the mobile home decorating tips. I tried to paint over some faux wood wainscotting and window reveals of my 1988 Shutz. (must be a man thing). You're almost done. But, I have heard good things about Behr. The best cleaner I have ever used for walls that are to be painted is TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate). Want to do more? Hi Crystal, Thanks so much for your time and talent. I plan on removing the battens and then painting. There’s also paintable wallpaper you could use to cover the area. Allow to dry and ensure there is no shrinkage (choosing the correct caulk is important to keep the caulk from shrinking). Use a drywall knife to cover the patch with spackling compound or lightweight joint compound in a crisscross pattern, feathering the edges so it blends with the wall. Can I cross the marriage line with it and is there a certain way I should lay the planks? Plus I think most paint has a money back guarantee so if Behr doesn’t work well for you then you can get your money back. Consult with the finish paint manufacturer for specific recommendations (, Glidden Performance Edge Fill + Prime + Paint. Thanks for the tip! High-quality brushes and rollers transfer the paint to the walls better and give a more uniform finish which is exactly what you need. Just follow the directions and have a helper hold the top section while you do the positioning and it will go easier (assuming you are doing an entire wall). When I tried to clean, walls started crumbling! The previous owners already painted all paneled walls with the wrong paint and it is peeling/chipping everywhere. I imagine its easier to already have the primer in the paint that way you don’t have to do so many coats right? Your only concern will be settling or high wind movement but if the home has been there for 25 years already I’d say it’s settled and will be there another 25 years! MHL features beautiful homes and provides helpful information for buying, remodeling, decorating, and repairing mobile and manufactured homes of all makes and models. DAP is probably the most popular caulk brand and they have tons of different formulas. If the gouge is lower than the surrounding floor you can either: mix a small batch of compound and float it level or apply a dab of construction adhesive into the depression. An acrylic based primer should work well in most mobile homes. I have a 70’s double wide in AZ. Since you are painting and don’t have to worry about the pattern on the walls, you can use a patch kit. If you look closely at it you will see it has the consistency of soft cardboard, it will flake a little and be slightly fibrous. Sorry for the long post. Try a product that has both primer and paint that is very thick (Killz has a ceiling paint I think). Is there a 2 in 1 that is recommended? You’ll also want to use ceiling molding as an edge for the ceiling to lay on around the perimeter of the room. The paint scratched off with the slightest touch. Thanks in advance for any advice as well as how to paint and what to use in case that’s the only option left. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. LeAnne. I don’t like textured walls or the strips. Sand smooth. . You can easily upgrade to sheetrock if you want too! It may be a great time to give it a whole new look and make it even stronger against water. I don’t have a mobile home yet, but I’m planning to buy one when I retire. I used 3×11 bullnosed tile around shower/tub enclosure. What Can Be Used on a Chair to Prevent Paint Scratches on Walls? On walls the paper may have a drywall mud coating. Typically, they are attached to studs. I researched about the ammonia and found that it is the most recommended de-greaser and cleaner by professionals. I’m a big fan of the peel and stick wallpaper and tile. I would only add: Buy a “best” roller cover. Another two coats fixed it. Use a shellac- or oil-based primer formulated to hide stains and apply two coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before application. I painted over it thinking that would be ok, but it just makes it stick out more now! I have found the easy way of covering the screw holes and nail holes once they were removed, the vinyl was pushed outwards, I used a sharp pointed knife and pushed the bulging vinyl back into the hole and once it was smooth I dabbed caulking over the holes. Getting the mud even with the rest of the wall will be a pain but you’ll get it close. I hope a siding/painting expert sees your comment and chimes in…I am very interested in learning more about texturing paint with sand. Yeach! Sink the screw head just below the surface of the drywall so it can be covered with spackle. As for the walls crumbling – use a good oil base primer (I HIGHLY recommend XIM available at Sherwin Williams) to seal the gypsum. Do I then paint over the caulk? You could maybe use the caulk and paint trick mentioned above but you’d likely need to add a texture to make it all blend in. This book is my favorite so far: Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing, 5th Edition", Hi Crystal, Many are paintable, so you can customize it to your decor. Drywall compound also adheres well to vinyl, so you can give your walls the look of regular drywall without installing wallboard. It has scratches and needs to be removed. I decided to not go with Glidden due to the horrible reviews. I don’t know what to use to clean the walls. One of those articles mentioned that if you do use a homemade or store bought paint remover to clean the walls well afterward so that the chemicals are neutralized. I suspect paint is one of those products that makes the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ ring true though. (C64), pathshorten: all but containing directory. Ceilings are foot and a half strips running the width of trailer. This stuff makes teflon look like a sissy. Have you ever heard of people having trouble with the existing vinyl walls getting damaged when sanding the mud after removing the battens?

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