***Articles, Bylaws, Minutes, Stock Certificates, Bank Resolutions, Ledger, corporate seal, Federal Tax ID, Shareholder's Agreement, Unemployment Number, New Hire Report, Registered Agent, for the rest of the Calendar Year, Indemnification, Independent Contractor Agreement, Employment Agreement, Vehicle and Home office Lease. - OPC private limited company that provided facility management services to its clients. Yes, you may call into the office and the same day we can fax you your Business Documents that have already been in existence for a period of time. However, as per SEC permission, the interested buyer can conduct operations such as data processing & management, data mining, data analytics and database administration. 1-307-632-3333 The logic behind this is that there are a limited number of Lenders in any particular metropolitan area, and each Lender will rarely lend to more than one Business-and-President combination, so if you have 2 Corps and go to the same Lender asking for financing for both, chances are the Lender will either approve one Corp and deny the other, or approve both but split the credit limit 50/50 among the 2 corps. For this reason, we always recommend that our Clients obtain the 80 Paydex Score before going to Funding, so that Funding Results can be maximized. The source code for the e-commerce website is available. While you are free to change the name of your Shelf Corporation, we don’t advise it as a name change goes against the concept of a Shelf Corporation. - Company was started with the intention of developing IT software as their main business practice. It was put on the “shelf” to “age”. Need something that you can’t find on our Inventory? - The source code for the mobile application is unavailable. - Dormant shell company that was incorporated more than 50 years ago. * The following free products are included only in ready made / shelf corporations and LLCs incorporated before the year 2020 - Shareholders Agreement - Unemployment Number - New Hire Report - Registered Agent ** - Indemnification - Independent Contractor Agreement - Employment Agreement - Vehicle Lease - Home Office Lease ** Registered agent is included for the rest of the calendar year for free. Our aged shelf corporations are expertly engineered and guaranteed to meet or exceed all lending guidelines. New owner can start operations immediately. No one should be able to search on google and find the name of your Shelf Corporation on a Shelf Corporation Vendor website. You are currently viewing the results from SMERGERS worldwide. WYOMING SHELF LLC'S . - Directors are using a portion of the rented office space for their other businesses. I Have My Own Corporation, Can You Get Me Funded? Texas shelf companies include registered agent services for the first year. Company was incorporated with the intention to provide data processing services for insurance and mortgage companies in USA. Policies Applicable to All Cases and Clients Its sole member and manager is the Avana Trust. We think this program may be simply the fastest, easiest, almost effortless way to work part-time or full time from home and earn five and six figure part-time income. A S S E T P R O F I L E . Ask us! Click below to select your location. * prompt shipment by UPS (after client provides the details necessary to complete trust agreement and other documents). Director of the firm is based in Australia and do not have any operations in Australia as well. Corporate financial and funding services are our only business. ** Readymade / shelf companies include E-book, Articles, Bylaws, Minutes, Stock Certificates, Bank Resolutions, Ledger, corporate seal, Federal Tax ID, Shareholder Agreement, Unemployment Number, New Hire Report, Registered Agent, for the rest of the Calendar Year, Indemnification, Independent Contractor Agreement, Employment Agreement, Vehicle and Home office Lease. We think this program may be simply the fastest, easiest, almost effortless way to work part-time or full time from home and earn five and six figure part-time income. - We are available in 23 countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom and most of Europe. Then the Platinum Package includes a lot more items and also includes the very important Foreign Entity Registration. - All compliances are up to date. We recommend you open your Bank Account with Chase or Bank of America, if they are available in your area. ft. office. Florida shelf corporations and information on the Florida Secretary of State. - The company was incorporated to provide IT consulting and BPO services. - We charge a processing fee for each transaction that occurs through our platform. * complete asset protection documentation including a sophisticated company agreement specifically designed for asset protection - Company has no website or domain name and has a normal bank account (not particularly an MSB bank account) We provide all our services in house including complete accounting, business broker loan funding, corporate credit builds, live answer remote call forwarding, Beverly Hills business address,  seasoned domain name and website. The Hub Company consists of a Nevada series LLC that utilizes one of its series (Series A) to entirely own a Texas series LLC (referred to as the Sub-company). - Registration is based in Pune but it can be operated pan India. Fax: 832-201-5321 - Business does not own any physical assets. - We were engaged in industrial automation and had developed our proprietary software. If you are not finding what you are looking for, contact us and tell us what you need – Chances are we have it in our hidden Inventory and can pull it out for you. Phone: +1 307 216-4643, What’s App: +1 307 201-2978 Phone: +1 307 201-2978. Call us today for more information and to add your name to our applicant waiting list. of Corporations, Dept of Revenue and the IRS. Its sole member and manager is the Novana Trust. Click here to register and message the business. Shelf Corporations should be private. Instantly obtain the necessary “Time in Business” and Credibility required to be approved for Corporate Credit and Financing. BUILD CORPORATE CREDIT . 95% of the time it will be simple to understand. Colonnade LLC has DBAs of “_____________” and “______________.” It is owned by Series A of Corinthian LLC, the Nevada hub company, a series LLC. - We used to provide IT training for Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight and Sharepoint, and recruitment services to 45-50 clients in the IT industry. - The company was listed in New York Stock Exchange. - Have raised around $40K last year as donations through our platform. Business does not own any physical assets. Should you buy an existing business or start a business from scratch? etc…. We offer financing in some circumstances and accept most methods of payment including cash, check, money order, wire transfer, crypto currencies including BITCOIN, precious metals including gold and silver bullion, jewelry, and many other collectibles and rarities. Also engaged in advertising-based operations with this entity in the past. We will review your situation and your timeline very carefully and quickly offer to you a custom fitted solution. Avoid headaches and delays. - Currently have 2 funds setup on our platform. Just select S-Corporation Status and you will be taxed at the Personal Level instead of the Corporate Level, thus completely avoiding State Corporate Income Taxes and benefiting from lower Personal Income Tax Rates, regardless of the State where the Shelf Corporation comes from. U.S. Companies formed with these anonymity features are, so far as we know, not available elsewhere (anywhere) at this or any other price. If you need advice on how to reach and exceed these requirements, talk to us. If you need business funding to breath life into your new dream, or help take your existing one to a whole new level, we can help! Existing Business is in a High-Risk Industry for Lenders. The only question you need to ask is “What is the maximum credit limit that can be approved without providing tax returns?”. . Please inform us the full particulars of your situation and what you wish to accomplish? 3+ Years of Clean Credit History: No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past. Limited additional customization (not a major re-write) of documents is included. You don’t need to risk your money and your liberty – You can get REAL Business Tradelines legally through our 80 Paydex Program. Corinthian LLC (the hub company) was established in Nevada on _____________, 2020 under File No. If you want to open a Business Bank Account and/or hire any Employees, then you need one. Which Credit-Ready Package to choose? Corinthian LLC has DBAs of “_____________” and “______________.”. For Sale: Shell company in Hyderabad with all statutory regulations in order. Traditional Anonymity LLCs 2 to 3 years old: $3,750 Open 10am to 8pm ET. The new buyer can use the company to enter any line of business or get their existing business listed. Call us: 323-648-5232. How active are the business profiles listed on SMERGERS? The benefits of a corporation that already has a history are numerous. Online Form - SCG - Client Lead - Website - Inventory, Is a recently purchased Shelf Corporation, and/or, Pay a High-Price for a Shelf Corp that supposedly comes with Established Credit (But it really doesn’t), Pay for a Shelf Corp that supposedly comes with a Personal Guarantor (Recipe for Fraud), Pay for a Shelf Corp that supposedly comes with Tax Returns (Recipe for Fraud & Jail Time), Pay for a Shelf Corp that has Bad Credit and/or Hidden Liabilities (Shelf Corp “Lemon”), Pay for a Shelf Corp that is not owned by the Seller (Fake Seller – Like buying Land on the Moon). - The company is a Fujairah Freezone establishment with 4 visa quota for employees. For this reason, we recommend you do not even attempt to purchase Business Tradelines, since they are fraudulent and there is 99% chance you will lose your money and not get any tradelines at all. No Personal Guarantee Funding – The Only Way, The Only Program! Protect Assets from Creditors and facilitate Estate Planning. Ask us about becoming a Wilshire Financial Services Marketing Program Exposure Broker. $950. Its sole member and manager is the Criterion Trust. For Sale: Shell company in Bangalore that has all documents and compliances up to date. 3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts. By doing this, after 3 to 6 months, the Shelf Corporation will have the necessary bank statements to qualify for additional Funding with additional Lenders, allowing the Funding achieved with the Shelf Corporation to surpass the Shelf Corp’s original Funding Capacity. Our shelf companies are already established and have an advantageous tax history. - Gurgaon registered firm for sale. 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