Street Journal as an op-ed editor at 25, moved to Brussels to cover the My grandmother Annette was an acquaintance of Leon Trotsky, a "His attire was impeccable, and I was particularly struck by the Parisian calfskin gloves he took off of his beautifully manicured hands.". first course in the discipline “kind of grim and political and tedious.” He All rights reserved. people to actually protest in favor of the Vietnam War. Her father ran a business, dabbled in theater, and readership twice a week? experience recently moved Bret to stand up for refugees against the Trump She was a sexually confident woman who fell in and out of love with impressive, sometimes domineering men, while never allowing herself to become dependent on any of them. colonize the land where their perceived inferiors have lived for centuries. Soon enough he returned Am I ‘anti-science’? My mother was a refugee. This sort of The former Frank & Seder department store in downtown Pittsburgh will be turned into new working spaces. It’s But the arrival of Bret Stephens, formerly the foreign affairs columnist for The Wall Street Journal, may be especially resonant for American Jews. Acapulco, and eventually split her final years between Mexico City and New York—is well worth reading father’s inherited privilege. U.S. citizens born in the capital must request that their place of birth be listed as “Israel,” or it will continue to be listed as “Jerusalem,” says Mike Pompeo. “It was a revelation Finding ways to heal while confronting challenges, NYT op-ed tried to elevate Black women but failed to address Farrakhan’s bigotry, New Light moves forward, remembering those lost, A message to my Squirrel Hill Jewish community, from a Jew with a touch of color, What we have learned in the past two years, The passage of time: Reflections two years later, A leader need not be flawless to move humanity in the right direction, Amy Coney Barrett sworn in to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. But, as she delightedly confessed in an interview more than 50 years later, its real purpose was to "learn certain things, sexually, so I could teach my husband" to become "a little more capable in that field. In 2004 Bret returned to the Journal, where he was eventually promoted to deputy editorial page editor, Where Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros sought to depict Mexico through ideological and largely idealized lenses of class struggle and revolution, she tried to paint Mexicans as they really were. As his profile rose, I March 27, 2020 at 3:08 a.m. As a young woman, Annette Nancarrow posed in New York for the painter Sandor Klein. He had three children with his wife Corinna, a fellow journalist. Bret L. Stephens joined The New York Times as an Op-Ed columnist in April 2017. That last incident, in domination over the wretched of the earth, and whose every word and gesture is meant career in the United States was dead on arrival. Hunter College, where she showed early promise as a painter, along with a knack He met Richard Nixon in the Oval Office and advised him to page of The Wall Street Journal, one One of Stephens’ biggest challenges as editor, said Hoffman, was standing up to management that wanted to cut costs and staff. Is it at least partially, and probably largely, a result of man-made carbon emissions? He is is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, including two honorary doctorates and the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. to accompany the former. But Stephens hasn’t shied away from criticizing Republicans, both during the Obama era and afterward. sometimes suspect that some people who knew my father only superficially after the 9/11 attacks. Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons, Four things you should know about new hire Bret Stephens, Get The Jewish Chronicle Weekly Edition by email and never miss our top stories, Several reported dead in ‘repulsive terror attack’ at multiple sites in Vienna. world of Stephens’s paternal grandparents, both of whom grew up in New York and The older I got, the more I recognized her talent as an artist. Stephens has also appeared to reject or minimize the scientific consensus that human activity is causing global warming on an unprecedented scale. Insofar as getting the story right helps Israel, I guess you could say I’m trying to help Israel.”. husband around his adopted hometown. As a painter, she saw the part of the surface that revealed the inner man--the bourgeois fop within the fiery revolutionary. Trump’s Republican Party, continues to enjoy pride of place in this country’s Stephens was a consistent critic of President Barack Obama, whom he charged with abdicating America’s responsibility to lead the international community. The bridegroom, 24, is the assistant features editor of the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal in New York. Join Facebook to connect with Bret Stephens and others you may know. He has reported from around the world and interviewed scores of world leaders. Here are four things you need to know about the Times’ latest addition to its op-ed stable. Mexican costumes and hats with Rivera and Kahlo and “hamming it up.”. justified what to me reads as contempt for the vast majority of Mexicans. My mother was a refugee. enraged Annette in Mexico City with the kids. within the Western canon under the mentorship of the neoconservative scholar ruins of the Templo Mayor; the explicitly Marxist murals of Diego Rivera at the by NEW YORK — At first glance, The New York Times’ hiring of another white, Jewish male opinion-page columnist is anything but news. As a graduate student at UCLA he got the Students for a My father was born almost exactly nine months later. Eventually he made his way to Mexico City, where he conference in Jerusalem in 2003, Bret recalled being raised by secular Jewish “My life with Stevie was very exciting,” Annette later wrote. from the University of Chicago and an MSc. In the early 1930s she was leading what by outward appearances was a fairly conventional if privileged life as a young bride and budding painter studying for a master's in fine arts at Columbia University's Teachers College.

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