This is one article I was hesitant to write. They've been really developing good ones over the last few years. You want this to happen.

12 years ago When he said two deer, I thought they had each shot one. I use a nylon bristle brush and dental picks for this. They are longer and you don’t risk damaging your ramrod which is a critical tool in the field. I continued to have misfires in other guns until I learned how they needed to be cleaned. But rest assured, you can clean and prepare your muzzleloader for storage in about 20 minutes. That remaining fouling caused all kinds of headaches and frustrations for me at a State muzzle loading match once. Windex (yes, with ammonia) is a very good bore cleaner.

Attach a piece of plastic tubing (available from aquarium supply stores) to the nipple, put the other end of the tubing into a bottle of water or cleaning solvent and pump it into the barrel with a wet cleaning patch on your cleaning rod.

HOOOOLLLYYYYY @#$%! In an empty 20 ounce bottle pour two ounces of Ballistol water soluble oil. You are far better off with motor oil than this aromatic gun-wrecker.

There are black powder solvents available to purchase and I have used some of them.

As for the barrel itself, water is touted as all you need for cleanup of Hodgdon's "Triple Seven" from gun bores, though you really don't need much more than that with black powder or Pyrodex. I just didn't want to gore anyone’s sacred cow. No reason to go overboard. Using a gun can be as serious as driving a car. i also have decided to stick with a small charge of black powder and keep it small, because the chamber pressures are less for black powder than most other powders. Simply remove the nipple from the rifle and replace it with the flush nipple. Tear it down as far as you can. Use a Montana X-Treme nylon brush soaked with Blackhorn 209 Solvent to scrub the bore. They are more effective than a shotgun with a slug. By trial and error I discovered that a .38 caliber pistol brush fits nicely into the patent breech chamber of my .50 caliber Great Plains Rifle and removes that fouling. The first time you try it you'll be convinced as well. Shooting an in-line muzzleloader causes two basic types of fouling: ignition-based and propellant based.

Soak a patch in the water and wrap it around the jag and begin swabbing the bore.

And that is how I came to my present method of cleaning muzzle loaders. Lubricate rotating parts with oil and sliding parts with a good gun grease. By the way, muzzleloading weapons are still evolving. In many states, there's also an extra hunting season for those willing to use these "out of date" weapons. After all, spit patching between saboted projectile shots is all that is normally required, though some may be blessed with more cleansing spittle than others. Think of them as tiny scrub brushes with built-in mops. The oil mixed with the fouling and left a tar like crud in the guns. Change patches and repeat the process. i'm sorry, but i just have to say again... The main ingredient is water, so I would not recommend letting it soak in your barrel any longer than you would allow it to soak in plain water. So keep your powder dry and your rifle clean. Pick the debris out of the nipple with a nipple pick or small wire. While the barrel is still warm, run a patch saturated with Bore Butter up and down the barrel a few times. Remove the lock, clean and lubricate it. i recently started building a black powder rifle for plinking or taking small game (i could not afford to buy one) in 177 caliber. Now I have removed moisture attracting fouling. It’s commonly known as “moose milk” and there are as many different recipes for it as there are old muzzle loading shooters. How powder fouling finds it's way inside the lock is beyond guess, but it does. Clean and dry the remaining parts of your cocking and firing mechanism and wipe down with Bore Butter. My best example of this is using Pyrodex RS on a clean barrel with a Knight Wolverine. Black powder and muzzleloading firearms are fun. Now run a dry patch down the bore to dry it.

Check that the flint is sharp and not loose in the jaws of the cock. A quick summary is that all you really need is hot water and elbow grease to clean, then Breakfree CLP to protect, with an anti-seize for your breech plug. Or toss it and replace it with a new nipple. Heat and pressure, plus petroleum equals tar, just like the asphalt used in paving roads. An experience I do not wish to repeat. Use a "nipple pick" or a needle to make sure there is no fouling in the tiny orifice.

But I receive so many questions on this topic I decided it would be expedient to describe the method I use and why I use it. Follow that up with dry patches and then oil the bore. There is nothing better than a good gun oil to prevent rust and I recommend its use. The only information I had was the little booklet that came with my rifle kit. Any light machinery oil will protect the now bare metal, though I've long felt that a drop or two of Breakfree CLP is the best thing you can apply as a protectant. Likewise, coat the threads of the breech plug before you thread it back into the barrel. So, don’t go off half-cocked with the following tutorial. If you don’t shoot a lot these may suit your need.

With the breechplug and/or nipple removed, clean it. The breech face scraper pictured here will remove that fouling. what they said do thar is pour gun sovent in it and let it sit and tape up the nipple and swab it out and pour what's left and oil it down. Clean your muzzle loaders with it. So, to avoid this tar-like fouling we are going to turn to “natural” products like hot soapy water, and swab out the barrel. Remember, it’s stain-LESS, not stain-FREE. #moveright { He went out by himself at 4:30 AM, and had one on the ground by about 6 AM. The solution was to use a slightly larger than bore size, plastic bristle brush that gets into the vent recess and loosens the fouling that collects there. Air Cadets and army cadets usually have range practice and biatholon! Proper cleaning to remove all traces of fouling will prevent 95 percent of hang-fires and misfires. The first step for me actually starts at the range. You're certainly starting right, and sounds like you're considering the most important things. This obstructs the flash channel, the flame from the nipple doesn’t reach the powder charge, and the gun won’t fire. These days, I shoot too many guns and other responsibilities to devote that kind of time to maintenance (unless you have three kids in diapers, spare me your comments). The whole process may seem a little overwhelming and counter intuitive. Yet, depending on gun and load, I have seen plastic fouling build-up after a couple of hundred shots. Southwestern, Ohio out in the country about 40 mil. Firearm safety is of utmost importance. Second, we heat the barrel when we shoot and allow a bit of that Bore Butter to lube the hot barrel. Muzzleloading is a fun past-time and may even lead to new hunting opportunities and learning a bit about the mountain man and fur-trading era of our great country. Let us know in the comments below! Retrieve your breech plug and nipple and if necessary scrub thoroughly with an old toothbrush. Black, sticky tar (fouling) creates all sorts of trouble in the bore of a muzzleloader.”. The mountain men of the 1800’s did not have any whizz bang cleaners at their disposal. Hopefully I’ve been able to open your eyes to some new horizons in the shooting sports. Thompson/Center also makes pre-lubricated patches ($16 for 100). First, we scrub out some fouling by pushing a tightly patched ball down the bore. Hooked breech barrels are easily removed from the stock for cleaning but I find that an unnecessary step for percussion guns. My youngest son killed 2 deer with one shot last year! We routinely leave Butch's solution in the barrel over night too. Remember to clean the rifles nipple with a pipe cleaner or nipple pick. If allowed to sit crusted in your bore or around the nipple you will be rewarded with pitting, rust and corrosion, even on stainless steel guns. Any advice i would appreciate it thanks When the water or cleaning solution is coming out of the barrel clean remove the flush nipple and dry patch the barrel. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. It seems that the vent liner in my gun has a cone shaped opening on its inside.

wow, i never knew they made modern muzzle-loaders...

The answer to this problem for me was to use a black powder solvent that softens the fouling better than soap and water, an understanding of the peculiar nooks and crannies in each gun and finding brushes and tools the right shape and size to loosen it so it could be flushed out of the gun. Black powder firearms are particularly susceptible to rust and corrosion. The breech face is flat. This means the fouling produced when these products are ignited attract and hold water molecules. All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Read (and follow! The next two photos are views of a drum removed from a CVA rifle. And where was this wet fouling I was finding in the pan after a shot coming from?

This particular recipe dissolves powder fouling well and will not harm the finish on your stock.

A few drops of dishwashing soap is just fine. These days I mix up my own. Though I'm hesitant to state there is only one "best" or even "better" way, it need not be a frightening or formidable task. A metal cleaner with the warning "will harm plastics" applied to the bore also takes care of it, as that is the idea. If this happens chuck the nipple in a drill, rotate it and file it down to size. You really don't need any esoteric or unique concoctions, although those who sell them would rather you believe that is the case. It shows the flash channel and chamber inside the breech. on Introduction.

This includes examination with our borescope." thank you for your concern, the reason i made it .177 is because of the minimal chamber pressures, therefore making it less likely to blow up, also since pellets are dirt cheap i would not have to cast or buy lead ammo! Any viscous, high temperature grease works for the fractions of a second our breech plugs see direct heat in a range session, but I've found Bostik "Never-Seez" and other readily available automotive "Anti-Seize" products that meet Mil-Spec 907E to be as good as can be had.

Black powder enthusiasts have universally praised Dan's personal favorite barrel cleaning solvent, "Butch's Bore Shine.". Just remember to wipe it out of the bore before you load the gun. Very likely, the same kind of opinion would surface with regards to the cleaning and maintenance of the black powder rifle. Apparently, some great mystery has been ascribed to this, although you would think that after all these years we would have figured it out by now. I follow with a dry patch, then a cleaning patch saturated with Bore Butter. Good luck!! Perhaps it’s in the formula of the Lestoil. Following that I remove the nipple and clean out screw and clean the flash channel with pipe cleaners. Begin disassembly. With that first fouling shot on the barrel, 1" groups are very common but on a clean barrel, that first shot can be … If you or someone you know has a different way and it works for you, that's great. Following that I remove the nipple and clean out screw and clean the inside of the drum with a pipe cleaner designed to clean the. And where was this wet fouling I was finding in the pan after a shot coming from? The bore is now cleaned and lubed and ready to store. In an article written by my friend William Clunie many years ago he quotes the president of Ox Yoke regarding petroleum products and fouling.

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