Longest trip I took was about 200 miles one way. Use hilltop reserve and fully charge? no problems at all. Oh well. Most people aren’t going to put their electric vehicle through anywhere near the stress that I’ve put on my Bolt EV, so even if my battery degradation numbers seem high, I don’t think they are reflective of the average EV owner’s experience Many naysayers wait with baited breath for EV battery replacements. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Record the energy used and the battery percentage displayed. has a total of 7 stations no fast chargers. I have a 2012 Volt with 83600 miles, lifetime MPGe of 194. Hope that batteries will be cheaper in next couple of years! Here is a historical snapshot of the degradation in 10,000 mile increments:0 to 10,000 Miles: 60 kWh 2018 Tesla Model X I recently passed the 100,000 mile mark on my 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, and I provided a quick update on my YouTube channel where I covered a number of topics about how well my Bolt EV was holding up. When the mercury hits 95°F and air conditioning is in use, an owner can expect the range to fall by an average of 17 percent. As mentioned above, while an electric vehicle’s battery pack will tend to degrade slightly with each charge and discharge cycle, it’s an extremely gradual process. Nearly 43,000 Chevy Bolt electric cars have been sold in the US. Then he dives into the history of the passively cooled Nissan Leaf batteries, though he doesn't delve into the specific history around capacity loss in some pre-2015 Leaf packs. This is the reality. That number is higher than what I've seen on several posts, yet GM maintains that the battery is within (its') specs. 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The 100,000 miles I’ve put on my car in less than three years is more miles than many people put on a car for the entire time they own it. I was going to purchase a Tesla Model 3, but read about dismal experiences with the customer service. GM warranties the Bolt EV battery for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This has been a question for some time in the EV community. Broadly, it now seems safe to suggest that electric-car batteries with active liquid cooling (and heating) seem to have lower rates of capacity loss—especially under extreme conditions—than do those that use only passive air cooling, such as the Leaf's. After 100,000 miles of driving, I’ve lost a whopping 5% of my battery range. What I've found is that the best method for calculating capacity accurately is to actually use as much energy as possible and then compare the energy used with the reported battery level. Looking at the future, do you think, the possibility exists that we would be able to swap the batteries for solid state in the future. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. I found the most range estimates on the coldest day was approximately 165 miles. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. To be sure, replacing an electric vehicle’s battery is an expensive proposition. 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They have all the parts to make a Voltec pickup Silverado/Colorado and equinox/blazer. They’re also less prone than other battery types to lose their charge when not being used. If you have ever seen the movie "Black Beauty," there is also no telling how hard this horse has been ridden. It's one of the major questions for any electric-car buyer: How long will the battery pack last?

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