As a result, you don’t have to rev the bolts off the 9th-gen Si in order to extract the most out of its meaty power band. Styling changes to the Civic coupe included a restyled grille, hood, front fenders and headlights, new taillight lenses, sportier front and rear bumpers, new side mirrors and a new selection of wheel styles. One of the most mature exhaust notes for the Civic Si. Home Forums > Civic Technical > Bolt-Ons And All Motor > Exhaust & Downpipes > TSUDO Si Coupe Performance Catback! Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro of JAS Motorsport entered the 2014 World Touring Car Championship, with further Civics to be entered by private outfits Zengo Motorsport and Proteam Racing for Hungary's Norbert Michelisz and Moroccan Mehdi Bennani respectively. The welds look great. The 8th-gen Civic Si has razor-sharp steering and stiff suspension tuning, which makes it a blast to wring out on curvy roads but a bit exhausting to drive on the pothole-riddled highways most of us have to endure. I'd stick with 3", MercRacing TVS1900 S/C kit - 450whp/356wtq @ 18psi on e75. Great fitment, super good pricing. Work on the first car started in July 2011 and testing on the track began in February 2012. Honda announced it had broken the Renault Megane 275 Trophy-R's 7:54.36 front-wheel-drive Nürburgring lap time. It is claimed to be the most aerodynamic car in its class, with a coefficient of 0.27. Overall I'm very happy with the product and hardmotion did a great job too. I Would definitely recommend getting it. The biggest advantage that the K24 has over the K20 engine is torque—170 lb-ft compared to just 139 lb-ft. What’s more, the K24 engine develops peak torque at 4,400 rpm compared to the lofty 6,200 rpm torque peak of the K20. Partly in response, Honda introduced a heavily revamped Civic for the 2013 model year. HARDmotion It comes with fifteen-inch alloy wheels with low rolling-resistance tires that reduce rolling resistance by 20%, additional underbody covers, a rear decklid spoiler and keyless entry with a security alarm. Free shipping is done by the most cost effective shipping method for each order and delivery can takes 3 to 5 days on average. This item is not currently available for pick-up in our retail showroom and will be shipped directly to you. In May 2010, the ninth generation Civic was said to be delayed into 2011 because of changing market conditions and tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations. For most drivers, this … The 5-inch color LCD screen replaces the trip computer below the analog tachometer on the lower tier while integrating information of the vehicle with that from compatible personal electronics and steering wheel controls. On the rear section, the oval muffler is just like our others and is fully polished with a 4" double wall slash cut tip. Production of Civic 5-door hatchback began at Honda of the UK Manufacturing Limited by in November 2011. This twin loop stainless steel full cat-back exhaust system (downpipe back) has great quality, fitment and amazing sound at an affordable price. I tell everyone who asks this the same thing: 4 Cylinders do not sound good with loud exhausts. A particularly entertaining tech feature on the 9th-gen Civic Si is the secondary 5-inch LCD screen that displays vital vehicle information within the driver’s field of view. [59], The Automobile R&D Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. developed the engine for 2013 Honda Civic WTCC, while M-TEC Co., Ltd. manufactured and maintained 2013 Honda Civic WTCC. Thank you!!!!! There are more standard equipment and higher interior quality. [28] New standard features included a rear backup camera, Bluetooth controls and Pandora Radio access. The K-Tuned 9th Gen Civic Cat Back Exhaust System uses a proven design to reduce restriction and deliver significant power gains, especially in the upper rpm range, where the K engine loves to breathe. The Eco Assist can also alter the transmission's shift pattern in the hybrid model. 05. [12] A new Motion Adaptive electric power steering system helps to mitigate oversteer or understeer in conjunction with the standard Vehicle Stability Assist. JAS Motorsport of Italy, was responsible for vehicle body development and manufacturing, as well as team operations.[60]. [10], All Civic models have better fuel economy in the U.S. EPA ratings, by as much as 8% on the highway for models with an automatic transmission compared to 2011 versions. There is no drone so it is really easy to live with and I've had it on for many years and still in good shape so quality looks good too. It is powered by a new 2.4-liter K-Series ... Honda retuned the exhaust system in early 2014, increasing the output to 205 hp (153 kW) and 174 lb⋅ft (236 N⋅m) of torque. The Skunk2 MegaPower is a really loud exhaust so be warned. [74], Honda Yuasa Racing entered the 2014 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship with a Civic Tourer race car.[75]. [64], Tiago Monteiro raced in the final three races of the 2012 season at Suzuka, Shanghai and Macau. Like the 8th Gen, there is a bit more room underneath the 9th Gen Civic chassis, so we used the additional space to install a large resonator that helps reduce the noise level and smooth out the sound. [68] The cars used a 1.6-litre inline-4 direct injection turbocharged engine with an intercooler and a dry oil sump. Invidia N1 Exhaust System 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si - (Coupe & Sedan), Full-Race 2012-2015 Civic Si & ILX Catback Exhaust V-band System 3.0 inch, K-Tuned Exhaust System 2012-2015 Civic Si Coupe & Sedan, RBC Intake Manifold Kit for 2012-15 Civic SI, Full-Race 2012-2015 Civic Si & ILX 3.0 inch Downpipe Header, Invidia N1 Exhaust System 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si – (Coupe & Sedan), K-Tuned Exhaust System 2006-2011 Civic Si Coupe & Sedan, Invidia Q300 Exhaust 06-11 Honda Civic Si 8thcivic Coupe & Sedan, Invidia Q300 Exhaust 12-15 Honda Civic Si 9thcivic Coupe & Sedan. 3″ Catback Exhaust System; Excellent fit and sound quality; Includes all gaskets and hardware necessary for installation; Compatible with all motor, supercharged or turbocharged K24 engines; Plenty of clearance for various suspension components and chassis; This exhaust system is … Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > VNPP Well-Known Member. [8] The sheet metal is all new, with a longer hood but still a familiar profile: Honda calls it the "one-motion" design.[9]. 2014 Honda Civic Si coupe (Chile; facelift), To improve safety, Honda used an updated ACE II body structure on 2013 Civics. When I was younger I made the mistake of getting an invidia N1. [24], Reviews of the 2012 Civic were generally lackluster, with many reviewers citing the car's cheap interior materials, along with worsened driving dynamics and insubstantial exterior styling changes from the previous generation, as drawbacks. [29], Honda CEO Takanobu Ito explained that the 2012 model was developed during the height of the global financial crisis, which led the company to believe that consumers would be willing to forego upscale content and quality in new vehicles so long as they were fuel efficient and affordable. I have noticed the tip gets dirty fast but cleans up easy with a quality wheel cleaning product. This is the most quiet exhaust you will find for the 9th generation Honda Civic Si, which carries a sporty & smooth tone that opens up under full throttle with a nice throaty growl. While there’s some merit to these criticisms, the hate is largely unwarranted because the 9th-generation Honda Civic Si is a brilliant driver’s car in its own right. I emailed my questions about what exhaust they reccomend for a mature / easy going exhaust note that offers a good sound under hard acceleration. [13] Aerodynamics and weight reduction play important role in fuel economy improvement: aero parts are placed under the engine bay, fuel tank, and the rear underbody to enhance airflow; front spoiler and strakes ahead of tires direct airflow around the wheel wells; there is a new flat underfloor; resulting in 3.4% lower coefficient of drag. Welds are amazing, fitment perfect, the sound is exactly what I wanted....nice sporty sound under regular driving, just so smooth and under hard acceleration a throaty tough sound! [19] The wing spoilers are different from the 8th generation, and the interior of the car received slight updates with the addition of a rev limit indicator and a power meter displayed in the new i-MID (intelligent Multi-Information Display). Ordered it up, installed it in literally 45 minutes. Maximum discount per order is 5% of the order total. The ninth generation Honda Civic was launched in the North American market in April 2011, Europe in February 2012 and Asia-Pacific in early 2012. [17] A new stronger electric motor produces 23 hp and 78 lb ft of torque. Hey guys, i need help with what exhaust i should go for my Si 2014. Starting from September 2015, models for the Turkish market were available with factory converted LPG version with the commencement of a new LPG-only assembly line in Honda's Turkey plant. They are easy to use during check out. A 6-speed manual transmission with a helical LSD (Limited Slip Differential) is still offered as the only available transmission option for the Civic Si. The new Honda Civic Type R posted a 7:50.63, beating the Renault by over three seconds,[55] but the record was soon broken by VW GTI again [56], 750 units of the FK2 Civic Type R were exported to Japan, making it the only variant of the ninth generation Civic officially sold in the Japanese market. [63] The engine aims for higher efficiency and is said to herald "a new generation of high performance racing engines from Honda" and innovations during the engine's development will "further increase the efficiency of [Honda's] road car engines". [66] Honda Racing Team JAS and Zengő Motorsport entered the 2013 WTCC tournament. Turkish models had been available with dealer-installed LPG conversion since 2011. [10] To this end, the dashboard includes a pair of color-changing indicators, adjacent to the speedometer, that change from green to blue based on the vehicle's actual driving efficiency, together with a linear fuel economy indicator accompanying the fuel gauge, replacing the coolant gauge. I probably have to buy a silencer with it. Cue the ‘VTEC just kicked in, yo!’ comments. Every single part of our systems including the tubing, resonator, muffler, flanges and hangers are made entirely of true T304 stainless steel, unlike some competitors who choose to cut corners by using unknown grade stainless steel and cheap plated mild steel flanges.

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