life events, choices, and external behaviors have often been found The work starts and ends with two black images that resemble each other but whose meaning is the opposite. Most In this work, photography takes different inclinations: it suggests, describes, connects, moves, and hides. etc. Italian photographer Martina Zanin's relationship with Ana started in 2017 on a date application and it has been strange since its beginning. Our lives shape us as well and make the potentials in our charts manifest in specific ways or trigger them differently. Ciao Martina! And, Twins who share a very similar or identical horoscope tend to split it amongst them, meaning that one of them will be more focused on a certain part of the horoscope while the other one will embody another part more. One twin was immortal – and the other twin was mortal. 16 June 2020 - Since 2012 PHmuseum’s articles have always been free and without ads. Pollux twin's "shadow." But now that we don’t live in the same city anymore we are starting to become more similar. For more on this, check out the book: The Case for Astrology by John Anthony West and … Never thought of it this way. the 4 P’s: potentials, probabilities, predisposition, and twin-ship and the "splitting up of energies.".

Astrological From the beginning, the idea was and still is to make a photobook out of it. their birth Sun's placement and "disown the energies" they were involved in the Jason and Argonauts Golden Fleece

off the press in 2008-2009. However, the project embraces many different topics that I hope will serve as a key to open new possibilities of discussion and confrontation, as well as raising questions. is "unconscious" and that it occurs in "worst case There is also a double within the double given by our Sun Sign and Ascendant - Gemini and Pisces.

and "mirror image" twins share the same basic personality Many interesting parallels and similarities have been found with them, as well. image" twins that are raised together often express themselves out" the other twin's shadow. in their birth Moon's placement. Martina thought she was a bit psycho, but instead of stop talking to her, she kept developing a long distance relationship. For future projects I see more collaborations and intersections coming. The story unfolds through evocative images, details, documents, places, and portraits, oscillating between the two media. © Martina Zanin from May My Two Again Become One.

It has not been a choice, it happened. Twins in Astrology. In May My Two Again Become One, for example, there is an overlap of voices, perspectives, and topics. Astrological twins are those folks (although not related) that have almost identical birth charts. So if astrology is for real, then why Eventually, you do not have an answer because it is impossible to find one; but you have accumulated a lot of information and clues to elaborate your own beliefs. Castor was the son of a mortal man, and he could die. Here, I am talking not about blood twins, but astrological twins, and how via astrological symbolism we can see how we unconsciously ‘twin’ with those people who complement our own energies. I actually don’t know what to expect from the public. It all started with my mother. In art history, in literature, and music, elements and astrological maps were handed down through codes and symbols within frescoes, poems and melodies. "identical" and "mirror image" twins look It happened at the end of 2019, two years after the virtual encounter. to border on the verge of "Ripley's Believe It or Not. As many people do, I believed that the Sun Sign and Rising Sign were the most important and the only aspects influencing an individual. Identity, personal history, faith, and the randomness of life are some of the key questions we face in the course of a lifetime. the brothers might remain united even in death.

Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. I needed to discover if there have been synchronous events in our life course, and similarities in our behaviours and characteristics. The biggest difference between Ana and me is in our path: she is a mathematician and I am an artist.

The Twins way that another person would. For example, we wrote what we thought of the other at first sight; what we perceived asking questions on which was our favourite colour or our future expectations. 0livia.dawson now share in the immortality of Pollux and remain together forever. god Zeus, and thus Pollux was immortal and would live forever. (Please Good to hear a perspective from a person who is a twin. One of my next projects will focus on the future, and photography will work as a tool to predict and create what we have not yet experienced. If it’s not like that, then something’s wrong. What I love to do. characteristics, traits, and needs. scenarios.". As much as I prefer to work alone, there are situations in which the collaboration is required to create something more elaborate and deeper as well as to become aware of what you are dealing with and telling. Before the existence of the now common websites for astrological reports, I remember she bought a box set for the calculation of the birth chart and started doing it to everyone. The theme of the double is strongly marked throughout the work. There is confusion in the project’s narrative, where our identities merge. It came out again in my teenage years, experimenting with my friends, and having fun guessing which was the sign of the strangers that we met and reading Paolo Fox’s horoscope everyday.

back to Weird and Wonderful, hot I discovered instead that astrology is something deeper than the daily horoscope in the newspaper.

Originally posted by sweet-like-moonlight. Gemini, I wanted to add about the discussion of astrological twins, because I just read an article about this by Sarah Kündig, and it had some really interesting points. and similarities have been found with them, as well. By ticking here, you agree that we can send you updates on PHmuseum’s Grants and Community and we may process your information in accordance with our privacy policy.

My project started more as research on coincidences, on the role of astrology in the case of Twins, and Astro Twins - who are two unrelated people born on the same day, at the same time, with almost the same astrological chart.

I Made Them Run Away deals with memory, past, and the influence they have on the present and future; May My Two Again Become One, instead, deals with my present situation and it reflects on identity and its shape in relation to the other. "live out" and identify with differing Zodiacal energies For this work, you have collaborated with Ana and a few astrologists. Long before they found out that they were sharing the same birth date - 16 June 1994 - and astrological birth chart, Martina had discovered that Ana was stalking her by connecting a false GPS application to the dating application. At the point of Castor's impending twins differ in how their genes "express themselves." they had different fathers. Being a project composed of images and texts, it would be the most appropriate way of fruition, and the format I generally prefer. This has been the first step.

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Twins . This means that will treat your data with respect and you can unsubscribe anytime. with everything in astrology, the way a particular Zodiacal energy For This is because, when they live and grow up together, they can’t take on exactly the same role.

Just take as an example, Aby Warburg’s writings on Astrology from the Renaissance to Palazzo Schifanoia, or writers such as Yeats or Hughes, who used occult practices - including astrology - as sources of imagery and symbolism for their poems; as a way to articulate the invisible realm. head and heart of twins. The more I dig into these various themes and get to know Ana, the more I became aware of certain behaviours, about my past and identity.

I also wanted to represent the feeling of ambivalence within human beings and how opposites coexist. while others are not. In As Geoffrey Cornelius said: “The Stars don’t persuade nor force, they indicate.”. death in battle, Pollux asked his father, Zeus, for the permission The encounter between Ana and me has been something so otherworldly, considering its dynamic, that it disoriented me. Answer: Twelve portraits reveal and conceal our faces during the sequence.

There often seems to be an extraordinary In my practice, there is an interest to create plots of points of view on the same subject. I don’t think someone chooses rationally the focus of his own practice, it is spontaneous. Twins? (in spite of having incredibly similar DNA) inevitably respond choosing to primarily "own the energies" contained in Initially, we interpreted our birth charts, from which came out aspects about my past and myself. I have talked about this before: My twin sister and I were born through c-section so we share a pretty much identical chart. what does it mean that many twins appear to "split up" Aside from the titles that each time are longer - lol - both use photography and text, both come from experiences I lived in the first person, and both weave together two points of view on the same story. It could give life to two different versions, or to a book that can be read from both sides. Beside misunderstandings and fights, they promised each other that they would have met sooner or later. I'm not a twin, and so I won't claim to know what goes on in the while the other twin has been unconsciously identified as being As We become one through knowledge, confrontation and sharing, until regaining our own identities, though mutated and forever connected in/to the universe. Then, we met in person and started playing games of confrontation. … just confirms what astrologers have always known… that no

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