A favorite pastime of many dedicated sixgunners is sitting around a campfire arguing the merits of their particular choice of caliber. I normally stay under 900 fps with a 250-grain bullet in Colt Single Action Army revolvers and its replicas. This load produced around 900 fps from the Peacemaker. I didn’t realize how many different powders from Hodgdon I use in loading the 45 Colt until I began putting this article together. It was concluded that with regards to accuracy, both sights offered the same level of precision. www.brownells.com cutting a new dovetail in the barrel to attach the magazine tube. All the stuff needed to make The vast majority of my 45 Colt handloads over the last 60 years, however, has been put together with cast bullets. Though he’ll be the first to tell you, hitting targets from horseback isn’t easy. It also is a most versatile powder as it can be used for standard loads for the Colt SAA and heavy loads for the Blackhawk. We ruled out the Buffalo Bore LBT LFN 325-gr. After all, history has shown there are few combinations as deadly as a hungry man with a lever-action rifle. It’s been said if you give a soldier or cop an anvil for Christmas, he’ll break it by Valentine’s Day. On each box of +P .45 Colt Buffalo Bore ammunition you can find the following warning; “All heavy .45 Colt +P ammunition is to be fired only in a Ruger large frame, Colt Anaconda, Freedom Arms revolvers, T/C, Winchester 94 and Marlin 94, NOT for use in the small frame Ruger Vaquero.”, DoubleTap Ammo, which is steered by Mike McNett, is more of a mainstream ammunition manufacturer but they also offer specialty and +P loads for a number of the older cartridges like the .45 Colt. It is a good choice for self-defense, long-range shooting, hunting everything on four legs, and just plain fun shooting. Pyrodex is cleaner burning than black powder and results in less fouling of the barrel. Actually, we can divide 45 Colt sixguns into several reloading levels, and I have moderated these somewhat over the past several years, with the first two levels being very close together. Arizona Game & Fish Department, State Agency: extended only about 2″ past the end of the forearm. Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, State Agency: The accompanying data containing the FTX bullet (only) was fired with cases trimmed to this length. Instead of being overly large, Rugers have been way too tight, with some measuring around 0.449 inch, but now Ruger is cutting all cylinder throats at 0.451 to 0.452 inch. The availability of all of these bullets is dependent on how much time I have to cast my own. All Freedom Arms cylinders are held to very tight tolerances and whether using 45 Colt or 454 Casull brass, I size with a special 454 die. My powders of choice are Clays, HP-38, HS-6, Universal, Trail Boss, H110, IMR 4227, W296, and W231. My loading dies are from Lee, Lyman, and RCBS, and all of them give excellent service. Two other powders for standard loads include W231 and HP-38. He then reattached it to the barrel buy cutting a new dovetail. His #452490GC was originally made for the 45 Auto Rim cartridge for use in the Smith & Wesson 1950 Target revolver, but I also use the Thompson design, which weighs around 255 grains, for heavy-duty loads approaching the energy of the 44 Magnum in the Ruger Blackhawk. .....I have a Rossi 92 and a Win Miroku 92, both in 45 Colt so I'm simply interested in what kind of 'Reasonable for the platform' loads I should be looking for with the M73. They are my choice for the heaviest loads especially with cast bullets weighing 300 grains and heavier. Part of our plan came together perfectly. Walker and I both found it enjoyable to carry the leverguns around in the hardwood timber. RCBS also offers an excellent bullet of standard weight with the #45-255KT that has a better crimping groove than the Keith bullet. However, there are two problems associated with it: case capacity and cylinder throat diameters. www.cabelas.com I have found HS-6, Universal, and W231 powders work very well for standard loads, while IMR 4227 bulks up nicely in 45 Colt brass. Astonishingly, the average group size for both rifles was identical. For simplicities sake, these loads are broken down into two categories; standard pressure and +P. Walker trains horses so they will be oblivious to gunfire when the shooter is Cutting a crescent in the stock, then heating and bending the This load produced around 900 fps from the Peacemaker. These two bullets in a custom five-shot Blackhawk or Freedom Arms Model 83 five-shooter can be driven to 1,450 fps with W296 or H110. I also have been having good luck lately with 10.0 grains of HS-6 and 250- to 260-grain bullets, which duplicates the performance of the early black powder loads. New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, State Agency: On paper, the 357 Magnum was the first cartridge to exceed the 45 Colt’s muzzle energy, but many knowledgeable sixgunners, Elmer Keith included, believed the 45 Colt actually offered more practical power than the “First Magnum.” Today, it remains one of our most popular sixgun cartridges. Walker and Ellis canceled each other out with one shooting slightly faster with the factory sights and faster with the XS sights. I was fortunate enough to tour the CZ factory in the Czech Republic some years ago after this beautiful country was freed from the yoke of Communism. For the most part, major ammunition manufactures like Remington, Winchester and Federal load standard pressure .45 Colt ammunition. Like he does on many of the muzzleloading rifles he builds, he antiqued the wood and the metal so the rifle looked like it had passed through a time portal from sometime back before the turn of the century. Lyman now offers it as #452424, and it is a 255-grain bullet—or thereabouts, depending upon the alloy used. The weight would more properly be closer to 32 grains. But the XS sights were without question faster. S.A.A.M.I. Dropping down to 30 grains results in an easier-shooting 835 fps and a group of 1.13 inches. The company also distributes IMR and Winchester powders as well as Goex black powder. Some smaller and specialty manufacturers offer .45 Colt ammo loaded to substantially higher pressures. This creates a conundrum for ammunition manufacturers. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, State Agency: Walker is, how shall I say this, a throwback. So if one used 40 grains by weight of Pyrodex when the chart called for 40 grains of black powder, the result would be an overloaded charge. South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks, State Agency: This is more penetration and expansion than you will see from any .30-30 Winchester factory load and on par with some .308 Winchester loads. A check of Hodgdon’s loading manuals shows these two powders using the same charge weight produce the same velocities and pressures. The .45 Colt cartridge was originally introduced in the 1873 Colt Peacemaker, single-action revolver. Barnes XPB at an even faster 1,700 fps. Buffalo Bore is specifically known for offering higher pressure or “heavy” loads for cartridges like the .35 Remington, .45/70 and the .45 Colt. Idaho Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: Pairing a SIG Sauer MCX Virtus rifle loaded with Hornady's 73-grain ELD-M ammunition, Beckstrand attempted to ring steel set at 1,270 yards, an incredible distance for any 5.56-chambered rifle and beyond the typical range for an AR-15. Swarovski Z5(i) P BT L 3.5-­18x44mm Scope Review, Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Speed Long Range McMillan Review, The Story of Civil War Sniper Jack Hinson and His Rifle, 224 Valkyrie Load Data: Everything You Need to Know, Hodgdon CFE BLK: Best Varmint Cartridge Loads, Guns & Ammo TV: Shooting 1,270 Yards with the 5.56 NATO, Trijicon's New Specialized Reflex Optics (SRO). Shooting assistant Chris Ellis with the Marlin 1894 that was modified (800) 237-4444, Brownells Any time I have a 45 Colt that doesn’t shoot the way I think it should, I don’t give up until I try this load of IMR 4227 with Keith’s bullet. According to my Sierra Infinity ballistics program this load generated five times more recoil than standard pressure loads. loading smokeless over 900 fps will likely damage or destroy a Model P. as for loading costs I have broken down what it costs to load .45 Colt, if you cast your own bullets. And, we figured we should both be able to take a deer with each rifle. All were tested from the bench by Walker and me by firing at least two, 5-shot groups at a distance of 50 yards from a sandbag rest. In 1875, the US Army adopted this cartridge and that revolver. The 45 Colt brass could handle the pressures, but standard sixguns could not. sets maximum standards for cartridges; this standard must be set at a level safely usable in the weakest common denominator. However, Dick Casull started with the 45 Colt single action and the “weak” 45 Colt case to come up with his cartridge, which eventually became the 454 Casull. But the 45 Colt is a survivor. This was achieved with 40 grains of black powder. For all practical purposes, .45 Colt lever-action rifles in modern firearms were inspired a great deal by competitive cowboy action shooting. A heavy crimp is suggested for best accuracy and uniform powder ignition. The key for best shooting is to size cast bullets accordingly and open the throats if necessary. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, State Agency: These were the two loads we settled on. It's pretty hard to find any other handgun cartridge that is as versatile as the good old 45... Give a Gift   He then heated and molded the factory plate to fit that crescent. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Even a simple low pressure load that gives only 1000 fps with a 300 grain cast bullet gives over 660 ft.lbs of muzzle energy...so the Winchesters and the Marlins in normal actions give plenty of power. Compared to finding a deer during the West Virginia season, the previous tests were easy. Indiana Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: Although developed primarily as a revolver cartridge in 1873, the .45 Colt became popular in rifles, especially lever-action rifles. Pennsylvania Game Commission, State Agency: Maybe because there’s not a rifle that’s any more American than the levergun or maybe it’s because there’s a little cowboy in all of us. The two .45 Colt leverguns used in the tests started out identical. New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: antiqued and customized quite a bit. with modern loads out of modern , the .45 Colt (or as misnamed .45 Long Colt) when fired from a rifle is a perfectly adequate cartridge for medium game up to largish mile deer within 100m or so. It is loaded not by weight, but by volume. Guns & Ammo Rifles & Optics Editor Tom Beckstrand was on location in Idaho where he pushed the limits of the 5.56 NATO cartridge in this segment of “Long Range Tech” for Guns & Ammo TV. With the coming of Ruger’s Blackhawk chambered in 45 Colt in the early 1970s, we finally had a sixgun that could tap the tremendous potential of the 45 Colt cartridge. Others are the New Model Blackhawks, the Bisley Model, the Redhawk, and the Super Redhawk. There simply is not much that cannot be accomplished with the 45 Colt. The wide field of view and clean, crisp dot makes it easy for users to find and track the dot in both target and competitive shooting applications. Reported accuracy is the average of at least two groups fired by two different shooters from a sandbag rest at 50 yards.

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