in fact the Rogers. These included the bullying of Katie at school and a spectacular stunt, which was staged in October 1989[38] when Sammy Rogers (Rachael Lindsay) and Owen Daniels (Danny McCall) were involved in a horrific car accident as a result of joy riding. Jimmy was joined by his estranged wife Jackie (Sue Jenkins) who appeared from 1991 working at Dixon's Trading Post, and his elder children Little Jimmy Corkhill (George Christopher) and Lindsey (Claire Sweeney) were initially seen as recurring characters (it would be later that Claire Sweeney would join Brookside for a longer run as Lindsey). The return of the popular character Bev McLoughlin and the Murrays succeeded in sparking new viewer interest in Brookside and the Murray family became central to various plots, although many were considered retreads of previously explored issues; these included Diane's lengthy IVF treatment, daughter Adele's (Katy Lamont) under-age pregnancy and abortion, and young Anthony's (Ray Quinn) powerful bullying storyline, which culminated in Anthony accidentally killing vindictive schoolgirl Imelda Clough. Page 99, Brookside. A heavily cut-down version of this documentary also appeared, called Brookside: 10 of the Best. The Helpline which is staffed by a variety of charitable, vol…, Teignbridge Council Leader Alan Connett has responded to the weekend announcement of the imminent national lockdown, saying that the priority will continue to be protecting local communities and the m…, This blog is not a political one and not meaning promote any one side or support any sort of political argument, its merely viewpoint of an adult who was once a child who received free school meals. Boxtree. Sue has been in Coronation Street, and as Miss Denker in Downton Abbey. Frank decides to upscale and buys the more spacious No.5 in 1989, following its repossession from Sheila Grant (Sue Johnston). After Frank's funeral, it is revealed that the post-mortem showed him to be above the drink-drive limit. Page 151, 20 Years of Brookside by Graham Kibble-White. These businesses appearing on-screen for the first time meant that the main focus of Brookside shifted away from the houses and families of Brookside Close to this new, modern set – and many storylines went with it. The First 10 Years. The Rogers divorced after Chrissy (Eithne Browne) walked out on the family to join teacher training college on Sammy and Owen's Wedding Day, and by the end of 1991, Jimmy Corkhill (Dean Sullivan), had become a series regular and he played a central part in the new-look and revamped Brookside. Flats above the shops also provided new homes to various characters, such as former Brookside Close resident Mick Johnson, who would later be held at gun-point in his flat by obsessed stalker Jenny Swift (Kate Beckett). Following Gavin's death from a brain aneurysm, Frank and Barry Grant (Paul Usher) helped Petra cope with Gavin's death. Sammy Rogers' old school friend Nisha Batra (Sunetra Sarker) made an unexpected return, and a previous guest character, Leanne Powell (Vickie Gates), was reintroduced and she became the series new comedy character. Liverpudlian professional wrestler Robbie Brookside (real name Robert Brooks) was given his ring name by promoter Brian Dixon as a reference to Brookside, which began airing two years before Robbie's wrestling debut. The Authorised History. In 1991, Kevin Carson asked if his character, footballer Geoff Rogers, could be killed off. Another long term character, the notoriously accident prone Susannah Morrisey, was finally killed off when she fell down the stairs of number 7. By 1993, the firm establishment of Brookside Parade was complete and it was fully occupied by businesses owned by residents of Brookside Close. Page 16, 20 Years of Brookside by Graham Kibble-White. [23] Some critics took issue with the unlikely plot-premise; for example, former Daily Mail critic Hilary Kingsley described it as "ludicrous" in her book Soap Box, while others were critical of the producers' decision to kill off Kate, the series' only black character. Owen became [5] It is notable for its realistic and socially challenging storylines. "[2], Frank later enters a relationship with Lyn McLoughlin (Sharon Power). It was particularly well-known for being the first soap opera to show a pre-watershed lesbian kiss, domestic abuse, an openly gay character, and realistic drug addiction. After experiencing reading and writing difficulties at school, mum Chrissy eventually uncovered his dyslexia, initially teaching him herself at home before getting proper specialist teaching for Geoff in school. A caption stated, "The End of an Era...". a lot of problems in class, it was eventually discovered he was dyslexic. Another character to arrive at the same time as the Corkhills was Doreen's interfering mother, Julia Brogan (Gladys Ambrose), who became a hugely popular comedy character. Number 5 was subsequently auctioned off and bought by the Rogers family during a moment of auction-fever in May 1989.[37]. Brookside Classics Volume Three: That Man Harry Cross: The third video released in 1990 included three classic episodes featuring the popular character Harry Cross played by Bill Dean. With her mother, Margi, now living abroad, she became increasingly dependent on Jimmy and started to see him as a father figure, even agreeing to look after Jimmy so that he could be released from secure psychiatric care. [48] It was, however, the arrival of the Simpson family in May 1996 and the quickly established incestuous relationship between brother and sister, Nat (John Sandford) and Georgia (Helen Grace), that drew the most substantial criticism – especially after their younger brother, Danny (Andrew Butler), caught them in bed together. Chrissi This was intentional, as Redmond wanted to reflect the pace of real life 'new-build' estate occupancy. The closing sequence was changed entirely, giving a bird's-eye view of the close, which was used from 3 January 1994 and lasted until 25 June 1999. Page 90, 20 Years of Brookside by Graham Kibble-White. The First 10 Years. It transpired that not only had Mandy suffered years of mental and physical abuse, but also that Beth had been sexually abused by her father. 361), written by Jimmy McGovern. daughter discovered she had an admirer, Owen Daniels. On 27 July 2003, by which time Channel 4 bosses had confirmed that it would be discontinued later in the year, Brookside was moved to its final broadcast time of Tuesdays, usually starting after 11 pm, but on at least one occasion the show did not start until after midnight for scheduling reasons. Tony Dixon dies three months later, having never regained consciousness, and at his funeral, Jimmy confesses that he was the driver of the other car. In just two years, the character transformed from an ordinary single mother working in a chip shop, to a gun-toting, formidable bisexual gangster – a character change indicative of storylines now airing regularly in Brookside. His early appearances usually saw the character in many moneymaking schemes, along with characters such as Barry Grant, Terry Sullivan (Brian Regan) and Thomas 'Sinbad' Sweeney (Michael Starke). The Jacksons, although a relatively high-profile family during the first two years of Brookside, departed Liverpool following inmate George's transfer to a different prison near Leeds in early 1985. fool Harry by putting in a lower offer under an assumed name, Harry, by The Harrisons' storylines included John's struggle with early retirement, his battle with asthma and his shoplifting sprees.

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