[42], On December 1, 1994, Olajuwon recorded a triple-double 37 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists in a 113–109 win over the Golden State Warriors. [39] In Game 7, Olajuwon posted a game–high 25 points and 10 rebounds, which helped defeat the Knicks, bringing the first professional sports championship to Houston since the Houston Oilers won the American Football League championship in 1961. The two remained together for the next six years during which they welcomed a daughter named Abisola Olajuwon. "[67], Attending college was also an important priority to Olajuwon. [52] He is the only center to rank among the top ten all time in steals. That immediately I pick up the game and, you know, realize that this is the life for me. In 1998–99 the Rockets acquired veteran All-Star Scottie Pippen and finished 31–19 in the lockout-shortened regular season. DR34M, Position: The Rockets were defending an 86–84 lead when in the last second, Knicks guard John Starks (who had already scored 27 points) went up for what would have been a Finals-winning three. With Robinson in the air, Olajuwon performed an up-and-under move and made an easy layup. It would accomplish one of three things: one, to misdirect the opponent and make him go the opposite way; two, to freeze the opponent and leave him devastated in his tracks; three, to shake off the opponent and giving him no chance to contest the shot. [56] FIBA rules prohibit players from representing more than one country in international competition, and players must go through a three-year waiting period for any nationality change. This is an image of Eaton next to Bill Walton who most consider a strong 6'11"er. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? But this jump is the set-up for the second move, the baseline move. He led the league in rebounding twice (1989, 1990) and blocks three times (1990, 1991, 1993). The Rockets had immediate success during Olajuwon's rookie season, as their win-loss record improved from 29–53 in 1983–84 to 48–34 in 1984–85. And the reason I would take Olajuwon is very simple: he is so versatile because of what he can give you from that position. Olajuwon then tried to stand on the chair himself. Foreign-born players migrating to U.S. college basketball in ever-higher numbers. ... She can't. In the 2006 NBA offseason, Olajuwon opened his first Big Man Camp, where he teaches young frontcourt players the finer points of playing in the post. Defenders say 'Wow, he's quick,' but they don't know that where I'm going is predetermined. [70] He later recalled, "I studied the Qur'an every day. The Dream Shake is you dribble and then you jump; now you don't have a pivot foot. He is, to date, the last player from a losing side to be granted this honor. [13], After redshirting his freshman year in 1980–81 because he could not yet get clearance from the NCAA to play,[8] Olajuwon played sparingly as a redshirt freshman in 1981–82, and the Cougars were eliminated in the Final Four by the eventual NCAA champion, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

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