This is most evident This means that the house can be designed as though it were on a level surface. On a steep slope, retaining walls can be impressive, and the costs can get expensive. Here are some of the things that an analysis should identify in more detail: While some sloping sites slope upwards (rise up from the road), some slope downwards (away from the road). Designing a home with a flat roof can produce a great, natural effect and it reduces the obtrusiveness/bulkiness of the home. The deeper the excavation the stronger and taller the wall needs to be. For planting in retaining walls, Better Homes & Gardens recommends plants that grow well in crevices such as creeping phlox, thyme, and candytuft. Building on an upslope block you will be faced with a different set of challenges to a down slope block. Our house plans for sloping lots have a variety of architectural styles and sizes to choose from. When you excavate 2, 3 or more meters into the ground, the surrounding soil needs to be retained with retaining walls. You should avoid as much as possible going in excess of 3m high with your ceilings as this takes most building products outside standard sizes and heights and adds extra cost. well be all the "sign" you need to tell you that a lobe-shaped area of low shrubs, brush, and smaller trees Like to read more content, Join the Mother Earth News Community Today. Visit our Price My Project tool. the top layers of the dirt will generally move faster than The exposed pool walls can be tiled, or faced with stone to add to the aesthetics of the pool. On an upslope lot, you may be looking over the road at views. Sloping Lot House Plans. Even moderately sloping lots may still need a short retaining wall to hold back a slope, or to hold up a driveway. The positives will likely outweigh the challenges, but you need to prepare for the process. an older one, the cut may appear to be nothing but an All Rights Reserved. lower layers of the shifting mass of earth. There will be some cost considerations with additional external cladding where the home actually splits. Such improvements would include paved driveways, foundations, etc. As excavation and associated engineering costs are expensive, an experienced designer will minimise these by having the plan follow the contours of the land. The first place to check to see if a lot is subject to Steep Slope Regulations is the Buncombe County GIS map or the MapWNC Slope Tool. Here’s why: The biggest hurdles boil down to two main factors: the gradient of the slope and whether the lot is upslope or downslope. The design should maximise these factors: This is the main reason many people build on sloping sites, so it makes sense for the design to make the most of the views. There can be a lot to take in when considering how to design your new home, so to make things a little clearer, we have included everything you need to know before you begin designing and building on a sloping site. This is one of the most vital aspects for a building on a sloping site. the signs of troublesome mass wasting first ... addition of water (on the lawn, on a garden, in a sewage A common reason for building on a slope is the lot overlooks breathtaking views of the city or mountains. Before Even if you’re not cutting, you’ll need a staging area for vehicles, equipment, and deliveries. Unique architectural design opportunities, The challenges of building on a steep slope, Always work with a steep slope construction expert, At Westlake Development Group, we have 30 years of experience constructing custom homes on steep slopes and other challenging properties. A Detailed Contour Survey is the secret to better design. of a house against the gradual slide of thousands of tons Welcome to Boulder City. innocent as it first looks. International Subscribers - Click Here If you wish to maintain the same ceiling height throughout the ground floor, then the split level will also apply to any floors above. With excavation the deeper you go the greater the chance of striking rock. Finally up slope homes tend to have the entry quite high up in comparison to the street. your downslope neighbors. vegetation growing on the surrounding slope. trees growing in the creep to be deformed as shown in Fig. …is intended to limit the intensity of development in steep areas, preserve viewsheds, and protect natural resources on land higher than 2,500 feet above sea level with a natural slope of 35% or more.

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