Due to this experience, Butcher recruits him to take Mallory's vacated spot on the Boys, and would later inject him with Compound V, without Hughie's permission.

During the subsequent confrontation between Homelander and Butcher, Black Noir arrives in the Oval Office and unmasks, revealing himself to be a clone of Homelander created to kill and replace him if he ever went rogue.

In the television series, Pegg played the recurring part of Hughie's father. Hugh Campbell (born May 21, 1941) is a former American football and Canadian football player, coach, and executive. Cold Snap is genuinely nice to most of his teammates, if not a little over-eager and naïve.

He intended to have Madelyn Stillwell succeed him, but after learning of her death, he rehires Ashley Barrett to take her place and recruits Stormfront to take Translucent's place in the Seven. It is also suggested that the 9/11 debacle is the source of her alcoholism. In issue #61, he leaves The Seven's headquarters amid the imminent crisis saying "I am gonna check into the Mandarin, chill for a couple weeks." has noted that Butcher never brings this up, instead leaving it hanging over M.M. Black Noir reveals that he committed the atrocities documented in the photos and had raped Becky to set Butcher and Homelander against one another so that Black Noir could embody his purpose. While he promotes Christianity and denounces homosexuality, Ezekiel displays a closeted gay personality. Following his deployment, Butcher became self-destructive, drinking excessively and assaulting friends and strangers for little reason (even being court-martialed at one point).
A heavy drug user and bitter over Starlight, A-Train openly expresses a desire to assault her again. The Boys are a CIA black ops team, initially created by Col. Greg Mallory to manage, police, and sometimes liquidate Vought. Hughie grew up in rural Scotland, an adopted child. Saying that she was the one who asked him out, while Hughie expressed a great desire for her, especially after her death. Upon the news that Raynor intends to seek public office, she names Kessler to be her successor as the Director of the CIA. Starlight has frequently shown signs of changing, with aggressive outbursts, losing her faith, and using profanities and drinking alcohol. Soldier Boy states in Herogasm that he was one of the only members in Payback to be nice to him.
While attempting to capture Starlight, Maeve subdues him with an Almond Joy and kicks his epi pen out of reach, which leaves him in a vegetative state.

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