Tootsie Roll is a sweet little pocket pony with a big heart and attitude to match. Jun 7, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Shannon jennings. For example, I used to share a mare (a liver chestnut Welsh section D, with a tiny white spot on her forehead like yours) and her name … If I get a horse it will hopefully be white or chestnut. Even though cars are now the norm and horses have become a hobby rather than a life necessity, the role of the horse is honored through books, movies, and television shows. Names from surroundings like make a list of chestnut colour things from nature. Halter bloodlines. Here you'll find names for spirited horses, gentle horses, wild horses, and reliable horses. Nothing phases this mare, she has done cross country, been out on trails in groups (prefers to lead) and alone, along with she loves the water. Naming Chestnut horse is easy as compared to dun , bay or other rare coat color.If you have new horse , pony or waiting for new foal in your ranch, selection of name is first step.Chestnut name selection depends on mythodology , history and use of name in different languages.Here are some great ideas for chestnut horse. Her trainer says she is a prospect for any discipline, and would be happiest with an experienced and patient rider. Absence of true black hairs forms chestnut colour. Male chestnut need tough names, Here are some male horse names for your chestnut friend. Here are two tips that can help you. 15.2-15.3 hands tall. Hi! . So the chestnut stereotype focusing on mares could simply be because mares tend to be worse than geldings and chestnuts tend to be worse than other colours. Her name means "magnolia" in Aztec-Nahuatl, so it's no surprise when we say that she's ready to blossom into her next career! Okay here is a little bit about her.....she is gentle, tall, jumps, FLAWLESS, hasnt spooked yet, has a Blaze & 2 hind socks. Choose your favorite chestnut horse name and drop in comments. Carrots. Chestnut is a hair coat color of horses consisting of a reddish-to-brown coat with a mane and tail the same or lighter in color than the coat. Minni is a 17.2 liver chestnut that is looking to please. Throughout history elaborate and detailed architecture appears as a way to express personality and wealth. See more ideas about chestnut mare, mare, chestnut. Here are some breeds of colors. So you have (or are getting) a beautiful chestnut horse or pony, or perhaps you have a... Alev. Check out this amazing Gaited Chestnut Mare Tennessee Walker for sale in Danville, Illinois USA! Stimpy. Check out this amazing Chestnut Mare For Sale! I need some names for my chestnut mare that im getting in a couple weeks. She has been boarding here for almost four years now so we know Snipper and her human pretty well. I have MSc (Hons) in Agriculture from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Make a great broodmare. Age 15 yrs. [9] Normally female horses need cute and cool names, here are some cool chestnut ideas for mares. Chestnut comes in different shades like palominos or dark shade in black colour. For example, chestnuts get “red” names like Garnet, Ginger, or Flame. A chestnut horse is used to describe the type of horse with a reddish-to-brown coat with a mane and tail the same or lighter in colour than the coat.1 Both the female and male chestnut horses, the chestnut mare and chestnut stallion, are possible corporeal forms of … This is a Turkish female name that means flame. If it’s white I would name it Citrus or Lemon, and if chestnut either Skipper or Cinnamon(Cinna for short). Horse Name: BULMERS PRINCE - HSH: Registration Number: C2-248720: Registration Status: Second Cross: Competition Status : Eligible: Hall of Fame: No: Heritage Stock Horse: Yes: Sex: Gelding: Foaling Date: 17-12-2017: Colour: BROWN: Sire: MALLANGANEE SAMPSON - HSH: Dam: BULMERS POPPIE - HSH: Breeder: 3 Bee Stock Horses: Current Owner: 3 Bee Stock Horses: Genetic Disorder Results: NO … Mocha 2003 AQHA chestnut mare. This mare is bred and trained to work! Chestnut is a very common coat color but the wide range of shades can cause confusion. Whether a horse is chestnut, black, or bay is determined by a simple difference in a single gene known as the extension locus.

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