Easy to stagger with cannon base weapons. Shields also take increased damage from Sniper weapons, and Melee strikes. This Wiki is meant for English speaking players of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2" SEEKING HELP - GUIDELINES Edit. Kneeling also rewards 5% damage, and a prone MS gains 10% ranged damage. Think you're an expert in Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2? Unlike Gundam Battle Operation NEXT, the first spinoff to the original Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation, Battle Operation 2 is closer to a true sequel that keeps and expands upon the gameplay mechanics of the original title, and completely abandons the fast-paced, arcade-styled elements of NEXT. No reviews - Be the first to submit one! Should a player use the scoping in function (R3 Button) their ranged attacks will gain 5% damage. Spoiler Spoiler Block Tweet Clean. Repairing is generally not suggested in Gundam Battle Operation 2, as most often, you will already be vulnerable, and targeted by the enemy team, and it is generally faster to die, and respawn to regroup with your team. I hope it can help you.

There are 4 tiers of these effects, the first, Wince, is generally caused by small missiles, small beam guns, or other similar weapons, and will sometimes prevent a MS from boosting, firing, or jumping, if they were not already doing so. A MS with Advantage over its target inflicts 30% more damage with all of its weapons, and a MS with Disadvantage over its target inflicts 20% less damage with all of its weapons. When struck, a Shield lowers the type of stun or stagger by one stage, unless the shield is broken, or the effect is delivered via a Melee weapon.

Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game. When a Shield is destroyed, the equipped MS will be inflicted with a stun, unless they are prone or are already under the effects of Stun, Stagger, or Knockdown. Repeat Banner for players to get GP-01 and GP-02, Limited Step-up for GP-01fb (before it was added to supply drop), Limited Supply drop for Efreet type MS with Dual Cold Blades. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2is an online free-to-play action game released exclusively for the Playstation 4 via the Playstation Store in July of 2018. You usually cannot move while focusing a charged shot.Aim for the enemy's legs or head! Maneuver Armor is a signature skill shared by most raids and a few other MS. There are many more advanced maneuvers, and abilities that players may employ such when playing Gundam Battle Operation 2 that may give them ease of control, or even an advantage in combat. So a 1000 damage attack on an target's Legs will cause 1000 damage to the Legs AND 1000 damage to the main health of the Suit. If you're stunned, you may be able to dodge roll out of the stun before the enemy can close the distance and melee combo you. However, this invincibility period is not particularly reliable, so the best uses of the dodge skill can be summed up in 3 situations. Lastly, should a MS's back be destroyed, it loses the ability to use its thrusters or tackle, and similar to leg destruction, is forced to move at a very slow speed.

Should this happen, retreating behind cover and repairing 30% or more of your legs is wise. No FAQs/Guides/Maps - Be the first to submit one! Below are a few noteworthy things that many players think about, or use. We Have. !https://twitter.com/RedWolfVionInstagram:https://instagram.com/redwolfvionLive Gameplay:http://twitch.tv/redwolfvion Ballistic weapons - Doesn't over heart but will have to reload. The first is to avoid an incoming enemy attack that will stun you. Unlike Non-MS vehicles, every MS has a category it falls into, and the three categories form a triangle of Advantage and Disadvantage. If you suspe…

Lastly, your main carrier, should it still be functional, will repair stationary, non-attacking MS, so should you be low on HP and near your carrier, disembarking and repairing next to the body of the base will allow you to repair twice as fast, and return to the fight sooner. Hi everyone, to achieve the best possible results on creating this wiki, I need help from the GBO2 community. As for where to repair, generally, behind cover when you are with your team is sufficient, or when capturing a neutral base as enemy forces are unlikely to arrive and disrupt you while you are forced to disembark anyway. With this in mind, while it is always good to add HP, should you have a large number of middle slots, it is not a bad idea to add LV3 Anti-Melee Armor to it, as many Raid and General MS will attack you with melee weapons over the course of a match. Lastly, Knockdown forces a MS to collapse, and be entirely defenseless for the longest period, however, at the end of this period, the MS will stand up with damage invulnerability for a few seconds or until it takes an aggressive action such as charging a weapon, attacking, or tackling. A Staggering blow hitting a MS with Maneuver Armor while boosting will simply Stun them. This powerful skill allows you to ignore a single instant-stunning weapon's stun effect while using your thrust, however, while still receiving the damage. In both situations, if you do not strike them, they have now exhausted their thrust gauge, and you are free to begin striking them with melee for several seconds with little risk of retaliation. HP has two large benefits that armor lacks, and a single 'downside' at its worst. Pressing backward will perform a Heavy attack which will knock down anything hit, and inflict 120% of normal damage.
If you suspect you will become the Ace and are low on health, it may be wise to take a brief period of time to restore your MS's HP, or help an important ally such as a Support, restore theirs, to prevent the enemy from getting an easy high score kill. If you're just starting with GBO2, check out the Game Basics Section and the Database Game Mechanics section. At this time, it would be wise to have your Melee weapon drawn. You are still likely to take the damage, but you will be positioned to counter-attack following your roll. The second, is after you are already stunned, to prevent follow up attacks from keeping you permanently stunned, again, you are most likely to take the damage, but potentially be in a position to retaliate, or escape further attacks, should you position yourself well. 1 Critic Reviews (Average: 1.50/5) 38 Questions (1 unanswered) User Ratings. Another option should you bait a tackle effectively, and have enough thrust would be to quickly back-dash, and perform a tackle of your own in hopes of catching them in the same trap they had set for you, or ensuring more safety before you begin to melee. The last is in desperation, should your health be low enough, a roll may save you a few seconds and allow you to inflict some damage before you die. Allowing the player to use the Cross button Quick-swap without interrupting boosting. Or a last second roll could prevent a death at the end of a match with a close score, or allow you to roll through enemy MS with higher HP in order to get at a heavily wounded MS they are protecting, such as an Ace, for triple score should the maneuver work. Gundam Battle Operation 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Gundam Battle Operation 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ACHIEVEMENTS … It may also be wise to use a sideways thrust maneuver at the end of the enemy's tackle, to try and dash behind them, and prevent them hitting you with another instant stunning weapon as your maneuver armor will not be in effect due to tackle causing you to be stopped. Get this guide started! It may be wise to consider remapping your controls. Many players choose L1 or L2 as a preferred remap for thrust, as having it moved from the face button will allow easier, and more functions such as; The first two of these can be performed without remapping thrust, but will be more uncomfortable as the right thumbstick and X are traditionally operated by the same thumb, and the third ability is not possible without such a remap. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jivERehsAaTjRyI4chiWz9dYX6L-Sk33VOwkOObzN2k/edit?usp=sharing, https://gbo2.fandom.com/wiki/Strategy_and_Mechanics?oldid=6314. Next is Stagger or "Heavy Stun" which causes a MS to recoil more sharply, and often, drop to a knee, forcing them to stand upright in order to resume normal behavior. Pressing Left, or Right will perform an 80% damage sweeping attack in the direction pressed in most cases, however some MS such as the Gyan will perform alternate linear attacks.
This is best used against enemy players using bazookas as their attempt to stop your approach will most likely fail, however this also has the effect of lowering non-melee inflicted status by one stage. Its also not necessarily a bad idea to perform a roll, or tackle, near the end of your thrust gauge when you are rushing from a spawn location toward the front line and are not likely to be hit, as this will put your thrusters into recovery mode sooner, that they may be ready once you are engaging the enemy in combat. Shields are a passive defense that protect in coverage they display, meaning, if an attack hits the shield, the shield absorbs the attack instead of your MS, and the Shield's HP is reduced. MS with "Melee Combo Controller" skill, and an applicable weapon, can string together chains of different attacks, however each subsequent attack will have sharply lowered damage than it would if it were a single attack. Taken the example above, adding 10 Ballistic Resistance to the target, will cause the Bazooka do deal closer 10 1248 or 1249 damage. Using this skill, it is possible to close on an enemy MS using ranged weapons, such as a support. Weapons can inflict hindering effects when used against enemies or yourself. Utilize staggers and distance to take out your enemies and assist your allies. However, there are times when repairing can be valuable.

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