The water is cold so work slowly.

But in fact, at certain times of year, walleye fishing below the Mason-Dixon line — especially here in Tennessee — is superior even to renown Upper Midwest hotspots like the Big Lake They Called Gitche Gumee.

These were my first drop shot fish EVER.

Every fish over 12” counted. The guys who caught it “were a couple of old-timers who didn’t care about stuff like that,” said Gribble. Pictured above is Bryant and then 2-year-old Jimmy Grissom. That’s when and where biologists from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency collect many of the walleye they use for breeding in state-run fry-rearing facilities, like the Normandy Fish Hatchery. Old Hickory supports a tremendous largemouth population and quality stripers. MONDO spots for me! Ask around what’s the best-eating freshwater fish and there’s a good chance walleye tops any serious angler’s menu. walleye on Center Hill Lake in 1957. Current fly fishing conditions are not so good today.

“I will never forget it. 615-397-4137). Walleye: Lots of walleye are being caught while trolling nightcrawler rigs on flats in 30 feet of water. “It’s a fishery that needs some help to sustain itself in a lot of these waters,” Markham said. A lot of people are unaware that three years prior to the Old Hickory catch, Center Hill Lake produced a behemoth-class monster that, at 21-pounds 4-ounces, was a certified U.S. record until eclipsed by the Harper fish. CENTER HILL. I was blessed to win by a big margin and 2nd big fish with the nearly 20” smallmouth! You could say my whole life is in the Caney Fork River and Center Hill Lake. Old Hickory Lake and Norris Lake traditionally have strong high quality walleye populations. In February to March walleye are feeding exceptionally aggressively as this is the time just before spawning. Because of their appetizing reputation, walleye that meet size-limit regulations “generally go home with people,” said Doug Markham, a four-decade veteran of TWRA who retired last year. True, walleye aren’t necessarily know for their bellicose resistance subsequent to biting a bait — leastwise not in the manner of, say, a burly smallmouth or mean-spirited musky. March 21, 2017. Crappie and Bluegill provide panfish action. Three species of black bass, striped bass, Cherokee bass and catfish top the wish list here. As far as predicting when the fishing is going to be “on,” there’s probably no better time than March, when walleye run by the thousands up Center Hill Lake’s headwaters on the Caney Fork for their yearly spawn. Call me crazy! To give an indication, at least three cities in Minnesota alone lay claim to the title of “Walleye Capital of the World.”., Watauga Lake, Dale Hollow, and Center Hill have also been identified as being some of the top walleye producers in Tennessee. The world record from this water, caught in 1955 (11-pounds, 15-ounces) still stands. And I can tell you that when it’s on, there’s no beating walleye fishing on Center Hill Lake.”.

I am starting weekly fishing reports for all the fisherman who love the Caney Fork River and Center Hill Lake. Bennie “Buck” Bryant and Glen Grissom caught a 21¼ lb. February 28, 2018. © 2020 Fishidy. It was huge.”, “I had a picture for years and years — I wish I still did,” he added. “I still remember the exact bush they were tied on to when they caught it. “The majority of the fish we collect come from Center Hill at Rock Island,” said Mike Jolley, the TWRA fisheries manager for Upper Cumberland reservoirs. But owing to their delectable flavor, delicate flaky texture and bulky fillet slabs, walleye are as prized as any game fish that prowls the waters of North America. Even though they’re not officially considered a cold-water fish, walleye are regarded by many as something of a “northern” species.
Quality spotted, largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. Possibly the best Walleye lake in the state. But it was never reported for any kind of record verification. Contact Gribble’s fishing-guide and taxidermy service at 931-743-8163. It is accessible via a boat launching ramp located in the park. 18,220 acres, Caught this nice center hill Largemouth and a couple nice smallmouth. Check out the white bass, Bluegill and catfish. I will give you the most honest and accurate report about the waters here. At the time it was a national record. I will give you the most honest and accurate report about the waters here.
Hey everyone! For 54-year-old local fishing guide and master taxidermist Dale Gribble, there indeed does not exist a finer body of water than Center Hill Lake for landing trophy walleye. My family and I want to give everyone the chance to enjoy our homeland! In a lot of places like the Cumberland River system, walleye “would still be there if it wasn’t for stocking, but they wouldn’t be there is such abundance,” he said. Largemouth are common and Walleye numbers and quali... Home of Mabry Harper's world record Walleye (41-inches, 25 pounds), however Walleye are not targeted by anglers.

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