Show Other Reviews. The weight probably helps to minimize recoil when shooting, but I find I need to use a tree to help steady the gun before trying to take a shot.

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Breaks even more cleanly than before giving even better shot control. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Building on the success of the original R-10, the MK2 moves further ahead of the field with a range of upgrades designed to give you more performance, more potential and yet more personal satisfaction from owning the finest sporter BSA has ever produced. With that said I would increase my value for the money rating to 5 stars. Our dedicated airgun team can help answer any question about BSA airguns and our service centre gunsmiths are BSA trained. BSA Air Rifles are Produced in Birmingham and are one of the most accurate rifles available. I’ve shot all the R-10 variants over the years and I have one here and it’s one of my ‘go-to’ air rifles when there’s pest control to carry out, or if I just fancy spending time on the range. The cheekpiece and where is meets the timber is enhanced by a luxurious ‘scallop’ and the black colouring matches perfectly with the action, barrel, buddy bottle and forend and grip caps; it also works well with the adjustable rubber butt-pad. The magazine is still the reliable 10-rounder and the ones with the rifle have red inner rotors, as it’s in 22; .177 rifles have blue.

The BSA R-10 MK2 embodies style and performance like no other rifle on the market today. The grip is capped in a similar way to the forend and there is chequering on both sides. The resultant model used the reliable breech and bolt from the Scorpion and an entirely new action, fitted into an extremely stylish Minelli-made stock. NiteSite Laser Rangefinder - Full Review & Field Test, Cybergun FN Five-Seven Review & Shooting Test PT.2, Ace1Arms Trijicon RMR Style Sight - Full Review & Fitting, Cybergun FN Five-Seven Full Review & Shooting Test, Weihrauch HW100 KT .177 Air Rifle - 100 Yard target Shooting, Weihrauch HW100 KT Laminate Air Rifle - Full Review, JSB Exact .177 Pellet Sizing Options - Does It Make A Difference, What Is Air Rifle Cant - Practical Shooting Explanation, Sig Sauer MPX .177 Co2 Pellet Air Rifle - Full Review & Accuracy Test, FX Wildcat .177 Air Rifle - 100 Yard target Shooting, REVIEW Atlas BT-10 Bipod - Greenbase Replica, REVIEW ASG 4.5mm Blaster Plastic Air Pistol BB\'s, Huggett Belita Moderator - Initial review & Test, NiteSite RTEK Night Vision Recording Unit - Full Review & Field Test, Sig Sauer P226 .177 Pellet Co2 Air Pistol - Initial Review, Eagle Vision Scope Cam Kit - Initial Review, Weihrauch HW100 Single Shot Loading Adaptor - Review, Daystate Pulsar Bullpup PCP Air Rifle In Action, Pigeon Hunting with the Saber Tactical Chassis FX Dreamline, Hunting BIG Geese (and more) - Pigeon Paradise, Episode 8, Daystate PULSAR (Full Review) the #1 Most Accurate Bullpup PCP Rifle Available (a Red Wolf Bullpup), Tricked out FX Impact!

To fill your PCP gun: 1.Pick a source of air shown at right 2.If an adapter is needed, one will be shown 3.Add both to your cart to get hooked up BSA R-10 SE PCP Air Rifle, Walnut Stock with 1/8" BSPP connector (2M) To start over click reset. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the fabled BSA R10, the new R10 TH comes with a beautiful new thumbhole Minelli stock and our biggest shot count yet! These include the Gold Star SE, R-10 SE and Scorpion. BSA Defiant Bullpup PCP Air Rifle From Only: £1,049. This rifle feels more like a high-quality center-fire rifle. for once this item has been added to basket. Imported from Italy and extremely high quality, protect your new rifle for less when bought with your rifle. The BSA R-10 MK2 embodies style and performance like no other rifle on the market today. Indeed, BSA is the only volume manufacturer of Air Rifles which uses Cold Hammer Forged barrels. don't forget to like & subscribe! Predator Polymag Shorts, .22 Cal Pellets, 15.75... H&N Field Target Trophy Power Copper Plated, .22... JSB Match Diabolo Test Sampler, .22 Cal, Round... BSA .22-Cal Multishot Magazine, 10rds, Fits Selec... BSA .177-Cal Multishot Magazine, 10rds, Fits... Air Venturi Gen. 2 Single-Shot Tray for BSA/Gamo... Rifled steel, cold hammer-forged barrel (free-floated), 10 round, self-indexing circular magazine, Up to 50 shots per fill in .177, up to 45 shots per fill in .22, Improved shroud system with fixed suppressor for super stealthy shooting, Vertically and horizontally adjustable rubber buttpad, Oiled walnut Monte Carlo stock with right-hand raised cheekpiece, Includes 2 magazines, lube, fill adapter and fill port plug. As well as this, the air capacity has been increased with a 280cc buddy bottle, this means that the shot count has increased to a massive 340 shots in .22 & 280 shots in .177. The original stock had cut-outs in the bottom of the butt, with room to house two spare 10-shot magazines but this was not carried forward to production models and the sculpted, handfilling sections on the forend were altered to flow the opposite way.

You can find out more about how we use cookies here. The cylinder is easy to fill even with a hand pump. The action itself is the same as the existing model but the regulator must have been given a once over, as the performance figures are quite astonishing, but I’ll get to that later on. BSA now supply a handy filler port plug, which stops anything untoward getting injected into the air reservoir. May 4th 2019 Here we have my first look and review of the new BSA R10 TH! It is also very quiet so backyard target shooting for those in suburban settings should be no problem. The differences may be minute but every little help, as they say. Starting at the front, which is just like the current R-10, there is a stylish, semi-Schnabel tip in contrasting black wood, complete with a thin spacer; the elegant forend still has the gentle ‘wave’ contour of the standard model and it’s a feature of several BSA stocks these day and gives sort of ‘family’ look to the range. I’m always very careful with any rifle I’m using and I’ve managed to keep anything nasty out of all my PCPs over the years but this is real belt and braces stuff. The new R10 TH really is the only rifle you will ever need. It’s fair to say that there were some issues with the original R-10s, but the factory soon addressed them all with the introduction of the R-10 Mk II. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Gun Oil... Radians Revelation Safety Glasses, Black Frame,... Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Battle at Sea Target,... Champion VisiChalk Ferris Wheel Target System, MTM Case-Gard Jammit All-Weather Target Backer. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. I like to know if this model is legal in Canada ? The new R-10 TH really is the only rifle you will ever need. To £2,132.98. Remember we deliver air rifles & pistols straight to your door! I get around 50 shots out of a full tank. This is not what I'm about, but I really am frustrated that I have not fired this gun and have not even been contacted in a few weeks. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. as always any questions feel free to post them below.

Special Price £384.95 £320.79 Regular Price £399.95. The fact that BSA includes a moderator and sling studs in addition to the adjustable butt stock, all features my other UK rifle doesn't have, lift the BSA to being an even better value at this price.

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